Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1430 The Irrecoverable Situation

"What have you done!?" Sky Lord roared.

If not for his realization that Silent Disaster had suddenly left and that he had not been late, not only would she have died, even he would have been caught in the catastrophe! Upon realizing that if the other side of the Distortion Door was to another Red Mist Pond, or if he had failed in opening a second Distortion Door, Hackzord felt cold sweat stream down his back.

But the situation was nowhere optimistic. It didn't matter if Mask survived; the King was bound to find out. Even if he had nothing to do with the incident, it did not mean he was completely blameless. So long as the King requested to view his memories, he would no doubt be placed in an extremely passive situation!

This made him incensed.

Back when Silent Disaster refused to help him, he figured that she was being calm and rational. He never expected that Serakkas's attitude would undergo such a drastic change after meeting Valkries.

No, she is still calm and rational, that was why she left silently, and did not explain anything to me prior—She knew I would have stopped her!

"Once Plan B is activated, the situation would be irredeemable, and the only way to stop it is by doing this." Silent Disaster's tone did not change, as though she did not care about her narrow escape from death.

"Who said that this is the only way? If you calm yourself down and think about it…"

Hackzord's voice grew softer as he spoke.

Is there really a better way?

A solution to prevent Mask from finding out or prevent the King from being aware of the situation and to maintain the Deity of Gods the way it was might exist… but what about time? In fact, without mentioning tactics that required a great deal of effort, he had not even steeled his resolve on his choice.

Did she… see through me?

Hackzord's lips quivered for a moment, but chose to change the subject at the final moment.


Serakkas looked at him and waited for him to question her further.

"By doing so, we are completely standing against the King and the other senior lords will see us as enemies. Additionally…" Sky Lord paused for a second. "The humans might not spare us."

"Because of balance." Serakkas replied simply.


"It wasn't difficult for me to make a decision." She turned and walked out of the room—or what was left of the room, which was half a wall and a door on the verge of collapse. "We can ponder about the other things slowly, but I am unable to allow Valkries to die like that."

What kind of answer is that… "Are you trying to say that Valkries is more important than the fate of our race?" Hackzord's tone became solemn. "I do not believe this is her idea. Are you sure you saw the real Nightmare Lord, and not a scam designed by the humans?"

"No, she told me that sacrificing her didn't matter for the race's cause," Serakkas answered calmly. "This was my decision."

"…" Sky Lord was at a loss for words.

The situation had just turned thorny.

Suddenly, an oppressive humming sound rumbled over their heads; yet, it sounded like it came from beneath their feet, or from somewhere even deeper!

Under the incessant rumbling, the Deity of Gods actually trembled!

"This— What's going on?" Hackzord looked down at the Red Mist lake at the bottom of the pit, only to see the crystallized lake boiling up, as though something was on the verge of coming out. At the same time, the Birth Tower in the middle of the lake suddenly emitted a faint glow!

He had never witnessed such a bizarre scene over the past few centuries.

An even more inconceivable scene appeared before him—the magic power cores that he thought had exploded actually bloomed with a dazzling blue light and slowly rose out of the lake towards the Birth Tower.

It was something he was extremely familiar with; although it had an extremely ingenious structure, it was the underground civilization's only object capable of altering magic power. Despite its prowess, the structure itself was weak and could be broken with one hand, and was never known to that resilient. The explosion before had destroyed even the main tower, so how did the magic power core survive and drop into the lake?

Serakkas's expression changed as well. She drew her sword and suddenly ran out and mustered all her strength to throw her sword out!

The sword transformed into a stream of light that accurately struck one of the cores.

But the latter did not break, or even move. As though striking something firm, the sword tumbled in ricochet and plunged into the lake.

"How is that…" Serakkas muttered to herself.

Once the core got close to the Birth Tower, a belt of light appeared between the two, as though forming an ensemble It was the same for the other cores to the point of having four distinct light belts forming. The four cores began revolving around the Birth Tower, boosting the tower's emitted light to its peak!


The trembling amplified multiple folds, causing dust and debris to fall. Countless structures at the periphery of the pit crumbled into the lake, with the tower in the center clearly in the worst possible shape, its walls continuously groaning and cracking as cracks started spreading along the tower wall.

Amidst the intense swaying, Hackzord felt clear weighted down, as though something was pressing him to the ground.

The Deity of Gods was rising!

"Damn it, wasn't it decided that the plan will only activate when the King arrives at the Fertile Plains?" Hackzord gritted his teeth. "How is it possible that it is making preparations so ahead of schedule?"

Serakkas sensed something amiss, as though everything had been planned beforehand.

"Could it be…" Hackzord stared at Silent Disaster for a moment before pulling her into the Distortion Door and back into the lowest level of the Red Mist Pond. "Remove your armor!"

"…" Serakkas stared at him in suspicion, but did as he instructed.

Sky Lord retrieved the multi-colored magic stone and placed it before his eyes. He noticed an almost invisible 'thread' that had mixed into the beam of light produced by Serakkas, so fine that it would have been missed if not for his meticulous observation.

"Don't move!" Hackzord extended two fingers and stabbed Silent Disaster's shoulder. The latter frowned, but did not stop him. Very quickly, he grabbed onto a blob of flesh. Upon its separation from its host, the blob of flesh stopped squirming.

"Nassaupelle—" Silent Disaster clenched her fists tightly! Without a doubt, Mask had actually implanted such a thing into her while she was unconscious, and yet she had never felt a thing!

"That was how he knew of our conversation, and even… your meeting with Valkries." Hackzord threw the flesh onto the ground and squashed it to pieces. "With that, it explains how he was able to prepare for everything."

Serakkas ignored the wound on her shoulder and walked out of the door.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"To destroy the magic power cores!"

"It's too late!" Hackzord roared. "You've seen it for yourself, the cores are already resonating with the Birth Tower, what can you do alone?"

After being improved and becoming an ensemble with the Birth Tower, the cores probably could not be damaged in any way even if they combined all their strengths together, much less have an effect from throwing a sword.

Even if a miracle occurred, the eventual outcome would be the loss of control of the Deity of Gods and causing it to plunge from the sky!

He had already seen the worst-case scenario.

"Inform the human that Valkries is relying on. Tell him to leave the continent immediately and avoid the disaster from the impact. That is the only thing we can do now."


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