Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 395

Leaf passed through the branches and foliage looking for Lightning and Maggie.

In actuality, she was not exactly passing through them, but moving just her vision—her body was integrated into the thick forest.

It was an amazing feeling. She felt like a bird, except a bird would fall to the ground if it wasn’t flapping its wings, whereas she wouldn't. As long as she maintained this form, she could cross from one end of the Fusion Forest to the other instantly. Of course, compared to the entire Misty Forest, the range that Leaf could cover now was just a drop in the ocean.

Ever since her ability had evolved, she had longed to experience the Misty Forest to the west of the town. If she could control this vast forest it would be of great help to His Highness, whether it was fighting against demonic beasts or collecting goods and materials. There wasn't much she could do for His Highness in return. Apart from improving crops, this was the only thing she could do, so she wanted to be good at it.

Compared to the castle's back garden, this was a real forest. Its complexity was far greater than the ecosphere of the castle's olive trees and grape vines and beyond comparison. There were numerous creatures hiding beneath every inch of earth. Looking down along the roots of plants she could sense dormant animals, squirming insects, and decaying remains, along with tiny babbling streams.

To prevent losing herself, Leaf expanded her territory with great caution—starting from the city wall on the west, extending little by little each day. Once she completely adapted to an environment, she would then try to control a new plot of forest land.

At this rate, she could cover the entire Misty Forest within two or three years.

Shortly after, Leaf found two people hunting in the forest. If she had been walking in the snow instead of flying above the treetops, she would have noticed them sooner.

"I found some prey," said Leaf, shaking the branches.

"Ah!" Lightning patted her chest after a shudder. "You scared me!"

"Coo, coo!" Maggie nodded repeatedly.

"Sorry." Leaf revealed herself through a tree trunk, just like a twig growing out of the branches. "Is this better?"

"Well, at least I’m not talking to a ghost." Lightning landed quietly. "You can appear anywhere in the forest at will?"

She nodded. "As long as it falls in the territory that's under my control."

Maggie landed right on Leaf's back, walked a few steps back and forth, and even pecked where her body and the trunk joined. "You've even grown into a tree, coo!"

Feeling her back tickling, Leaf couldn't help laughing. "Because this is my ability," said she.

"It feels a little weird, coo."

"How can you call someone else weird? You've turned yourself into a giant demon bird." Lightning rolled her eyes and looked at Leaf. "Where's the prey?"

"Follow me," she said, turning her head.

Leaf couldn't sustain a human form while moving, instead she made vines grow up from the ground to lead Lightning and Maggie on the way.

"What kind of prey?" Lightning asked.

"A big boar that ran out of the depths of the forest," she replied. "Do you really want to catch it yourself? I can just tie it up with grape vines and throw it at the foot of the city wall."

"Of course. Explorers seek more than just results." The little girl raised her head. "The process is sometimes more memorable than the outcome."

"I'm good as long as there's meat to eat, coo!"

Leaf could not help smiling. The two of them had already become frequent visitors to the Misty Forest before she had integrated into it. They hunted in the forest to practice their magic powers, and Maggie would carry all of the prey they caught back to the castle. Half of the meat on the table these days was provided by them.

"Look, there it is," said Leaf.

There was a huge boar squatting down by the stream, lapping up the cold water. With large, sharp tusks at the side of its snout, and a raised mane that was almost finger-length, it appeared to be a tough enemy. Hunters would normally stay away when coming across such an animal, but it was just a feast in the witches' eyes.

"I'm ready," said Lightning, who pulled out her dagger.

"No gun?" Leaf asked in surprise.

"That would be too boring." She wiped her nose with great confidence and rushed straight toward the target.

"Good luck, coo!"

The little girl's figure, like a streak of golden light, sprang onto the head of the boar from behind. As she rose, the boar shook its head fiercely, bursting out a high-pitched scream.

"She missed it?" No... Leaf noticed one of the boar's eyes had become a bloody gash. It seemed that Lightning was planning to take advantage of her flexibility and first eliminate the threat of counterattacks from the enemy, and then exhaust it through a battle of attrition.

The boar was as clumsy as a stone facing Lightning's attack from the sky. It soon fell to the snow without the strength to resist.

She whistled, "How was that?"

"Good job," Leaf said. She tied the boar's rear legs with vines and hung it up. "First let's bleed it out. His Highness says meat without any traces of blood is tastier."

"Purr." Maggie's mouth was watery. "It's gonna be a big meal tonight, coo."

"Wait... " Leaf suddenly sensed there were other creatures entering the forest. She looked toward the edge of the controlled area and saw two grey wolves approaching.

She frowned, something was wrong. This type of animal usually lived deep within the forest and wouldn't normally come so close to Border Town, even in the winter.

She was just debating whether she should tell Lightning when a familiar figure suddenly appeared before her eyes. Leaf felt all her hair stand up as she remembered the tragic battle she had experienced in the Barbarian Land.


She saw two demons slowly walking in the direction of the city wall. There were no Magic Stones on their arms, nor spears on their back, so they weren't carrying any weapons. However, Leaf noticed that they both wore a black iron glove, the same weapon that had killed Red Light.

"Why would demons come here?"

With great horror and uneasiness, she turned to Lightning and said, "Get out of here, quick! Demons are coming!"

"What?" Both of them were slightly startled.

Leaf briefly told them what she saw and urged them on, "Hurry up. They don't have a mount and can't catch up. I'll come later."

To her surprise, Lightning hesitated for a moment and then shook her head, saying, "I'm staying here to fight them."

"F... Fight?" Leaf was stunned and asked, "Why?"

"If I run away from the enemy now, how can I defeat them in the future?" The little girl took a deep breath, pulled the gun from her waist and said, "My father told me to get up from where you fall. I won't run away any more."


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