Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1410 Bomb II

At the same time, Good received incoming communications from the Captain of Team 2. "This is Manfeld. Senior Good, I want to charge out of the clouds, I hope that you can help me!"

"Out of the clouds, are you crazy? We are in the enemy's headquarters!" Before Good could reply, Finkin roared into the communication device, "And you heard it too, there is a barrier protecting the mist, what can you do? Newcomer, the battlefield isn't a place for you to joke around!"

As the most advanced and improved biplanes, all the Fury of Heaven planes were equipped with transmitter-receivers, which was the reason why they dared to travel through the clouds without Tilly's commands.

But Good did not object immediately. Compared to their levels of seniority in the academy, he was even more curious about the other party's plan. "I heard your request, Manfeld. But even if gain sight of the target, you should know that without Ms. Sylvie's calibration, the probability of you landing a fatal strike is extremely slim."

Good had noticed the extraordinary gift the newcomer possessed during training. It was rumored that Manfeld was a down and out knight who came to Graycastle after being unable to integrate into the Kingdom of Wolfheart. Many Aerial Knights that came from ordinary backgrounds acted like his seniors mainly to vent their resentment and unhappiness of being bullied by nobles in the past.

In all honesty, Good did not have any favorable impressions towards the knights from the Kingdom of Wolfheart. They looked flamboyant, domineering, and were insufferably arrogant. But when they truly met strong enemies, they ran faster than anyone else. Good had witnessed countless disgraceful situations when the Hermes Church annexed the Kingdom of Wolfheart.

But it was Good's first encounter with a knight who took the initiative to seek permission to do battle; thus, he wanted to know if the other party was intentionally trying to perform in front of Her Highness, or was he truly someone that stood out from the masses.

"Senior, do you remember the method of using the plane's body to control the trajectory of the bullets?" Manfeld asked, "I think it should work with the bombs as well!"

The moment he finished his sentence, Good felt the buzzing sounds around him turn softer, as though his surrounding had become more spacious.

"That brat has already flown out of the clouds!" Finkin shouted, "What should we do?"

Using the plane's body to control the drop, hmm… Good quickly realized the similarities in both techniques. He coughed twice. "We can't leave Team 2 behind; Her Highness Tilly is still watching us from the side!"

"… Hahaha, that's right!" Finkin paused for a moment, then changed his tone into one of righteousness. "Protecting comrades is what I'm proficient in, all of you go ahead without worries. Leave the devilbeasts to Team 1, Yeehaw—!"

You're truly easy to read.

Good sighed, then pushed his control stick forward.

The two teams flew out of the clouds from different positions and dove downwards, drawing two paths in the sky and at the same time going against the devilbeasts. Although the Fury of Heavens were fewer in numbers compared to the latter, they pressed forward imposingly.

One team flew in an arc and collided with the devilbeasts while the other team flew straight for the obelisk. At such close distances, they were able to recognize the target even without Sylvie's guidance.

Midway, a portion of the demons attempted to intercept the five Fury of Heaven planes, but the disparity in speed was plainly visible at that moment. The devilbeasts stabilized their altitude only to have the biplanes brushed past them. The Fury of Heaven planes that carried the 150 kilogram bombs were not afraid of being caught up by the devilbeasts.

After adjusting his direction, Manfeld dropped the bombs.

His comrades following behind closely imitated his actions.

The bombs maintained a similar speed and direction to that of the planes. After flying past the defense towers and buildings, they flew towards the lake. Compared to the first bomb drop, these five bombs were concentrated in one location. Aside from the first bomb being stopped by the obelisk, the remaining four exploded directly above the Red Mist Lake.

The successive explosions caused the entire city to tremble. Under the soaring flames, blue ripples flickered repeatedly, preventing any of the blast to affect the Red Mist Lake from start to end. But everyone noticed the barrier was no longer as radiant as it was in the beginning.

"Well done, Newcomer." Finkin whistled.

Good performed an abrupt turn and broke away from the devilbeast's pursuit. He then switched to the all-frequency channel. "Your Highness Tilly, Team 1 and Team 2 have accomplished the dropping of the bombs. Requesting permission to return!"

"Understood, permission granted."

The Phoenix shot out a red flare, to which the fleet responded by disengaging the demons and soared higher into the sky. Relying on the dazzling sunlight, they disappeared into the blue sky.

Mask released a contented gasp.

The humans had surpassed his expectations time and time again.

The separation of combat units, the feint by the main attacking force and immediate retreat after delivering the strike without any delay… It was a mere two to three minutes of time from the time it took the defensive troops to ascend, intercept, and to the end of battle. The nimble battle plan had undoubtedly maximized the strengths of the war machines even under the many restrictions.

It's no wonder Ursrook had such restraining fear towards the humans, seems like I have indeed wronged him.

But even the genius of the race only saw the threat the humans posed, and did not even perceive the essence of this mystery. On the other hand, if even the clumsy and slow humans were capable of flying in the sky with the help of those iron birds, wouldn't it be even more astonishing if used by us? When that happens, the Sky-sea Realm will no longer be a tough enemy, and our race will be the ultimate victor!

If Ursrook had used this logic to convince everyone back then, who knows if I might had stood by him.

What a pity.

"What was that tremor?" Donned in armor, Silent Disaster opened the doors to the top of the obelisk and walked in. "Did the Deity of Gods encounter an enemy attack?"

"That's right, but you came late and missed the exciting battle." Nassaupelle glanced at him. "Are you thinking of going to battle dressed like that? You shouldn't force yourself."

"You have no need to concern yourself over this." Silent Disaster retorted, "Where is the enemy?"

Nassaupelle pointed to the sky. "They have most likely discovered the clear difference between their iron birds and the Bogle Beasts. What an irony… In the Second Battle of Divine Will, the Bogle Beasts were the biggest asset we had to prevail over our enemies."

Silent Disaster stared at the sky with a nasty expression and did not utter a word.

"Relax." Nassaupelle donned his masks once again. "After my observations, I have already thought of a countermeasure. Compared to the Bogle Beasts, their movements and trajectories are too obvious. By the way, since you yearn for battle, why not help me with something?"


"Don't be so serious, I am not mocking you." Mask spread out his numerous arms. "There were a few iron birds that dropped to the southeast of the city. If the worms are still alive, capture them and bring them over. I think it shouldn't be difficult for you."

"You want them alive?" Silent Disaster asked coldly.

"Of course." Nassaupelle smiled. "Only fresh brains are worth transplanting. Additionally, they have just gone through an intense battle and their aerial battle is the clearest, perfect for me to validate my countermeasure—This is my first time taking the brains of those ordinary lowlifes. I wonder which lucky human will earn the special glory?"

Silent Disaster walked away in disgust, and turned his head towards the Birth Tower.

Nassaupelle turned away indifferently. He knew that no matter how much the other party disliked his methods, Silent Disaster would put in his all for the race.

Mask looked into the direction where the human territory laid and gradually extended a hand forward. From his angle, he only required a hand to grasp the entire continent into his palm. In a few more days, the Deity of Gods will enter the Hermes Plateau, and the Symbiotic Demons in the experimental station have already accumulated enough power. The King shall see that I alone am enough to support an entire army, Blood Conqueror and Silent Disaster are merely to provide contrast.

Suddenly, a light flickered in the distance.

It came and disappeared in an instant. Although it was extremely small, it was bright to the point of being glaring like the reflection of the sun on the ocean surface, or like a beam of light reflected from a reflective surface.

Was that just an illusion…

Nassaupelle was stunned by the sudden incident. By the time he turned his attention to the direction of the Swirling Sea, the tiny point of light had disappeared.

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