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Release that Witch Chapter 364


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The snow falling outside the window had increased, when the small snowflakes appeared, they scattered and engulfed the sky over the town.. The grey-white flakes danced in the wind and fell to the ground in a crammed way, having the white rooftops and tree branches that were covered in a white layer merge into one. Such sight would be enough to make people feel the cold.

But even so, Tilly felt warmer instead.

She leaned back on the couch, half her body was covered with a soft woolen blanket, and her two feet were inside a bucket—this handy heating device was an invention of Roland Wimbledon. A square bucket with a couch to the side, a charcoal brazier was placed inside the bucket, and it was separated in the middle by a horizontal wooden board. It was not like a flaming bonfire, that would burn by it being too close, but it was separated enough that you could feel just enough heat. Just by placing your feet over the board, you could enjoy the warmth of the brazier, and by covering yourself with a blanket, it would feel like your whole body was surrounded by a pleasant feeling.

The snow outside the window brought out the coziness of the house, perhaps the happiness that arose from this contrast was what caused people to have a deep impression.

She had to admit, the way witches were treated here a year ago was like heaven and earth, and them not wanting to leave this town was not difficult to understand, because even to her, she was having very enjoyable moments here

Besides her, there was also Anna and Agatha—this room was Anna's bedroom, taking advantage of the scarce leisure time, every time Tilly was free, she would come knocking on the door with books, to discuss with the other party about things that puzzled her.

There were only the two of them at first, but now the ancient witch from the ruins was here too.

Anna simply moved the bucket from the table to an empty space in the room, and had Roland add two more couches. The three of them sat around the warm bucket, with their feet against each other, and worked together to learn new insights of this fascinating new knowledge.

Of course, more often than not, the questions they asked were answered by Anna.

"It is hard to believe that such a book came from a mortal's hand," Agatha closed Theoretical Foundations of Natural Science and took a deep breath, "The more I read, the more the world feels the same, order in everything that looks like chaos, and a myriad of things following the same rules. Even if he were born in Taqila, the Federation without a doubt would have tried to bring him in, and he might even had the same status as a high ranked witch."

At first, she raised many questions about the contents of the book, but after Anna's careful explanations, Agatha's attitude towards Roland changed dramatically.

But Tilly believed this change was for Roland alone, all the other common people were probably still dull in her eyes. She could not help but to sigh, only she knew that none of this knowledge belonged to Roland Wimbledon, it was part of someone else, the man who suddenly appeared inside of her brother's mind.

After all these days being together and the corroboration of Sylvie, Tilly basically confirmed this. But in a way, proving that he was still himself was an impossible thing to achieve.

And the most questionable point was, did he really had no idea where those memories came from and who they belonged to? It was hard to believe that memory could be completely severed from a person’s life experiences, at least this was something she herself couldn't do.

Whenever she recalled the knowledge she gained when she served as a court tutor, memories of those days would flash before her eyes.

"Where did he learn this knowledge?" Agatha let out a sigh, "I thought the studies of mortals had progressed, but these days there seems to be less difference from 400 years ago—even though it appears we still lag behind a little."

"I do not know," Tilly shrugged her shoulders, "It is impossible to learn this from the Palace's tutors."

"What kind of person was he before?"

This question made Anna also raise her head.

"Before…" Tilly pondered for a moment, "Arrogant and timid, doing things his own way, not learning any skills, and had a bad character… The only good point was perhaps the fact that he never used his status as prince to commit any crimes."

"Well… an average person?"

"No, even in average people's standards, he was an awful guy too," she complained and continued, "After arriving here, he suddenly changed for the best, but I'm still unable to find out what he's thinking… There are words he keeps to himself, but he still wants to be trusted? How can that be possible?"

The room suddenly quieted down.

"What's the matter?" Tilly thought the girls' gazes were weird.

"No… nothing," Anna hid her mouth and smiled, "it's the first time I've heard you say that."

Damn it, she realized she had gone too far, such a complaint should not come from the mouth of an ally, it was probably because she was feeling very relaxed lately, "What I meant was—"

"It does not matter, His Highness would not care about such things," Anna shook her head and smiled, "Perhaps he had his own difficulties."

"Roland…" Tilly hesitated to continue, "hasn't mentioned these things to you?"

"No," Anna replied, "I haven't asked, and if he wanted to say something, he would always say it."

Also, she sighed in her heart, for me, the first side I saw of the Prince, should be the changed Roland, there is no point in considering this issue.

"Listening to your words, was he different from the person he is now?" Agatha asked with interest, "There is a saying in the Exploration Society, the more uncommon an extraordinary person is, the more eccentric they would be compared with ordinary people, perhaps this kind of transformation is a normal occurrence. Did Roland howl at the moon in the palace, or stare at the walls for a long time?"

"What are you saying…?" Tilly helplessly shook her head, "He used to act in an eccentric manner, but it was no different from ordinary people. But… I also heard something, it was said that he once shouted at a crowd inside the palace that he was going to marry a witch, it was probably because of this that Gerald and Timothy bullied him saying he became one of the Devil's minions, moreover, Father was not happy with this kind of behavior. This in turn, caused his character to become more and more mischievous."

"He was discriminated against because he wanted to marry a witch?" Agatha twisted her lips, "This would be a great ideal in Taqila. Of course, only few achieved this, most of the witches didn't want to spend their entire lives with only one man."

"But now it is different from 400 years ago, if he marries a witch, it would be equal to not having children to inherit his legacy, how could Father have had a favorable impression of this idea?" Tilly gave out a sigh, "But it has been over 10 years since then, he probably already forgotten such a stupid idea by now."

"Did he?" Anna suddenly opened her mouth to speak, "But he still is willing to marry a witch."

"Well, I'm sure he still remembers—wait," Tilly opened her eyes wide, "you mean right now?"

"Yes," she smiled lightly, "His Highness Roland said it himself."

Tilly was suddenly frozen in place.



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