Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 457

"You don't need to come with me." Echo walked along the Redwater River, the snow under her shoes crunching.

"Here the city isn't safe. It's not Border Town." Iron Axe walked behind her, with two steps between them. "His Highness told me to protect you if you leave the castle without other witches accompanying you."

"I shouldn't have told him." She mumbled, breathing out into the cold air. "Also, you don't need to call me lady anymore."

"You will always be the head of the Osha clan in my heart, my lady Drow Silvermoon."

When he mentioned Osha, Echo fell silent. Even though Iron Axe couldn't see her expression, he could feel Echo sadden at the mention of her clan. He wanted to console her, but he didn't know how or what to say. So, he just kept his mouth shut and followed her silently.

The branch of Redwater River that wound its way through the field outside of the city was different from the one that flowed into the inner city, which was almost a straight line. The river levees on both sides were covered by masonries, stacked, flat, and neat. About every ten steps, there was an opening with stairways to the river, which allowed the people to get water from the river.

Today's snow fall hadn't been too heavy and there were several pedestrians on the street. The men and women would look at Echo with surprised expressions on their faces. Lady Silvermoon was tall, and shapely with a lovely figure. Her beige skin and long blue-gray hair were quite special and eye-catching. In the inland of the Kingdom of Graycastle, it was seldom that one would see a purebred from the Sand Nation.

"Let's switch to the other side of the river." Echo obviously wasn't enjoying the attention.


They cautiously stepped on a frozen arch bridge across over the river and then arrived at the eastern zone of Stronghold. There were almost no houses and vast areas of farmland were all covered by snow. What they could see was just limitless flatlands and a dim, black figure of the city wall. This area was in sharp contrast to the western zone of the city.

"This place is nothing like the Iron Sand City." Echo said. "When I was in the Southernmost Region, I thought everywhere was the same. The sands covered almost all of the ground. Water sources and the Oasis were the most valuable resources and people would fight to the death over them. However, here, no blood would be shed over the Redwater River. If they want to drink the water, they just need to crouch down and drink it."

"However, here they would fight for other things," Iron Axe said seriously, "such as gold royals, jewels, honor, status... There's no escape from fights."

"Really? But, Nightingale told me that our prince would end all disputes." She looked up at the cloudy sky. "No matter who you are, people of the Sand Nation or people of the Four Kingdoms, ordinary people or witches, you can enjoy equal rights and live a free life."

"I... I don't know." Iron Axe hesitated. He couldn't imagine that everyone would throw off all barriers and live together peacefully. He thought that even though His Highness had the power of the gods and he would undoubtedly conquer all of his enemies, it would just be impossible for him to make all of his enemies accept his dominance willingly. Making enemies during the process of conquering was an unavoidable by product of battle.

"Do you want to go back to Iron Sand City?" Echo suddenly asked.

"No, Lady Silvermoon," Iron Axe quickly came to his senses and answered without hesitation. "I've sworn to the Three Gods that I'll serve His Highness, Roland Wimbledon forever and help him to expand his territory. Don't worry my lady. His Highness has promised to seek revenge for you. Please believe in him. When you go back to Iron Sand City, no one will disrespect you."

"But I don't want to be the head of the Osha clan," she whispered. "I'd like to stay somewhere the trees are evergreen. I'd like to stay with Wendy and Nightingale. I'd like His Highness to teach me songs. I hope someday I can go back to have a look, but I don't want to live in the desert and continuously fight for water."

"Either way, you're the only successor of Osha in my heart." Iron Axe didn't speak his mind fully. Instead, he just looked down and said, "No one can force you."

They walked across the white field to an open area where Echo stopped. "I'll practice here. I don't think I will disturb anyone."

Iron Axe knew that her power was to make various sounds and she usually practiced in the backyard of the town's castle. But this time, in order to not disturb the important meeting between His Highness and the nobles, she intentionally chose here to practice her power.

He nodded and took two steps back. "I'll stand guard for you."

"Oh, I made a song for our hometown." Echo turned around, "Would you like to hear?"

"A Song?" Iron Axe was a little surprised.

"Yes, I learned to use the arrangement method His Highness taught me. I now mix various instruments' sounds together to add a layering effect and build complexity," Echo talked about this with a relaxed expression on her face. "I've tried it and to my surprise, it worked. I didn't know a song could be so pleasant. Each added tone would add in a distinct feeling. I don't know where His Highness learned this method though. When I was sold to King's City, I never heard anything about something like this from any noble."

"Prince Roland was always special," said Iron Axe, he believed the Gods favored Roland.

"Yes... No one treats witches as sincerely as him." Echo fully agreed with Iron Axe. "However, His Highness gave me really strange and irrelevant names to the mix performance methods, such as 'Electricity sound' and 'Agricultural heavy metal'." She shook her head with a smile. "I think only he could think up names like that."

Before Iron Axe could reply, she started to sing.

When the mixed melody reached his ears, he was shocked and immediately stood, frozen in place. What an amazing tune! It sounded like the sands had gently touched the oasis. It was like a bright fire plum bursting from the earth's depths.

At the moment, Iron Axe felt that he had been transported to the desert and was standing under the scorching sun. "Is this... an illusion?" He looked down and found that the snow had disappeared and he was now standing in an Oasis. When he looked into the distance, what he could see was only sand. The girl before him kept her eyes closed. Her song resounded through the air as she stood in the shallow water, disturbing its smooth surface. What a breathtaking beauty!

"Going through sand and dust

to seek the traces of the Oasis.

Your footprints were left in the sea of sand.

Your shadow was reflected in the spring.

Someday, the oases will become the new deserts

and the deserts will also breed new oases.

The only eternal thing

is the legend of you.


I'll follow your footprints

to find your shadow

at the sleepless and wordless moment

before dawn."


When the song faded out, Iron Axe was back at the snowy Longsong Stronghold. It seemed that nothing had happened and that everything he had experienced just now was an illusion. He swallowed hard for a while and then opened his hand, there was a tiny grain of transparent sand shining on his palm.



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