Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1429 Surpassing the Limi

Deity of Gods, beneath the Birth Tower.

This was the core region of the city with countless Red Mist deposits which were in the form of crystallized scarlet lakes that completely submerged the God's Stone mine. In a sense, they were the "Origin of Magic" created by the race. Not only did this strengthen the Birth Tower's conversion abilities, it was an indispensable location to nurture powerful magic stones.

This promoted continuous growth and upgrades amongst the demons and was where upgrade ceremonies were mostly held. Although it was possible that every city had slight differences between the lakes, the structure at the bottom of every single lake was roughly the same.

While passing through the ceremony square, Silent Disaster stopped for a moment.

Gazing at the familiar scene, it was as though she could hear countless people chanting the name 'Charita' as she slowly walked forward dressed in a white gown.

… But from the way the Red Mist dispersed across the stone slabs, it was apparent that this place had not been used for quite a period of time.

Ever since the race began extensively using the underground civilization's Symbiosis technology, the upgrade ceremony for Primal Demons were replaced. All Primal Demons chosen through an initial filter had a higher probability of being upgraded, increasing the number of Junior Demons and forming the present backbone of the race's fighting force.

The one that spearheaded the technique was Senior Lord Mask, Nassaupelle. He asserted that so long as they continued the research, the upgrade and large scale nurturing would not only be limited to Junior Demons but to higher ascendants as well.

Although countless expressed their doubts—believing that not only did this go against ancient tradition but it also endangered the stability of the race—the King actually gave his fullest support.

Even though there was an increased probability of an upgrade to strengthen the race, the flaws were apparent as well. In the past few centuries, the number of Junior Demons had multiplied tens of times, but the numbers upgraded to a higher realm and produced through a ceremony was countable with one hand. Furthermore, not a single senior lord had appeared.

If higher ascendant and senior lords could be birthed by magic stones in the future, it proved that the divine square which had witnessed endless glory would turn unnecessary…

Serakkas sighed and repressed the endless thoughts that streamed into her head.

Memories implied hesitation, and hesitation would bring about flaws.

She had to dispel such a thing.

Passing the square, she walked into the tower situated at the center of the wall.

Upon being seen, the Junior Demon guards lowered their heads in respect.

In what was a nearly unimpeded path, Silent Disaster found her targeted source of magic power in the control room.

"You have something to see me about?" Nassaupelle appeared to be focused on adjusting the structure of the magic power core, as he asked without turning his head.

She unsheathed her sword.

Serakkas stepped leaped forward at full force and thrust her sword straight at Mask—

This was her first attack ever since her recovery, an attack that encompassed all her strength!

All the senior lords knew that Mask was not adept at battle, but Serakkas knew that it was only true on a fair battlefield. Outside, she wouldn't feel any fear even if she faced against ten Masks. Be it magic power or his physical strength, she greatly surpassed his.

There was no need to even mention the experience and instinct she gained from tens of thousands of life and death battles.

But this was not outside.

Even the slowest of beasts would be able to turn its lair into a cave filled with secrets to induce fear into others, and the target was Nassaupelle. Since the uprising of the Deity of Gods to arriving at the Dawn Region, there was sufficient time for him to turn the entire lower region into his territory. In other words, Serakkas was never in a fair battlefield right from the beginning.

Her instincts told her that Nassaupelle could not be underestimated!

The distance of ten steps passed in a flash as she used her maximum speed to transform the blade into a cold gleam of light. Following the shockwave induced by her speed, her sword stabbed into Nassaupelle's body.

The latter produced a startled and pained roar that instantly seem to awaken the entire room. Countless stone needles shot out from all directions and sealed Silent Disaster's path of retreat.

She was forced to withdraw her sword and retreat rapidly while activating an impenetrable barrier of blades around her. As stone needles flew straight at her, the resounding collisions lingered on for a short while!

"You… What is the meaning of this!" Nassaupelle held his wound and roared.

Silent Disaster raised her weapon again and initiated her second attack. The first strike did not feel as though she had stabbed into a living thing, but instead into a pile of greasy metal. She vaguely realized that the other party was in the midst of transforming himself into another species, but regardless of his ultimate form, he would no longer be able to integrate well with the race.

Realizing that he wasn't getting a reply, Mask waved his hand and caused the surrounding walls to rumble, revealing Symbiotic Demons hidden within the pile of flesh. At the same time, a peculiar shaped Symbiote scuttled out. The latter opened a carapace and expanded twice its size. The two connected together and turned into a deformed monster.

Could this be the latest Symbiotic Demon?

Serakkas threw her sword without hesitation, her perfect aim allowing the sword to pass through the cracks within the connecting Symbiotic Demons and accurately into Mask's rapidly closing carapace.

This caused half of his body to be exposed.

Serakkas unleashed her power, producing gold lightning to appear and engulfed the entire control room! Under the flashing lights, the stone needle symbiotic demons were instantly paralyzed, along with the new symbiotic demon—The sword became the target of her power as a large amount of magic power shot into the sword, causing Mask to unleash an ear-piercing shriek!

With sparks flying in every direction, Serakkas leaped towards the falling Symbiotic Demon and grabbed onto the scorching hot sword. She used the momentum of the drop to plunge the weapon deeper in. The scream stopped abruptly as the blade sliced upwards, from Mask's chest to his head, splitting his entire body into half.


A mask that had been split into two from Nassaupelle's head slid down and fell to the ground.

"22… seconds."

He turned his head slowly and spoke with what remained of his face.

"… Are those your last words?" Serakkas pulled out her bloodied weapon.

"The humans'… unit of time is not bad, I will… make use of it." Mask spoke in a staccato manner. "And this… is the time the Symbiotic Demons managed to fend you off for. Heh… I thought it would have been longer."

"Battles that brings me closer to death allows me to break through," Silent Disaster replied emotionlessly. "Compared to the the past me prior to being heavily injured, the current me is even stronger. It is a pity that you and your creations will never be able to gain enlightenment on this."

"That is why… I hate uncertainty." Mask's voice gradually became deeper. "But, uncertainty signifies the inability to replicate… so long as I have more time, I will definitely be able to surpass… the limitations of our race…"

"There will be no future."

"How… are you so certain?" The only complete face on Mask revealed a strange smile. "Do you still remember… my words? In the face of knowledge, even the strongest physical body… is nothing…"

Serakkas suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of danger!

"Right, let me… gift you something," Mask whispered. "It was something I found amongst the humans… you should recognize it."

As soon as he finished speaking, the Symbiotic Demon that had linked with him opened its carapace once more, revealing the layers of cysts enveloped within.

The cysts were filled with human explosives!

He actually dares to bring such a thing into the Birth Tower?

What… what is he planning to do with that?

Serakkas's expression changed. Even before she had the time to retreat, a dazzling red light filled her entire vision!

A huge fireball spewed out from the center tower following a sonorous boom. The flaming ball quickly swelled into a semi-circular light. Under the glaring light, a bright and resplendent reflection appeared on the lake. When the ball of fire exploded, the city beneath trembled, the intense shockwave caused walls to fall and debris plunged into the Red Mist lake, producing even more thunderous explosions!

After the exhaustion of the explosion, emptiness took the place of the Red Mist lake as high temperatures caused the remaining Red Mist to escape. The emptiness could not be filled, leaving all the Primal and Junior Demons in the region to struggle helplessly as they choked to death staring at the Birth Tower.

But Serakkas did not feel any heat or pain.

At this distance, the explosion would have been strengthened with the support of the Red Mist, and the domineering shockwave should had been able to rip her to shreds—

She gradually lowered her arm which she had held up to protect her body and opened her eyes.

Hackzord had his hand extended forward with a large Distortion Door in front of him.

Everywhere around them that was not protected by the Distortion Door had been vaporized, and the entire area had been razed to the ground.

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