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Release that Witch Chapter 355


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Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at her for a while, then the prince cleared his throat and asked, "Isn't that red fog dangerous for us to approach?"

"It's only toxic to witches. According to the findings of the Exploration Society, normal humans, animals, and plants can survive in the red fog, also flames can accelerate its dissipation." Agatha frankly said, "Didn't you say mortals could defeat the Devils? Prove it! The flying Dread Beast can be handed over to the flying witch," she points at Tilly, "the rest of the people can prepare an ambush, and after waking the Devils, wait for them to come to the trap. If it's like you said, it will be easy to take over this camp, right?"

As he smiled, Roland shook his head, "Didn't I tell you before that this exploration was done using a hot-air balloon, and not a witch flying aided by this magic stone? The floating device can only carry a dozen people at a time, so I'm afraid there is no way to transport ordinary soldiers. Also…" He paused, "This plan you have arranged is not reasonable, with the unknown number of possible Devils lurking, close combat is extremely likely to bring casualties. Distracting the Dread Beast is also a dangerous job, I cannot have them take such risks."

How is it possible to have a complete strategy when fighting the Devils? Agatha was angry thinking about all the times the Holy Army took the initiative, they were all prepared to give their lives in the battle against the Devils. This prince was only deceiving himself, it was normal to suffer casualties in order to achieve a goal, only those unfamiliar with the brutalities of war would be so concerned about the lives of the army.

Although deep down she was disappointed, she restrained her emotion in order to hide these doubts. In the afternoon, when this so-called new weapon is shown, she will have her answers.

But Agatha did not hold much hope.

A prince being a sheltered strategist, a group of support witches, coupled with the weak and powerless mortals. Even if the weapon was strong, how far could they go?

Perhaps the moment the Federation crumbled, was the moment the demise of humanity was also decided.

"You mentioned the War of Divine Will several times in your words, why do you call it that? Isn't this just a war to resist the Devil's invasions?" Roland changed the piece of paper, and asked as he raised the quill.

"Everyone called it that, even the history books had not recorded the reason." Agatha was feeling dejected as she replied, "It's just said to be a war to resist the invaders, the Devils, who arrived through the stone gate at the Wild Lands' boundary."

"What stone gate?" Scroll interrupted.

"A Gate of Hell, raised from the underground." She sighed, "'When the Red Moon arrives, the doors from hell will open, devouring the world we live in', that's what's written in the history books. Basically, these damn gates open every hundreds of years, the first Devils arrived at the Wild Lands' boundary through them, trying to slaughter us."

"Are the periodical attacks of the Devils also related to this?"

"They need the red fog to survive. If they leave the red fog they must carry a container, a metal box or a jar made from demonic beasts' carapace. That's the reason we had a chance to have a second and soon, a third War of Divine Will. When the stone gate appears, the Devils can build a black obelisk that produces red fog, it is almost as high as a mountain, and has a very wide range to spread the fog. One can almost cover the entire Fertile Plains." She continued, "When the next War of Divine Will begins, the Devils will certainly build a black obelisk in the center of the Fertile Plains, turning the entirety of them into their home, and relying on the red fog at the edges to attack you. This time, mankind has no way to retreat."

"If that day comes, we all can go to the Fjord and avoid them." Said Tilly as she shrugged.

"Are you talking about the islands in the Vortex Sea? Such small and narrow land could not support many people, as they wait in despair for the end." Agatha thought that wasn't a good path.

"Let's all be optimistic, at least now we have a general understanding of the Devils." The prince said as he relaxed his hands, "Until the third War of Divine Will begins, we have time to get prepared. This is the first day after your arrival, let's put aside these matters for now and go eat lunch."

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

After having finished a sumptuous lunch, Agatha followed Wendy back to her room.

The life in these savage lands, compared to what she expected was… luxurious, the food tasted far better than any of her memories. Probably because she was born in an age of strife, the food was mainly bread, dried meat and vegetable soup. But here, salt, butter, honey; everything she ate had some of those, and even some spices she could not name. Even though she tried to remain composed, she could not help sweeping an entire plate of fried mushrooms and two large servings of pepper steak.

But even so, the more she felt angry, the more she hated herself for succumbing to the temptation of this delicacy, delicious enough to make the Holy City of Taqila lose face. And in such a moment of crisis the prince was just enjoying his food. It was obvious that humanity was about to perish, and he was simply being shortsighted!

"I'm already familiar with the hallways in the castle," Agatha said in a somewhat stiff tone, "you don't have to trouble yourself leading me next time."

"It's not troublesome, I'm happy to do this…" Wendy smiled, "Moreover, you can talk to me about anything you want, if you just keep suppressing your emotions, it will only worsen your mood."

"Didn't he say he was going to show me the new weapon's test in the afternoon? Why did he leave to his room after finishing lunch?"

"Are you referring to His Highness Roland? That… I think His Highness is going to take a midday nap." Wendy said, "It's his habit to sleep at noon. His Highness often says 'the body is a requisite for work', if it is not fully rested, he would not be capable of doing a proper job as a Feudal Lord."

A midday nap! What a habit this is! Night should give him enough time to sleep! Agatha angrily thought that this was just a lazy person's excuse, and right now he looked just like that!

"Both ordinary witches and higher ranked awakened ones… Why do you all trust him so much?" She took a deep breath, "Is it only because he gave you a place to live? Do you really believe that he can defeat the Devils… no, even win against the Church oppressing you?"

"I don't know what the other sisters think," Wendy softly said, "but I do. Because for His Highness to be able to turn things others cannot imagine or even dare to imagine into reality, for me, that is nothing but a miracle."

"Mira… cle?"

"When we witches were hunted and chased down, he saved the Cooperation Association; when everyone saw us as evil, he created a land where witches and common people could coexist. In one short year His Highness' army, which was made up of civilians, defended against the demonic beasts, defeated Duke Osmond Ryan, who had an army several times larger than him. Even the berserker army from Graycastle had no way of stepping into the western region."

"But these are just mortals' battles, they are totally different from the God Punishment Army or the Devils." Agatha shook her head.

"Of course, it is not only that," Wendy added, "he taught us his knowledge and ideas, allowing four sisters to evolve. He had not only built powerful machines, but also weapons capable of making knights, or even ordinary men, able to defeat an Exceed… These are the miracles I have seen, not epic stories told in a tavern, or legends read in some book, I was a witness to them all."

"He will one day become King of Greycastle, leading us to defeat any foe." Her eyes had a warm expression and her voice was full of conviction, "This, I believe so."

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