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Release that Witch Chapter 359


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The flame of the fireplace flickered twice, gradually fading. Nightingale went ahead and tossed in a few more sticks, causing the hearth to make crackling noises, and the flames to rise and brighten up.

Roland was looking at the elongated shadow cast by a cup, letting out a deep sigh. Tilly had already left some time ago, but he was still thinking about their earlier conversation, hoping to find a way to change the result. But he couldn't find an answer— Trust was indeed a wonderful thing, apart from investing time, every other method would have very little effect.

"So there are things you cannot do," Nightingale clapped her hands to remove the dust, then went back to sit in her usual spot, "what did you tell her that day?"

"A white lie," Roland leaned back on his chair as he continued, "it's normal that she does not want to believe it." He paused, "You said you used to have a brother, if he suddenly became a different person from what you remembered, and emphasized he was still your brother, would you believe him?"

"You mean the one that looks kind-hearted, but after turning around betrays you, that guy?" Nightingale twisted her lips, "To me, he would seem basically the same."

"Well, I shouldn't have mentioned this."

"It doesn't matter, after all I'm no longer part of the Glen family, they are only strangers now." she added.

"She and I used to be like total strangers," Roland sighed, "or rather, I did not get along very well with everyone at the palace."

"If you are bored, you might as well tell me." Nightingale showed a faint smile, "I've been very curious about life at the palace, and I always wondered about your personality, awful enough to spread your bad reputation to Silver Light City."

"To be honest, I was a lot worse than the current me." Roland was unable to keep his mouth from slightly twisting as he tried to recall a few of his memories. "Probably when I dropped her into glass shards, that was the moment she began to loathe me."

"It was really quite… bad," she smacked her lips, "but I think, she no longer hates you."

"Oh?" Roland raised a brow, "How do you know that?"

"Obviously, didn't she say those words? 'Between us, I'd like to stay here too and learn all that interesting knowledge'." Nightingale said while imitating Tilly, "Sounded like comforting speech, but the truth was, she was not lying when she said that. If she was as disgusted as she used to be, she wouldn't want to stay here."

"Are you trying to make me feel better?" Roland asked with a smile.

"Those are just facts," she shrugged her shoulders, "also, I think it is good to maintain the current status quo."


"She promised to provide you with witches when you request for them, to help you fight back against the Devils, so there's basically no difference. If suddenly all of Sleeping Island's witches pour into the town, and there are several fellows like Ashes, I would probably be very busy," Nightingale threw a piece of dried fish into her mouth, then mumbled, "not everyone is as obedient as Maggie."

Roland could not help laughing out loud, "Listening to you say that, it looks like you see Ashes as troublesome."

"Huh? No, how could I?" Nightingale just waved her hand, "I'm just occasionally keeping an eye on her, in case she tries to do something against the Witch Union members."

"Really?" He said.

She just leaned backwards, and began whistling.

"I don't know if I'm imagining this," Roland stared at her, "why does it always feel like you're actually happy after I get rejected?"

"It's just your imagination." Nightingale affirmed, then she looked towards the door. "Oh, looks like someone is coming." she said as her figures disappeared.

Is she trying to run away?

Just as he was thinking that, there was a knock on the door.

Roland was startled, it was almost midnight now, who could come at such late hour?

He replaced the old candle in the candlestick with a new one and said, "Come in."

The one who opened the door was Agatha. This really surprised the prince.

"What's the matter?" he said.

The opposite party entered without a word and just moved to a chair, and after sitting down she opened her mouth, "I heard from Ms. Wendy, both the revolver weapon capable of restraining an Exceed, or the artillery of amazing range, those were all your ideas? And the methods and principles on how they work are all in those books you wrote?"

"You meanTheoretical Foundations of Natural Scienceand Elementary Chemistry? In them is indeed written with the correlating principle, but as for the production method, it is not completely explained since the space is limited." Roland answered, "After all, it is just a textbook of elementary theory. You came all the way here to ask me that?"

"Only members of the Witch Union can learn this knowledge, right?" she did not answer but instead asked a new question.

Roland only nodded, he already guessed what the other party wanted to say.

"Then I will apply to join the Witch Union." Agatha said immediately.

"But the Witch Union is an organization belonging to Border Town, are you sure you want to work for such a small town?" he curiously asked, "Its lord is not a transcendent, just a mere mortal."

"One capable of making weapons to fight against the Devils can't be considered a 'mere' mortal, even the Exploration Society would have a seat for you," Agatha paused, "as long as it does not cause harm to witches, or the Federation survivors, I do not mind… cooperating with mortals."

Perhaps it was difficult for her to say "serving a mortal", but Agatha's ability to adapt really impressed Roland, maybe those who did research were more inclined to accept new things more quickly.

He resisted showing a smile, "I thought you would follow Tilly to Sleeping Island, they have a city of witches there."

"A refuge to escape from the Church hunting," she shook her head, "I spoke with them before making this decision. And I've already seen many cities ruled by witches, they are just buried in the dust now. There is no point if we do not defeat the Devils, and I expect to find the hope to achieve victory here."

"You will," Roland nodded, "but about not being hostile against the Federation, I cannot guarantee that. Because it probably didn't just die out, but instead changed its name and went into hiding."

"What?" Agatha was surprised by those words.

"I've thought about what you said, even if they failed in escaping from Taqila, the Federation had a Transcendent and a group of Holy Warriors. In this patch of uncivilized land full of indigenous people, it is unlikely to completely stop rumors from spreading, unless they actively do it themselves." Roland's voice went down a tone, "The Church is likely the embodiment of the Federation— it was not that the common people brought down the witches from power and got their hands on a way to make the God Punishment Army, but it was the witches themselves who turned the Federation into a witch-hunting organization. This way, it was easier to create a bigger God Punishment Army."

"You mean… it is because of the Federation that witches are now suffering from oppression and being hunted? I just can't believe that." she said.

"I'm not sure, it still is just a theory," Roland stood up and walked to the bookshelf, after drawing a few heavy black books, he handed them over to her, "these books contain the history of the Church written by their own hand, and the history of the Four Great Kingdoms recorded by astrologers, you can refer to them. Anyway, the Church is now our enemy, and it needs to be destroyed in the future…"

"If you decide to stand on the witches' side and join me against the Devils, the Witch Union welcomes you."



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