Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 386

After a busy week, Roland built a new chemical factory next to the Redwater River. Considering the toxicity of nitrogen oxide, this factory was built like the Convenience Market, with a gaping wall and wooden roof, a one-story tall gap in the middle, and awful ventilation. Of course, the temperature inside was pretty much the same with that outside.

The new oxygen and nitrogen synthesizing system was already in use. The heat produced instantaneously by the Blackfire was the same as an electric arc and was much more efficient. After the raw materials were placed into the reactor, Anna only needed 8 minutes to turn them into nitrogen dioxide, which produced nitric acid when combined with water.

The system that synthesized ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen was also in full swing—the amount of liquid nitrogen resolved from cooling was much larger than the amount of liquid oxygen, so the leftover nitrogen was used to produce ammonia. Roland also did not cease the regular industrial production of nitric acid so that he could cover all his bases. Every new production line for nitric acid was an opportunity for more chemical explosives.

According to the test on Paper's abilities, he found that she truly could speed up a heated nitrogen and hydrogen reaction to the extent that it seemed like the results were instantaneous. The problem remained that she still could not control the release of her magic power, and her young age made her consume the little power she had very quickly.

However, this could be fixed through practice. According to Wendy, the girl was improving quickly, and she would be able to maintain her power at a basically stable level in about a week.

With these two production lines and a stable glycerol nitrification output, achieving modern smokeless powder became possible. The next step was to design a repeating firearm and begin producing it as soon as possible.

Roland was just thinking about his design for the new weapon when a guard walked into his office and reported, "Sir Ferlin Eltek and his father Duke Eltek are here to see you and are waiting in the lobby."

"Ferlin?" He pondered for a while. "Wasn't he the first knight of the Western Region, Kingdom of Dawn? All his family should be at Longsong Stronghold. Why is he suddenly in Border Town?" Did they mention why they were here?"

"Sir Ferlin said it had something to do with witches and told me to give this to you." The guard handed him a piece of delicate parchment depicting the treasure map previously drawn by Morning Light, but compared with the previous rough draft, this map almost seemed to be printed.

Roland suddenly remembered that Ferlin once said this map had been passed down in his family for 400 years, and that Lightning used it to find the stone tower where Agatha was being held.

He was suddenly very interested. "Go summon Agatha; she should still be in the chemical lab right now. I'll go and see them right away."

"Yes, Your Highness."

After the guard left, Roland rolled up the map and went to the lobby.

Ferlin and an old man immediately stood up and bowed in respect.

The prince noticed that both men were wearing thick leather jackets with sweat stains on their shoulders, and the old man's forehead was already brimming with sweat. He smiled and said, "If it's too hot, you can take off your coats. There's heating in the castle, so it's much warmer in here than it's outside. Don't make yourself sick."

"Heating?" Ferlin was stunned.

"It's a new type of heating equipment that's much better than a fireplace." Roland didn't waste time on explaining and instead directed the subject to his visitors' intentions. "I heard you came because of the witches?"

"Yes, Your Highness," said Morning Light, nodding furiously. "I met a woman with blue hair at the Convenience Market..." He briefly summarized his experience during the past few days. "When I returned home, my father told me about my family's history, and I thought that she might be a witch."

"I see." Roland was shocked to hear his story. He didn't think that Agatha's family had any mortals who survived till now. "There's such a witch at Border Town, and her name is Agatha indeed."

Duke Eltek bolted out of his chair in excitement. "Then could Your Highness..."

"Let you meet her?" Roland nodded with a smile. "Of course, she should be on her way to the castle right now. Also, considering that she's a witch, I think you should do her the courtesy of taking off that God's Stone of Retaliation you're wearing."

"Ah, you're right." The Duke hastily removed the stone from his shirt and placed it on the table.

"There was no such courtesy in Taquila 400 years ago, and witches weren't hunted like animals by the church yet," Nightingale whispered in his ear. "This stone is nothing but research material for Agatha."

"This way, you can determine whether they're telling the truth or not," Roland said, hiding his smile.

He felt Nightingale lightly pinch his neck.



"Why do you summon me back?" Agatha pushed through the lobby door and demanded. "The Battle of Divine Will is looming and I need all the time I have to produce weapons to fight... in battle." She fought down the word "demons" when she noticed the strangers. "If it isn't important, you can just send someone to tell me."

After working with the Chief Alchemist for a long time, she started to sound a little like Kyle Sichi, and her tireless attitude in serving Border Town's production industries made the town leader Roland feel a little guilty. He cleared his throat, "Ahem, this is a very important matter. Do you remember, when Taquila was on the verge of collapse 400 years ago, that one group of servants was separated from you and followed the masses to the south of the Impassable Mountain Range?"

"I think so." Agatha took off her hat, which was covered in snow, and tossed her blue hair. "What kind of important matter is this? It happened a long time ago."

When she showed her full appearance, Ferlin and the Duke gasped, and the Duke immediately kneeled in front of her. "You really are Lady Agatha!"

"And you are... ?" Agatha frowned.

"I'm a descendant of Kagar. Do you still remember that name?" The Duke asked, looking up expectantly.

"Kagar... of course. I gave him that name." She shrugged her shoulders. "I purchased two mortal servants and named one Kaff, who was the head of my family guards, and the other Kagar, who was my housekeeper." She paused slightly. "So you're the descendants of that housekeeper who snuck away with my Magic Stones and experiment notes?"

"Snuck... away?" The Duke stared in shock. "No, he..."

"Get out." Agatha's face darkened. "I don't ever want to see you again."


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