Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 562

"So... was it successful?" Anna softly asked.

"Yes. Then, it should be cut and sealed within the silver foil." Agatha nodded and said, "The final step is different depending on the type of Sigil. For example, the Sigil of Screaming should not be cut as it would be used a whole."

"What will happen if we fail?"

"The bloodlines won't be able to collect the magic power for some unknown reason. There's always a chance of this happening no matter how good the materials are. The solution is pretty simple as well, we just need to pry the magic stone off and redo it."

"But, it'd consume the blood..." Anna frowned.

"That's why the demon's blood was considered more precious than the witch's blood in Taquila." Agatha self-deprecatingly smiled. "No one cared if the witch's blood was wasted during an experiment. But we would be scolded and punished if we wasted demons' blood."


There were two sigils that failed out of the six in the end. Although the steps were completely the same as before, two of the bloodlines did not respond to the magic power injection. In other words, they did not come alive.

Agatha pried off the Magic Stones and took the reserved wooden box out to continue the second production.

She had to hurry up since the demon was almost dead.

The alien that was fixed to the wooden table started having irregular spasms and the black-blue colored skin started to gradually turn gray. The excessive blood loss had caused its breathing to become intensively and the Red Mist below its helmet had obviously faded. Once the Mist had been exhausted, the demon would die shortly after and the blood would only last for about 15 minutes past death.

"Wait a minute." Anna stopped her when Agatha raised the knife. "Use my blood."

Anna had already cut the skin on her wrist open with her Blackfire when Agatha was about to object. "Nana can heal the wound but she cannot replenish the blood. His Majesty has mentioned that losing too much blood could cause dizziness and you may even pass out. It'd not be beneficial to you or your experiment. Of course, it'd be best for you to rest for a few days before resuming your practices and productions. You'll recover faster if you eat more meat porridge and liver during your recuperation."

"... Is that what His Majesty said?"

"Yes, every witch had to attend the injury self-help class," Anna said with a smile, "and, the main reason you selected me as your assistant was for me to learn the method of Sigil making, wasn't it? It's better for me to operate these two."

Agatha kept quiet for a moment and said, "In that case, thank you."

"You're welcome," she gently said, "I'm very interested in it as well."


"... The witch empire was split apart and completely disintegrated after the demon's attack. The people who survived traveled across the mountains and crossed the river to the Wild Places to rebuild the city. This is the third timeā€”as well as the very last approach for us to prepare for the Battle of the Divine Will. It has become the truth of history."

With these words, Roland quietly observed Edith's expression with his chin propped on his hand.

The afternoon sun streamed into the room, shedding a touch of glory in front of the desk. The lady in deep contemplation looked just like a statue, and her green-colored hair reflected a pale-white color in the sunlight. Her beautiful face did not even show the slightest change at hearing the frightening news, but instead, Edith's eyes showed more of an excitement and curiosity as Roland had expected.

She kept quiet for a while and slowly said, "You wouldn't try to fool me by fabricating such an... incredible story. Are the demons really that powerful?"

"There's no doubt. Each of them is an aggressive individual and there're an astonishing number of them. My army could easily defeat Timothy's knightage but they cannot necessarily defeat the demons. After all, they've been lurking around the north-west region of the Land of Dawn, unlike the witches who will need to start from scratch. The most important danger is that there'll be no negotiating for this battle, and it won't end until one of the two parties is destroyed."

"In that case... are you planning to break the news to everyone?"

"Sooner or later." Roland sighed. "But not now, I'm not sure how the people will respond regarding the horrible and ruthless alien enemy and building confidence is a slow process."

"I agree with you. Panic is indeed scarier than any enemy," Edith nodded and said, "I've one last question. How far away from us is the Battle of Divine Will?"

"Five years or sooner... Nobody knows the exact time the Bloody Moon will arrive. I can only say that the war may break out at any time, and thus, I'm not able to slowly unify the Kingdom of Graycastle little by little."

She did not answer but stood up from her seat and kneeled down onto one knee and said," In this case, the Kant Family is willing to be at your service. Your law will not be unimpeded in the North and your order will be the only voice there." She stopped for a moment and then said, "I also hope that all of your promises are honored."

"Are you still thinking about the steam engine plant?" Roland shook his head and smiled. "Your father may not necessarily agree with that and what can the Kant Family guarantee with..."

"Me," she said without hesitation.


"Your Majesty, I'm the guarantee. If you're still worried about it, Cole can stay here as well." Edith spoke with confidence, "In this case, my father would have to agree even if he is unwilling to."

"You're saying you'll stay in the City of Neverwinter as a hostage?" Although Roland meant to do just that, speaking it out loud still made him feel slightly embarrassed. "Isn't that a threat in disguise in the eyes of the Duke?"

"Not as a hostage." she saluted in a knight's manner with a hand covering her chest. "Please allow me to join your City Hall; I'd like to witness the new world you have planned."


Roland received six of the newly-made Sigils that night.

"Thank you for all of your hard work." He looked at Agatha and nodded. "Did the process go well?"

"We failed twice with the first batch and Anna also participated with part of the making process," Agatha yawned and said, "Anyway, if you want me to make more Sigils, please give me a spacious independent laboratory instead of a simple shabby stable-like shed."

"I owe you a Spellcaster's Tower," Roland happily responded.

Nightingale stuck her head out from behind Roland's back after the ice witch left the office and said, "What's the use of these Sigils?"

"They're probably the equivalent of a phone, alarm, and camera?"

"What're they for?"

"You'll know after you try it," Roland said with a smile.

It was a pretty productive day today. The Sigils of Listening would temporarily solve the challenges of transmitting long-distance messages. Although they were scarce and could only be used by witches, they were still better than entirely depending on a carrier pigeon. The Sigil of Screaming tweeted at a high pitch when it sensed demon power and it also effectively suppressed any of the enemies' sneak attacks and the area of coverage was about the size of the Border Area. The Sigil of Observing could assist with Thunder's adventure plan. It would be a pity for Roland to miss the spectacular and strange sealine since he was unable to follow the fleet out to sea.

Of course, what pleased Roland the most was Edith Kant's pledge of allegiance.

Nothing was sweeter than the extra population and the added resources. If the North was really offering their comprehensive service to him, Roland's actual control of the territory would be doubled and the excessive power of the nobles at the Eastern Region would feel the pressure.

If everything went well, he might be able to accomplish the great reunification before the arrival of the Months of Demons this year.


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