Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1436 Super Ego

The connection process went smoother than anticipated.

After adjusting the core, Celine 'saw' the interior of the obelisk—or rather, the entire control system. With the four magic power cores and the bottom of the obelisk as the parent body, it formed an intricate system. Magic power oscillated back and forth and emitted harmonized ripples.

After a moment of mulling things over, she gained a new understanding of the system: the four cores utilized different abilities to maintain their revolutions around the Deity of Gods, and the one controlling them was the parent body located at the bottom of the obelisk. But that was not entirely accurate as well. One could tell when observing the flow of magic power—the parent body only had one function of transforming magic power, similar to the operating levers on the Fire of Heaven.

The levers activated a few gears, valves or wire ropes, all of which were well designed components with the crucial point being the simplification of the complicated process. Typically, it took Celine a great deal of time, much less to control four at once. However, after experiencing the inconceivable simplistic transformation, it seemed possible.

She hated to admit it, but the demon Nassaupelle who had thought of the system was truly a genius.

Ignoring the replication of an exact same system, if not for the knowledge bestowed by Roland from the Dream World, she might not even be able to understand the system.

This gave rise to her suspicions.

The Union had once examined the records of a parent body and discovered that they were either a variant demon or a Chaos Beast birthed from a magic stone. Since it was a living creature, the Union believed that it had it was sentient and would undoubtedly hinder the control. How was it that the senior lord was able to transform it into a complete 'tool' capable of only taking orders?

Aside from that, Celine discovered from the intricate system that the obelisk itself was not important, and functioned more as a receiver and amplifier. As a crucial object that the demons depended on to survive, yet not part of the Deity of Gods, it was completely different from what she assumed the obelisk to be.

With her strong sense of curiosity, Celine extended her perceptive tentacle onto the parent body.

In that instant, an inconceivable image appeared before her—

"Oh my god…"

She could not help but exclaim in surprise.

It was actually a large 'network.'

Within the large network composed of brightly lit lines, there were many twinkling nodes. Celine realized that they were the demon cities and more concentrated towards the large continent facing the Land of Dawn—Blackstone Region! Celine also discovered many more dim nodes that were scattered outside of the network, akin to lusterless pearls.

What shocked Celine even more was the familiar sense she had within the parent body.

There were no obstruction upon entry, as though this place was not a frequently visited place.

A carrier!

Celine quickly reacted!

That's right, although it was a type of demon, the changes within it had made it somewhat similar to a carrier. It no longer had its own consciousness and only kept its basic instincts, the most crucial aspects to be a 'controllable hub!'

There was no doubt that the technique was related to the underground civilization.

So that's how this is operating… Mixed emotions rose within Celine—a mix of the excitement of discovering new technology and realizing the merciless intent behind it.

By relying on a destroyed race's technology, the Union was able to implement a transformation plan for the 'God's Punishment Witches.' And as inheritors of the legacy shard, how could the demons not make use of it?

Reality proved that their technology was far ahead compared to the Union.

The only thing she was incapable of understanding was that the altercation was done to allow the control of more core apparatuses which would result in an astonishing result. Aside from the Deity of Gods, the other cities did not require going this far. After all, the undertaking was filled with risk, much less mentioning the 'transformed' having its consciousness stripped. The parent body was responsible for the growth of the obelisk, holding a high importance amongst the demons, and thus wielding a substantial position.

But she noticed that the parent body that represented other city nodes had more or less been remodeled and were turning into receptacles, which went against conventional reasoning.

Does the King not care about the lives of the demons?

"Done admiring?"

An unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded out from behind her.

Celine jumped in fright and quickly 'turned back,' only to see a grotesque demon in front of her. It did not have an appearance that resembled a humanoid senior demon—its lower body was like a worm while its upper body had more than five pairs of arms that with hands of various shapes. The most conspicuous part was its head that resembled a deformed pillar with multiple masks hanging around it.

That was when Celine discovered she was actually able to turn through her consciousness! Unknowingly, she was no longer a floating spirit, but a form that had mass.

"I never thought that a second entity had the ability to enter this place aside from me." The other entity's voice was brimming with admiration. "It seems like you and I are the same; we have abandoned our original shells and are no longer bound by any rules, all for the sake of seeking knowledge and the truth! How is it, are you satisfied with my work?"

There was no longer a need to ask, the demon in front of her was obviously the Senior Lord Mask, Nassaupelle.

"Why am I able to see my own form… what did you do?"

"You should be able to guess." Mask extended his arms complacently. "Doesn't this resemble the Realm of Mind?"

Celine's expression changed. "Could it be that you—"

"That's right, this is the 'Realm of Mind' that I've created!" He released a laughter composed of multiple voices. "Why so we need to seek talent in the Origin of Magic? Why are people able to casually enter and exit on a whim, but so difficult for others to interact with it? What I hate the most is those born with extraordinary gifts."

"This isn't right." Celine calmed herself down and thought back to her companions' recounts of the Dream World. "If you want to see yourself, all you need is a mirror. The Realm of Mind can accurately realize thousands of living beings. But there's nothing here aside from a large network of light. And most importantly… What I'm seeing is the concept of a carrier, and not the real me!"

"Heh, what's so bad about being a carrier? If not for this body, you would not be able to control the magic power core." Mask snorted. "The Realm of Mind is just a name; no one is able to dictate what it should be—although this is ultimately still a prototype. As for what I have accomplished, isn't it obvious from a glance?"

He walked towards Celine and 'passed through' her. "It is absolving the shackles of a shell and became an existence that transcends everything!"

Celine gaped in shock.

"There are limits to every body. There's isn't a perfect body in this world! Since that is so, why should I continue walking down this hopeless path? Do you see this network?" Mask's voice became higher and higher. "Through it, I am everywhere, a body that is stronger than anything. Once it expands to a certain degree, I will be able to exist at multiple places at once, or in other words, the ability to create an unlimited 'me!'"

"With all of my clones, I can head to the most dangerous of places, engage in the most dangerous of experiments, and nothing will prohibit me from discovering all the mysteries of this world! You should know what this entails!" Nassaupelle raised all of his hands in excitement. "All emotions, experiences, and knowledge shall belong to me. The efficiency of absorbing all of this knowledge will definitely induce a new evolution in me. There isn't a need for talent or magic stones. Isn't this the ideal goal that all beings that thirst for knowledge yearn for!?"

This guy… is crazy.

She finally understood the reason for the alterations on the other parent bodies that had not become not Deity of Gods.

It wasn't the intent of the demon king.

But things done secretly by Mask.

"Seems like you realized it too." Nassaupelle took off a mask from his face and revealed a female face. That corners of the rigid face curled up. "Upon leaving the Realm of Mind, all senior lords are nothing. And the King… he was unable to discover this despite being in his Presiding Holy Sea, that is the difference between me and him. They are too reliant on their abilities… but you will not have the chance of bringing this information out. Stay here, and become part of me."

When he finished his words, the four cores suddenly stopped revolving.

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