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Release that Witch Chapter 351

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After Mayne finished this procedure, he helped the Pope back into the cart.

"Zero." O’Brien gasped for air, saying in a low voice.

A Purified wearing white clothing came forth from a door at the side, with soft footsteps barely audible.

"I'm here."

The Archbishop knitted his brows; he had not expected to find a Purified in such a secret place, although after they awakened to their powers, they were raised by the Pope, and served His Excellency the rest of their lives…   these women were still witches. And the fact that they seem to have known the existence of the Inverted Church even ahead of himself, made him feel a little uncomfortable.

"Lead him to the illusions."

"By your will." She went to the praying altar, and held her hand down to the stone inscription. After a flash of magic, the giant painting slowly raised upwards, revealing a shiny, dark metal door. Afterwards, Zero removed the pendant hanging from the Pope's neck, and inserted it into the lock mechanism. The inside made a clatter sound, and the iron door opened inwards.

She then took out the pendant, but instead of returning it to O'Brien, she placed it into Mayne's hands.

The Archbishop turned to look at the Pope, who nodded. "Take it, from now on it is yours. Whether it is the library of the Cardinal Temple, or the secret door to the research area, it can be opened with this crystal stone."

"Let's go." Zero pulled Mayne's hand with a small smile, and they started walking into the room past the giant painting. This place did not exist on the cathedral above ground; in this area there was only the view from the window, watching over the Hermes Plateau from a high altitude.

The room appeared to be very spacious, with a circular structure, almost half as big as the praying hall, which could accommodate dozens of people standing side by side, so it was very difficult to see it as a "secret room". However, there was nothing in this huge space, it looked very empty. The only place to sit was a stone bench, extending all along the curved wall.

After the metal door closed, Mayne shook off the hand of the Purified. "Why didn't His Excellency come in instead?"

Zero thought a little before responding. "If I didn't come in, who was going to start the Phantom stone? You can't use magic power."

Such a rude reply frustrated Mayne, it seemed like she was still a witch only in His Excellency O'Brien's service. When he receives the scepter and is officially in charge of the Church, he needed to absolutely make her understand, respect needs to be shown not only to the Pope himself, but also to the Archbishop who has the qualifications to inherit the position.

"Then begin." He said, while holding back his foul mood, and then sat down on the stone bench.

"Yes, my lord," said Zero, lifting the dark plate on the wall, and pressing her hand into the magic stone, "but please be prepared, because this is also the first time I've started this thing."

The first time? Didn't she live for over 200 years, and was involved in the previous Pope's inheritance ceremony? Mayne felt a little discomfort in his chest, but it was too late to ponder. A dazzling light flashed, after which he was surprised to find himself in the dark.

A darkness so pure, no light was visible; the walls, the floor, even the stone bench all seemed to have disappeared, as if the abyss had turned into a beast and swallowed everything, immediately losing the concept of far and near. The whole underground space was unified by this obscurity, and all the eye could see was only this deep blackness. He lowered his head, even his body was being drowned by it.

Mayne held his breath, cautiously reaching his hand down to touch it, the stone bench was still under him, and after stomping his feet, so was the floor, which made him feel slightly relaxed. It was not like he was transferred to a new underground floor, but it was the power of the magic stone that swallowed all the light in the place.

But in such a dark situation, how could he possibly see that which His Highness spoke of, the "truth"?

As if to answer his question, the ground once again was illuminated, but it was clear this was not the same scene as in the secret chamber; each slate was smooth and bright, engraved with intricate and exquisite patterns, reflecting a blue gloss. Soon, over his head the brightness arrived, and he was surprised to see a transparent roof on the ceiling with windows all over it, through which he could even see the clear sky and the clouds outside.

In a moment, many other furnishings appeared in succession: A marble round table, chairs encircling it, a map placed over the table along with glasses, the hanging curtains over the windows, a decorated sword and shield framed on the wall, as well as a giant horn hung atop the entrance.

Then, there were the figures of people.

Mayne did not dare to believe in such a vivid image, as women started appearing in his field of view, all of them wearing magnificent robes, sitting all around the round table, which was facing the door of the hall; in the seat of honor, with an intense red hair, was the Witch Queen. With her hands folded in front of her body, and her eyes looking straight ahead, the gazes all around were all focused on her, everyone looked the same as in the paintings he had seen earlier.

What does this illusion represent? Mayne thought, this scene was so rich it was as if they were real, and suddenly all the people instantaneously came alive.

"Everyone, the experiment of the God Punishment Army has been successful," a witch at the side of Akaris said, "the subjects are currently looking extremely fierce, and do not fear death, their power also seems infinite. With this, even a weak or support witch can be transformed into a mighty warrior not even inferior to unevolved Exceeds. In addition, they have a characteristic of disturbing the release of magic, so in the face of the wild demons and Lords of Hell who can use magic stones, the superiority will be without doubt enormous."

"But the transformation ritual needs to consume the witch's life, and I've heard that not everyone can successfully transform." Someone said.

"This is only a trivial detail," she opened out both of her arms, "and I believe that with the continuous research, the Exploration Society will certainly find a way to fix this."

"Don't say such words so easily Elaine, we are the minority, every witch is precious!" That person said as she frowned.

"What's the difference between dying to the Devils' hands and dying at the ritual?" Elaine raised her head to speak. "At least with the latter, they can make a final contribution to the Federation."

"What did you say?"

"Enough." Akaris said in a low tone, although her voice was very soft, the surroundings instantly quieted down, everyone closed their mouths, waiting for the Witch Queen's words.

"The mortals are unable to defeat the Devils, my sisters," she calmly continued, "we cannot do nothing. If we simply enjoy this momentary peace, and quietly wait for the Devils to invade us, history will repeat itself and completely erase us. But we can take a final stand, and put our hope in the God Punishment Warriors, while making sacrifices. I admit this is a difficult choice, but as long as humanity can continue, the lineage of the witches will never be cut off."

"Although I am the queen of the City of the Falling Star, I would like to give you this important choice: abandon resistance and die peacefully, or avenge our fallen sisters, expelling the Devils out of the boundaries of the dawn, and revive the glory of the witches' past."

"Naturally, everyone present will not be able to participate in the Third War of Divine Will personally, therefore one choice is to just spend the rest of our days peacefully. But remember, the choice you make now is not just for yourself, but for all of the witch community…   so that the future sisters can see the smile of God."

"Those who do not agree with this, please stand up."



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