Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 516

What Soraya did was to cover the cut copper wire with a layer of hard anti-corrosion coating so that it could be used for the City of Neverwinter's Three Supplies Project.

This process was easier than coating the inner wire, as the thickness did not require much accuracy.

After choosing the color card, Soraya turned the Magic Pen into a round tube. Once scanned from top to bottom, the "pigment" will become solid on the metal surface. It was a trick she learned from Anna—to make better use of magic power by changing its form.

However, there was still a big gap between them because Anna's ability to control magic was almost perfect. Soraya witnessed the Blackfire as it was cutting metal ingots. It seemed like a performance instead of a task… The three types of Blackfire were in different forms, and they cut through the metal from different angles, making a number of parts that were all the same size, or directly created a complete machine. It was easy to remember the characteristics of the black fire at different lengths. It was, however, hard to control the many types of it and make them work together while maintaining the different characteristics of their magic power. In order to do that, there should be no difference between magic power and limbs, and the magic power might need to be more flexible.

"Is it… a vine?"Lucia asked as she stared curiously at the colors painted by the Magic Pen.

"Exactly, this is a 10-year-old grapevine." Soraya explained, "It's hard and difficult to break, very close to His Highness' requirement."

"10 years old... Is that necessary?".

"Of course." She could not help laughing. "Young vines are obviously softer and less resistant to corrosion and heat. It's not just about their ages. Materials, such as wood, paper, and cloth have different properties in wet and dry conditions. That's why I need to use color cards to record them."

"If this is true, there'll be more color cards than metal formulas!" exclaimed Lucia.

"Not really," Soraya thought for a while and said, "'Elementary Chemistry' states that the characteristics of a material might undergo huge changes while its composition has subtle changes. But, the color card of wood has no noticeable changes when it's mixed with 10% or 15% water."

"Wow, you record the whole world with just a pen." Lucia was amazed. "This is really an enviable ability."

She smiled but did not answer. She was thinking of Anna, who really had an enviable ability. If the Magic Pen was recording the world, then the Blackfire was creating the world. Most of the changes in the town were related to Anna. Several of the machines at the corner of the courtyard displayed proof of that. As long as they were connected to the steam engine, they were able to produce strong bursts of power. The workers became an add-on to the Blackfire through a machine. In a sense, Anna's creation enabled the ordinary people to have power close to the witches'.

Today's job was considered done after coating five bundles of copper wire—Soraya's working life was very consistent. She would go to different places to complete partial coatings every day. Since her painting speed had improved, only about half of her magic power would be exhausted by midday.

When a witch consumed all her magic power, she would feel tired or even faint. Therefore, they would usually retain 30% of their power during the daily training—Typically, as additional training to consume more magic power, she would continue to collect color cards and capture new colors. Still, Soraya became less productive because Wendy and His Highness were not around. For that reason, she decided to join Mystery Moon and others in Fight the Landlord game later.

She thought that this was definitely not slacking off. It was just a temporary entertainment.


Time always flew fast while playing a game. The whole afternoon passed within a wink. After dinner, Scroll announced some unexpected news.

"Today's evening course has been canceled and changed to Echo's ability test."

"Well, hasn't she done her ability test before?" Lily wondered and said, "Why does she have to do it again?"

"This is great," said Mystery Moon almost immediately while covering Lily's mouth with her hand. "I've never tested anyone else's abilities!"

Lily stared angrily at Mystery Moon till she stopped covering her mouth and muttered softly. "The point is the class has been dismissed. Why don't you feel happy...?"

"Teacher Scroll, what should we do?" asked Ring, the only non-witch in the hall.

"You just need to focus and listen," replied Scroll with a smile.

"I fancy not everyone needs to attend the test." Agatha stood up. "If not, I'll go back to my room."

"That won't do." Scroll shook her head. "You're one of the reasons for the test."

"Me?" She asked frowning.

All of the witches looked at Agatha, including Soraya.

"Yes. You're too stressed and your body won't be able to bear it if you consume all your magic power every day."

"In Taquila, senior witches do the same," said Agatha carelessly, "Are you not aware of the brutality of the Battle of Divine Will? It'll never stop until the opponent collapses. I believe that the Union is willing to sacrifice all its members if they're able to find the path to victory."

"But His Highness said before, simply forcing yourself will reduce your efficiency. Resting is necessary for doing things, both studying and working," Scroll said softly. "I have told him your situation, so the test is an attempt."

"Test what?"

"The recovery skill of Echo."

The phrase surprised the witches. "Can she heal the wounded like Nana?"

Soraya doubted it. Echo's ability was to simulate all kinds of sounds. She was useless in the Witch Cooperation Association. She would not have been despised by Cara if she could heal others.

Scroll paused for a moment. "I don't know the exact reason. It's His Highness's idea." She looked outside. "Are you ready? Let's begin."

Echo walked to the hall and ascended the podium. She was a little nervous. Everyone was holding their breath and waiting for her to exercise her ability.

The music rang softly, like a clear spring ringing in everyone's ears.

Then she sang a melodious song in her own voice instead of simulating one.

Suddenly, Soraya felt that everything around her had changed. The stone castle gradually faded into the darkness and her body was surrounded by warm springs… It was as if she were enveloped by a white mist, and upon her was a sky full of stars. The cool breezes blew through her warm body. She could not help humming out loud and was completely relaxed and immersed in this very comfortable spring.

At the end of the song, Soraya slowly opened her eyes after a long time. She understood the meaning of "Recovery" without any explanation. There was no increase in magic power, but the fatigue of the day was swept away. Her body became active and strong.


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