Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1433 The Three Big Wigs of the Western Fron

"You want to enter the Realm of Mind here?" Hackzord surveyed his surroundings, then cast his gaze to the ground beneath him.

Silent Disaster nodded.

"I think that the male human will not come again." He quietly conjured another Distortion Door the size of a finger behind him and reached into it—only to touch soil. "And once the Deity of Gods starts its descent, it is irreversible. You're merely wasting time."

"If you don't wish to come, you can leave first." Serakkas remained unmoved.

"If I leave, how are you going to leave?" Hackzord subtly rolled his eyes. You've already made a move against Mask publicly, aren't you just deliberately being spiteful by saying this? The King is sure to have realized the Sky Lord's absence for the past few days, betraying his orders and not reporting the information they had, and causing incitement by reading the memories of this period… The charges were clear as day. But Hackzord knew that staying by Silent Disaster's side increased his chances of survival in the event that the King dispatched other senior lords to deal with him.

He opened another Distortion Door a hundred meters deeper, but was still met with soil.

"It doesn't matter if I can leave. Furthermore… you being out of ideas doesn't mean the same for Valkries."

Tsk, why don't you recall who was the one who thought of a way to find Valkries. "What if she fails as well?"

"…" Silent Disaster did not reply.

After 500 meters in, the other side of the Distortion Door opened up into a hole. Hackzord fine-tuned the direction and his fingers quickly touched a blob of viscous liquid.

He immediately knew better.

"Have you ever considered grabbing the male human and leave by force?"

Silent Disaster's gaze flickered but she quickly regained her calm. "I might be able to bring him away, but it will be difficult to keep him alive. You and I know how weak humans are. Before verifying Valkries's location, I cannot take that risk."

"Is that so…" Hackzord replied indifferently. Regardless, he could not leave her behind and be smashed by the Deity of Gods into smithereens. It was both for the race, and for himself.

"Someone's coming." Silent Disaster turned. "There's more than one of them."

Hackzord immediately opened a Distortion Door.

Very quickly, three humans appeared on the hill, one of which being the soldier responsible for handling the letter in the previous encounter. Although there were a few more of them, they were unable to pose a threat to Silent Disaster.

"His Majesty agreed to your request for an audience." The leader walked to them and got to the point. "In a minute, the two of you will enter the Realm of Mind, but His Majesty has a condition."

From the looks of it, this human king isn't a complete coward for him to actually agree to Serakkas' request. "What's the condition?" Hackzord asked.

"The two of you have to be separated before entering the Realm of Mind. And the non-Magic Slayer has to wear this—" The human opened a box and took out a metal bracelet.

On the bracelet was a God's Stone of Retaliation.

Rage immediately rose within Hackzord. He squinted his eyes and his tone of speech changed. "What is the meaning of this, do you think that I will bind myself for you humans to slaughter me?"

Although the leading soldier had fear on his face, he did not retreat. "Magic power is considered a weapon; it is only conventional for one to disarm themselves at an important meeting. This isn't some sort of restraint. His Majesty believes that you have brought important information here, and have taken considerable risks to return. It is because of that that he does not want any accidents to happen."

"And if I disagree?"

"You are free to leave, but you have to stay far away from this mountain before the next meeting," the soldier insisted.

"Just do it; we don't have the time." Silent Disaster turned to Hackzord. "You can stay within your ability's radius just like the first time. I do not understand why you insist on following me here."

This person… must I say it out for you to understand! Sky Lord was momentarily at a loss for words. He realized that Serakkass' rationality had cleared deteriorated after meeting with the Nightmare Lord and did not feel at ease leaving her alone. After finding out about everything, gaining the chance to meet Valkries and even eliminating the probability that it was all a trap laid out by the humans was definitely an extremely important matter. Whose side was she on now?

Without waiting for Hackzord to negotiate further, Serakkas walked over to the side and closed her eyes, ready to enter a calm state of mind.

Looking at the Deity of Gods that was constantly increasing in height, he felt dissatisfaction from the helplessness, and put on the bracelet.

This object doesn't look difficult to break apart; the humans probably aren't hoping to hold me captive with this, but to stall for time in the event that I bring Silent Disaster underground.

Hackzord turned to the other two male humans behind the soldier… Despite being unarmed, Hackzord felt uneasy, feeling that they weren't easy to deal with.

After a moment, Serakkas breathing calmed down.

Is it coming…

Hackzord acted nonchalant as he raised his hand and placed the multi-colored magic stone that was disguised as a ring to his eye—

In that instant, a pillar of light as wide as a city wall appeared before him!

The pillar of light was so large that he had to look in both directions to see the end. In that instant, he felt as though he had returned to the island in the Bottomless Land.

This is… the Realm of Mind domain that Silent Disaster mentioned to be as big as a city?

He started to believe the words spoken by the humans.

To wield such overwhelming ability, perhaps they truly had a method to unraveling the secrets behind the Battle of Divine Will.

Hackzord took a deep breath, then slowly closed his eyes.

"The matter has fallen to this state and Mask has activated Plan B ahead of time. With him prepared, I am unable to ascertain if he is alive or not."

When Sky Lord opened his eyes again, he realized that he was in a cramped house—the room was definitely not qualified to serve as a King's chamber. Silent Disaster seemed to be explaining the situation with Valkries seated before her.

To once again see the mobile Nightmare Lord, Hackzord felt as though he was pulled back into the past.

"You're finally here." Valkries nodded. "Come, have a seat. The coffee is about to get cold."

After experiencing so many unimaginable things and yet be able to speak so casually, it definitely is her style…

It became the first meeting between the three senior lords since the start of the battle at the Western Front.

It was undoubtedly a major event for the race.

The only unqualified participant was the human seated next to Nightmare Lord.

He had long heard of the human's name from Silent Disaster—the King of Graycastle, Roland. He was also the main reason for their repeated setbacks at the Western Front.

But it was also because of him that the three were able to meet. This made Hackzord feel mixed emotions. He had met with countless deficiencies during the war, and yet didn't fail when it came to the meeting which implied betraying the King. It was truly ironic.

He took a good look at Roland before taking a seat by Serakkas's side. The seat was extremely soft, almost allowing him to sink in, giving him a taste of the luxury a ruler had. Sky Lord also noticed the few empty paper cups on the table. Although he had entered the Realm of Mind less than a minute after Serakkas, it looked as though the three already had a long conversation.

Coffee… is that what Serakkas was yearning to drink?

Strange, she shouldn't have any requests for any type of 'food' aside from the Red Mist.

"If I'm right, the two of you should be extremely clear of the situation right now." Hackzord suppressed his distracted thoughts and focused on the matter at hand. "Personally, I do not agree with Silent Disaster's view because it will only waste the little time we have, but she insists on doing so." At this time, he looked towards Nightmare Lord. "Once the Deity of Gods descends, large areas of the human kingdom will be destroyed. The only possible way of surviving is to escape."

"How much time do we have?" Roland asked.

"Not more than seven days," Hackzord replied gravely.


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