Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 472


"Garments, shoes, mugs, spoons and forks." May checked off each item by counting with her fingers. "Is there anything else I should take with me?"

The floor was littered with an assortment of household supplies, everything from a water kettle to a wooden bowl.

"The bedding is the most important," Irene thought and then said, "you'd better take a set of the pillow, sheets, and blanket."

Hearing these words, Rosia and Gait both burst out in a fit of giggles, but they were soon silenced, however, when May shot them a cold glance. "The bedding isn't necessary. Carter says he'll buy a new set from the marketplace. It's rumored they once belonged to the four families and were dug up from their mansion's basements."

"Wow, then they must be made of fine silk," Irene commented enviously. "I've heard there's a tailor in King's City retailing fabric and garments made of pure silk. It's unfortunate that only great nobles and wealthy merchants can afford them." If they came from the four families, they must be just as good."

"Yes, pretty much," May replied nonchalantly. "I remember he said one set was worth five gold royals."

"Wow... "The three girls gasped in surprise.

"Five, five gold royals! God Almighty!" Rosia smacked her lips. "It would take me nearly two years to make that much money."

"How can you compare to the Star of the Western Region?" Gait said derisively while tapping her on the head. "Miss May is a celebrity who has performed in King's City! As for His Excellency Carter, he's Chief Knight of His Highness. You can't compete with either of them!"

"That's really awesome, May," Irene said, looking at May with her radiant eyes. "I envy you so much."

May knew only Irene felt genuinely happy for her, and her sincerity was why Morning Light was attracted to her in the first place. May also wondered how a girl like Irene, who grew up in the theater, was impervious to worldly temptations and desires all the while retaining the innocence and kindness of childhood. Although she had put her past romance out of her mind, May was still delighted to see Irene was a little envious of her. "When you rise to fame, you can buy a set for yourself... You'll be paid several gold royals for starring in King's City just once, not to mention the tips you'll get from the nobles after the show."

"But how long will it take me to become as good as you?" Irene asked in frustration, mouth pulled tight.

"Looks like you’re pretty busy here. Are you rehearsing?" Right then the door was swung open abruptly. A good-looking young man poked his head in and asked, "Am I interrupting?"

"His, His Excellency Carter!" Gait and Rosia immediately bowed.

"Good morning, Mr. Knight." Irene turned to smile at him. "We're discussing what May should take to your place and we were just talking about you."

"Really? What did you say about me?" Carter asked curiously, scratching the back of his head.

"Nothing!" May stared at him and thought silently that he always appeared to be the perfect gentleman when his mouth was shut, but the illusion was shattered once he started talking. "Why did you come here today? Today isn't your day off, is it?"

"Um... don't worry. His Highness gave me some time off today. So... I brought you a gift."

"A gift?"

May glanced about the room. Gait soon took the hint and said, "Oh, Miss May. I just remembered that I've got something to take care of. Feel free to let me know when you've finished packing."

"Me too. I have to do the laundry. It's been there for a few days now." Rosia also took her leave with a bow and pulled Irene away with her as she walked out of the room.

"Huh? I don't need to do anything. Hang on... I want to see May's gift too..." When the girl's voice gradually faded away, May sighed in relief and bolted the door. She turned to Chief Knight and asked, "So, what's the gift? I hope it's not a new invention of His Highness' again."

Carter glanced around before breaking the silence. "Your father... "

"He's busy. Do you think everyone has 'free time' like you?" May snapped impatiently. She had thought it would take a while for her father to become familiarized with the new surroundings after he moved from Stronghold to Border Town. However, to her surprise, he had found a clerical job at the City Hall in only one week, and there was nothing she could do about it. Now he was a regular employee at the Ministry of Construction.

"I'm busy, too." Carter threw up his hands in defense. "His Highness transferred one of the most efficient employees from the Ministry of Justice to Longsong Stronghold. Now I have to deal with all sorts of tasks. On top of interrogating spies and verifying the status of the residents, I also need to hunt for criminals at large. I don't even have time for meals these days. You have no idea how fierce these criminals are. Unlike any of the locals in Western Region, these guys are gangsters, initially hiding among refugees. Now, as things have gotten a little better, they've started to make trouble. But don't worry, they only stir up on the outskirts of town where the temporary camps are to the west and they won't get into the inner city easily. And, I'll catch any of them when they're found messing around."

Seeing Carter describe the matter so passionately, May broke into laughter. "Alright, I got it. So, Mr. Knight, as you're so devoted to the peace and order of the town, would you like to have lunch and a few drinks here before heading back to your business?"

"I'd love to, but I'm afraid my break is almost over." Carter put down the parcel in his hand. "Try this on to see if it fits. I asked His Highness to design it."

"His Highness?" May was a little surprised.

"Yes. When I told His Highness about our wedding date, he mentioned a type of gown specifically worn for weddings. The only thing is that it takes a lot of effort to make one. I begged His Highness for quite a while, and even bribed Miss Soraya with ice cream bread before I finally got this dress."

When May unfolded the fabric, she saw a snowy dress in the parcel.

May's heart stopped beating for a moment when the knight spread out the garment. It was a simple gown with elaborate and sophisticated details. The dress was simple in the sense that it was not ornamented with any jewels, nor was it hemmed with a gilding of gold. Instead, it was purely layered with white muslins. However, the cut of the dress was rather showy. It was tightened with a girdle and flared out into a contrasting, voluminous skirt below the waistline. The skirt rippled like waves, perfectly showcasing the ingenious handicraft embedded in its design.

She knew any girl, whether noble or peasant, would be fascinated by and obsessed with a gown like this just at the sight of it.

May gently caressed the snowy white gown that weighed almost nothing and retired to her bedroom to put it on.

When she was back in the living room, Carter's jaw dropped, struck by the breathtaking beauty he saw. "God, you are... stunning."

"Really?" A rare, vivid blush rose to her cheeks. She could imagine what she now looked like without even looking into a mirror. Chief Knight's gaping expression had already told her everything.

May went up to Carter and gently pressed her lips to his cheek. "Thank you for your gift. I really love it."

The knight flung his arms around her in response.

Watching Carter's face slowly approaching hers, May closed her eyes.

"It doesn't sound too bad to be called May Lannis," she thought.


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