Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 545

City of Neverwinter, north of the border city wall.

Upon reaching the former test site, Iffy found that many witches were already gathered there. Among them were Maggie and her perpetual companion, a golden-haired young girl.

"She seems to be called Lightning." Iffy thought.

When the young girl saw Iffy, she viciously shook her fist and grimaced, before tugging Maggie to a far distance away.

If it were three days ago, Iffy would have made it a point to lecture the two of them that they have to maintain respect in front of a combat witch.

But this time, she simply laughed silently.

The young girl's alert expression reminded Iffy of Annie. "When I was at that age, Annie was justlike that girl. She was always careful and vigilant, and always walked in front to protect me."

It's clearly only by chance that the two of us sought refuge together.

Perhaps, this is what the Union calls... "sisters".

"Since everyone's here, I'll begin to explain the mission. It's codenamed 'Melting Point' and Miss Agatha will be the commander." Roland proclaimed before he walked into the middle of the audience. "Of course, many of you already know the details of the mission. However, for the sake of the newcomers, I'll explain everything all over again."

Do the newcomers... refer to me?

Iffy immediately gathered her focus.

No matter what, this is the first mission assigned by the new lord. Since he has asked me to take part, it means that there's some battle involved. This will be a good opportunity to demonstrate the value of my abilities. Iffy thought.

"In order to understand the enemy's strength and hasten the research of the Sigil of Magic Stones, you all will be heading to Devil's Town behind the snow mountains. You'll draw the demons out to fight, and use ambush to capture them alive..."


After Roland finished his explanation, Iffy was unable to collect her wits for a long time.

Surely there's nothing wrong with my ears! Jesus, is he serious?

Were these demons really responsible for destroying the witches' empire that ruled over the entire mainland? This blue-haired woman, who serves as the commander of this mission, is a senior witch from over 400 years ago? The Battle of Divine Will shall decide the fate of mankind? These nasty enemies are hiding somewhere not far from the Western Region?

How is any of this possible!

She maintained a stiff face as she glanced over at the other witches. However, she realized that there was not a hint of surprise on any of their faces.

It was apparent that all of them knew of these things beforehand.

"Now, Agatha will talk about the things you'll need to pay attention to during the mission, as well as brief you on the tactical arrangement."

Agatha nodded and stepped forth. "According to our intelligence, there's a vigilant Eye Demon in the demons' camp. This is crucial to our plan to lure the demons out. Anyone who sees it will be seen back by it. If our position is adjudged to be far away, the first group of enemies to be expected will be the Flying Devilbeasts. There aren't many of these demons, particularly in such a remote place. The last time we went, there were only two. I don't expect the number to have changed."

"We are disadvantaged in aerial combat, and therefore the best plan is to draw them towards the ground. If so, I'll be able to handle both of them myself. However, the Mad Demons which they may carry on their backs will be left to Miss Iffy to handle." Agatha glanced at the latter. "If you manage to capture them, our mission will be considered a success."

"She seems to be only slightly older than me, but yet it's said that she has lived for over 400 years?" Iffy remained in a daze for a while before mumbling incoherently, "I, I understand."

"You've never seen demons before, and so it's normal to be doubtful." Agatha seemed to have read her thoughts. "Wendy has records of the Association's encounters with demons. After the rehearsal, you may go and have a look. This will save you from being completely stunned when you see them in reality."

These words made Iffy frown involuntarily. "Completely stunned? Even if the enemies come straight from hell, they'll soon be crying piteously in the cage I set for them!"

"How do we pull them towards the ground?" Lightning asked.

"Abandon the hot air balloon and enter the Misty Forest." Agatha crouched on the ground and used stones to create a visual diagram. "When Sylvie notices the enemies chasing, you and Maggie will immediately escort those on the balloon into the forest. I've confirmed this with His Majesty. If it's a hydrogen balloon, Wendy will be able to operate it alone. Together with Sylvie making eye contact with the Eye Demon, the two of them will be able to escape at the same time."

"As the Devilbeasts approach the balloon, you'll then be responsible to lure them into the forest. Because their lines of vision will be obstructed, they'll descend to the ground and hunt. Be careful of the enemies' spears. I trust that you'll be able to evade them easily."

"Ooh, this plan sounds exciting." Lightning exclaimed with a wide grin on her face. "Count on me!"

"The forest is Leaf's natural home ground. Once the demons enter the ambush area, they'll be trapped. I don't have to tell you what to do next."

"What if there are more than two Devilbeasts?" A witch with jade green hair asked.

"If there are several of them, the demons will probably split up and hunt. What you can do is to keep a few more people in the balloon to conduct aerial surveillance, while the rest enter the forest." Agatha paused for a moment. "If that's the case, Anna will handle any enemies in the air. But remember, the lethal range of the Sigil of God's Will is limited. It's best to activate the Sigil only when the Devilbeasts gather together. Furthermore, Anna won't be able to use her own abilities while activating the Sigil. During that time, Leaf, you must make sure to protect Anna."

"How about me?" Nightingale questioned.

"You'll accompany Iffy. Her ability is only effective within a range of ten steps, and therefore she's vulnerable to the demons' spears when in an exposed position. You'll use your Mist to shorten the distance with the enemies quickly."

"Okay..." Nightingale turned her head and took a good look at Iffy. The latter immediately felt the aura of the former's magical power. It was sharp and cold, as though it was a substance of its own. "Don't you be a burden."

Iffy could sense that the former was also a combat witch. Not only that the former had experienced many bloody battles and had a lot of blood on her hands.

"Alright, everyone shall begin the rehearsal." Agatha clapped her hands in encouragement. "We'll start with luring the demons out."


An hour into the rehearsal, Iffy already had a general understanding of the abilities of every witch participating in the mission.

She was surprised that there were many witches here who could be considered combat witches.

Take Leaf for example. She hid her in a tree trunk in the forest. She could manipulate the entire forest to do her bidding. This type of ability was almost inconceivable and was on a level that completely transcended the usual limits of a witch.

Or Wendy, who although was only in charge of controlling the balloon, could summon a small hurricane that turned stones and dirt into painful bolts.

Agatha's frost could serve both as a shield and a sharp blade. She was therefore equally proficient in offense and defense, at least when at close range.

Nightingale was even more terrifying. Once she entered her Mist, she could travel to almost any part of the world she wanted. The physical obstructions of the real world did not affect her at all. Having experienced the power of this ability, Iffy could imagine that in a real battle, it made its user invincible. By moving without trace and being impossible to guard against, Nightingale would make all enemies despair quickly.

Yet, the most curious talent of all was Anna. According to the mission plan, this young woman who looked like she was barely out of her adolescence was the real ace in the team. "How powerful does her ability have to be to vanquish all of the demons in one go?"

Iffy did not have to wait long to know the answer.


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