Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 471

It was evening. Ferlin Eltek was in his study looking over the newly issued textbooks when he suddenly heard someone knocking on the main door.

"Dear, I'm busy toasting bread. Why don't you get the door?" Irene shouted from the kitchen. "It could be Miss May."


He closed the book, walked to the front door in the living room, and unlocked the latch. The person standing outside caught him completely by surprise.

"Father! What brings you here?" Ferlin exclaimed.

"I followed His Highness here," the old knight said while brushing off the snow on his shoulders. "In fact, I arrived in Border Town yesterday. Though I told them that my son is living here, they still arranged a house for me in a residential area near the castle."

"Come in. It's cold outside." Ferlin hastily moved out of the way.

"Yes." The knight seemed surprised as he stepped into the house. "You have... central heating in here?"

"You know central heating?"

"I only found out about it today. The last time I was here, I'd already felt that the city was inexplicably warm. I'd thought that the heating equipment mentioned by His Highness was a new type of fireplace. When I visited the City Hall this time, I discovered that it could be equally warm indoors without fire. Only then did I realize that it made use of steam to produce heat." He took off his coat and hung it on the stand next to the door. "Wait... I recall that the last time we went together to the City Hall, you weren't sure what it was as well."

"I only understood after reading a City Hall bulletin." Ferlin poured a cup of tea for his father. "Before they do anything, they would always spend some time to explain it to the citizens. The bulletin area in the square is now even more popular than the Convenience Market."

"Does it mean that, within two months, His Highness was able to install the device in the homes of ordinary citizens?" The knight said approvingly. "Wouldn't it have cost thousands of gold royals?"

"Our residential area was among the first to be installed with it. The western and northern zones are still in the process of ditching. It's said that water and heating supply are part of the Three Supplies Project. When the construction is completed, we'll be able to do things at night as we do in the day."

"Nights like days?" The knight's eyebrows were raised. "Does it mean more candles or oil lamps?"

"Neither. The City Hall officials claim that electricity will be delivered to every home."

"Electricity?" The old man was stupefied.

"I also think that it's beyond reason, but that's what His Highness' propaganda states." Ferlin agreed with his father. "With electricity, nights will be as bright as days." Curiously, the news sounded utterly absurd when he had heard it, but deep down in his heart, he had a feeling that since it was His Highness' words, it was not completely impossible.

After all, Roland was always creating new miracles.

"Good evening, Knight Eltek..." Just then, Irene scurried out of the kitchen, and in her hurry, she almost dropped the plate of half-baked bread she was carrying while bowing.

The old knight laughed gently at the sight. "Hello, Miss Irene. Don't panic. I'm not yet hungry."

Ferlin saw his wife's cheeks begin to blush.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat before adding, "There'll be just two more dishes today. Take it easy, the night is still young."


The small family had an enjoyable dinner together. Irene was finally able to recover from her initial panic, and after the three of them chatted for a while, she began to clear up the utensils. Meanwhile, Ferlin's father beckoned him into the study. Ferlin could sense that his father had something important to say.

Just as he expected, when the old knight sat down at the study desk, he calmly asked, "Do you know what has happened in Longsong Stronghold over the past few days?"

"I know a little..." Ferlin tried to phrase his words tactfully. "I've heard that there has been a rebellion by the four families. His Highness left Border Town to suppress it. It was publicized on the bulletin board."

"The City Hall even mentioned this?" The old knight was astonished for a brief moment before he explained the whole matter to Ferlin. "Though I sent someone to inform His Highness, I didn't expect him to arrive so quickly. The result was guessable. The four families were no match for His Highness' troops. The Maple Leaf, Wolf and Wild Rose families were completely crushed, leaving only the Elk Family in a critical state. Our family was nearly implicated in the event."

"What?" Ferlin was greatly surprised. "Father, you..."

"Of course it wasn't me." The knight sighed. "I'm already so old and don't wish to participate in such risky affairs, but your brother's different. He's eager to exceed your achievement and prove his qualities as the heir. Regrettably, he took the wrong stand."

"Are you saying that Miso participated in the rebellion?" Ferlin's face sunk.

His father nodded. "After the rebellion collapsed, he was captured by His Highness' soldiers. On the day of judgment, I went to the square to see him for the last time."

"..." Ferlin closed his eyes. He thought of how, after he had become a superstar knight, his brother constantly tried to make life difficult for him. Yet, Miso was his younger brother after all, and thus it was saddening to see him come to such a tragic end.

"Because he had no blood on his hands and surrendered compliantly, he was sentenced to 10 years of labor. He should be in the North Slope Mine now."

The latter part of his father's words made Ferlin regain his spirits. "10 years of labor? I thought you meant that he was..."

"Executed?" The knight shook his head in disagreement. "When I said I saw him for the last time, I meant the last time he was a member of the family. From that moment, he was no longer a part of the Eltek Family."

"You... severed ties with him."

"Correct." The knight inhaled a deep breath. "I'd warned him long ago, but he never took my words to heart. Someone who fools around with the family's future and risks the fate of every family member is definitely not suitable to be the successor." Even though he spoke assertively, his facial expression betrayed his sadness, and the wrinkles on his forehead deepened. "Now, I only have you as my child."

"Father..." Ferlin felt his eye sockets tingling, and he involuntarily held his father's hands.

"I've never begged in my life. But this time, I hope that you'll succeed the Eltek Family. I have a premonition that it'll prosper again in your hands." The old knight said slowly. "I'd agreed to follow His Highness here also in order to occupy a good position in the upcoming reforms."

"But positions can't be inherited, Father... the Knight's position will also become an honorary title."

"I know, but you've ignored the benefits of connections and experience. His Highness has stated that the positions will be given out based on merit and outstanding ability. With the experiences and relationships that your predecessors have built up, your chances of getting a good position are far greater than that of the average person." He patted the back of his son's hands. "Even if you still wish to become a teacher, I shan't stand in your way, as long as you continue the family name."

Ferlin remained silent for a long before he finally nodded and said, "I understand, father. I promise you."

"If that's the case, I can rest assured." Knight Eltek seemed greatly relieved. "By the way, if you have the choice, which department do you wish to work in?"


"How about the Second Army? I've heard Chief Commander, Iron Axe, say that apart from the battlefield soldiers, the army also wants to form a strategy department. This plan will be tested out in the Second Army first." The old knight fixed his gaze on his son. "Actually, I know that your current job isn't your favorite line of work. If you were truly happy with reading books all day, you wouldn't have chosen to be a knight in the first place." His eyes seemed to pierce insightfully into Ferlin's heart. "You're still the Morning Light that I know, my child."


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