Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1441 Consensus

The span of time which Eleanor claimed of not being unable to last much longer was in fact not a short period of time.

The final movement of the Deity of Gods took up nearly two full days for the descent. Roland dispatched the First Army to Seawindshire's coastal area and executed a thorough sweep, ensuring that the drop of the island would not harm anyone.

At nightfall two days later, the bottom of the floating island touched the surface of the ocean. From a distance, it looked as though an inverted and giant vertebral body stood alone on the ocean horizon, and that view was the last time the floating island's entirety was exposed. Following the slow descent into the Swirling Sea, the water surface rose quickly, causing the sandy shores at the port to disappear at a rate visible to the naked eye. The ocean spray crossed the coastal levees and burst into many of the dock's warehouse facilities.

The discarded boats left at the port swayed incessantly with the man-made waves, ultimately tearing apart under the violent waves. The continuous rumblings produced by the waves crashing onto the land were so loud that even those standing a few kilometers away were capable of hearing them.

Roland stood safely on high ground and witnessed the entire process.

After all, such a majestic sight was probably the first and only one.

His only regret was not being able to recite poetry.

According to history, such times were perfect for one. Regardless of his poetic standards, that scene with his back view would go down in history forever.

Finally, the rays of the setting sun appeared once again behind the Deity of Gods, reflecting upon the clear and crystalline water and produced a band of light from the new land over to Seawindshire's lowlands, as though the two were one entity.

Although the Deity of Gods was humongous, it was nothing compared to the Swirling Sea. By the time the island touched the bed of the ocean and turned into an island, the tidal waters that had inundated the docks had already receded. The gap between the island and mainland formed a new waterway. At the same time, it had closed the gap between Graycastle and the Fjords. From this, Roland could foresee it becoming a flourishing trade island.

"I never thought that the demon's ultimate weapon would turn into new land for the kingdom." By his side, Nightingale spoke emotionally. "Seems like we will have to redraw Graycastle's map."

"Compared to that, I am more concerned about what the the upper echelons of the demons will be doing." On the other hand, Phyllis paid more attention to actual problems. "If there isn't a supply point for them along the way, it would be difficult for them to return to the ridge of the continent."

"We can resolve them in the meetings. For this first step, I would consider the outcome as passable." For some reason, Roland thought about the Dream World. In there, the demons came from a distant peninsula, and it was somewhat similar to the scene before him. "As for this new land, let's call it Cargarde Peninsula."

The following assembly with the three Chambers of Commerce did not have much twists and turns.

After learning about Mask's shocking grand plan and the King's awareness of the developments, Hackzord was clearly distracted, leaving Serakkas to act on his behalf and answer a few questions.

Roland could guess how he was feeling. Regardless, the Sky Lord did not want a complete fall out with the King before obtaining concrete evidence. But after stumbling upon the King's knowledge of everything they had done, it was equivalent to him having no path of retreat. To the careful and prudent Hackzord, it inevitably resulted in him worrying over his personal gains and losses.

Compared to him, Silent Disaster was much calmer, as though nothing mattered to her so long as Valkries was safe.

The plans for the remaining demons inside the Deity of Gods were quickly resolved.

It was impossible for Roland to agree on establishing Red Mist supply lines at the periphery of the Four Kingdoms, while the two Senior lords were unconcerned about the lives of the Inferior Demons. As such, the tens of thousands of demons were left inside the new island for hard labor and continued construction; thousands of the Mad Demons entered dormant states, cutting down on the consumption of Red Mist, and to wait for a suitable opportunity for migration.

The obelisk was in an irreversible state of decay, and with the Red Mist Lake being able to only supply a certain amount of Red Mist, its continued decay was definite. This land became an isolated island for the demons that relied heavily on the Red Mist. After assisting the transference of the Mother of Soul, Hackzord brought Silent Disaster back to Sky City to take control of the remaining forces.

Since his actions were already known by the King, having a little bit of strength in hand would not be a bad thing.

Roland did not demand anything from Hackzord, who was clearly unwilling to go against the King. After all, if he suddenly went against his words right before the battle, it could potentially lead to disaster.

The last thing that mattered was Mask, Nassaupelle.

This time, even the two Senior Lords came to a surprising consensus—he had to die.

According to Hackzord, despite his evolution to an omnipotent state, it had nothing to do with the race. He had chosen the path for his sole existence, and if he succeeded, only his name would exist in the race, or in other words… he would had completely turned into another species.

"The problem is, he can change into another body at will with the use of the 'network,' how am I supposed to destroy him?" Roland posed the crucial question.

"Until his plan is successful, this will indeed be extremely difficult to come to fruition, but we are still far from that state." Celine conveyed Eleanor's words. "Before I severed his connection, I sensed that there were nodes of drastically varying strengths, and ones which are comparable to the Deity of Gods number only one or two."

"This female—Ancient Witch is right." After being glared at by many of the God's Punishment Witches, Hackzord quickly changed his choice of words. "After all, Nassaupelle is doing everything behind the King's back, and he will not have many opportunities to make similar alterations to every Mother of Soul in every city. For those nodes that have not undergone sufficient alterations, they are most probably incapable of completely transmitting his consciousness. Furthermore, the immobile Birth Towers would had been destroyed by Sky-sea Realm, so there are very few places that he can go to. My guess is that Mask is at King's City."

That's truly Hackzord's style.

Roland thought inwardly to himself. To destroy Nassaupelle, they had to destroy King's City, and aside from Nassaupelle, there was the King. Although he had made it known that he had no wish to oppose the King, his suggestion immediately pushed the King to the center of the target.

But this plan made Roland wary.

He did not want the human territory to once again fall into another crisis akin to the Deity of Gods's plummet.

Attacking the enemy before their all-out attack and strike the King's City down at the Fertile Plains was undoubtedly the method with the lowest risk. More importantly, Eleanor's appearance had greatly increased the feasibility of the plan.

With their own floating island, they could cut down on the Aerial Knights' flight time, which was undoubtedly significant for the large caliber bombers. The greatest difficulty for the project was researching new high-output engines. According to the Design Bureau of Graycastle's plan from manufacturing, assembling to test flights, they required a time line of about a year. But with the moving runway, there was the possibility of changing the engines to the Type-14 Piston Engine used by the Phoenix, which barely made the mark of operating the large caliber bombers. With that, the bearing of fruits for the bomber project was imminent.

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