Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1409 Bomb I

Sylvie came to a realization that the structure before her was the mission's main target.

The scene of the center of the floating island was completely different from what Roland had illustrated. The demon city was built around the tall and pointed obelisk with a deep pit that separated the two. Countless inferior demons adhered themselves along the walls of the pit like worms living parasitically on the surface of a tree. On closer look, one would discover that they were excavating the walls endlessly and enlarging the size of the pit.

Most of the Red Mist was deposited here and formed a red lake. The towers close to the walls of the pit would eventually fall into the lake and become part of the large pit.

It was rumored that the obelisk wasn't that large in the beginning, but would grow continuously like a living animal while the accumulated Red Mist would expand. From these two points, one could roughly gauge the age of a demon city.

The city before Sylvie was obviously ancient.

Compared to the target, the biplanes could only be described as insignificant. Ignoring the bombs carried by the planes, even if the planes were to charge into the Red Mist, it was hard to imagine how that would ignite the Red Mist lake.

Suddenly, Sylvie let out a soft exclamation.

"What's wrong?" the sharp and attentive Wendy immediately asked in concern.

"I found a very strange… demon."

A demon standing at the top of the obelisk attracted her attention. According to how the demons worshiped the sky, any demon able to ascend the obelisk was no doubt an important figure. And in her eyes, the appearance of this particular demon revealed that it was no run-of-the-mill demon. It had a cloak wide enough to cover three to four humans with all sorts of ornaments hanging all over. When she got closer, she discovered that this demon had bone knives, metal armors, and even a few screws.

The enemy's head was also extremely unique. It was shaped like a pillar with all sorts of mask hung all over. The strange sight caused her hair to stand.

"Does it have very strong magic power undulations?"

"No… it isn't strong at all." This was what Sylvie was confused about. From its exterior appearance, it was at least a Senior Demon, but it showed no signs of moving upon its appearance. It did not even have any intention of gathering magic power to unleash anything, the only thing it did was to stare in the direction of the Aerial Knights without any intention of participating in any battle.

But since it did not pose any threat to everyone, Sylvie did not concern herself with it. She refocused her attention back to judging the most suitable drop zones for the two Fury of Heaven planes which were responsible for dropping the bombs since they were already reaching the edge of the city.

Two minutes later, she issued the first command through the transmitter.

"Team 1, you may drop the package."

"Roger that. Good out."

Even though it was a clear day, the clouds above the Impassable Mountain Range floated at a reasonable height. With the floating island moving at a constant altitude, the Fury of Heaven planes that flew over the clouds were not detected by any enemy.

Five biplanes formed a line and dropped the bombs weighing a 150 kilograms from the belly of their planes at a stable speed.

The instant the heavy bombs were released from the plane, Good felt the entire plane lift up as though its entire body had turned somewhat lighter.

The regretful thing was that he was unable to witness the outcome of the battle.

But Sylvie saw it extremely clearly.

Due to gravity, the five bombs quickly turned their heads towards the ground and used the inertia from the planes to follow a parabolic arc towards the city center. By the last 500 meters, they were almost perpendicular to the ground.

The demons also noticed the 'uninvited guests' from above.

Another devilbeast soared into the air and flew towards the clouds—but the movements of the devilbeasts paled in comparison to the descending bombs.

The five shadows dropped into the city in succession and exploded into a blazing fireball, producing smoke, dust, and rubble that flew over 10 meters high. The power and impact far exceeded that of a 152mm Howitzer! Although Sylvie was unable to hear the explosion, she was able to clearly sense the tremendous effects from the tremors caused by the violent explosions and the blast wave that radiated in every direction.

At the same time, the heatwave produced a few 'cavities' in the Red Mist like the formation of air-bubbles in fluffy bread.

From a bird's eye view, the diffusing grayish-black smoke pillar was extremely striking within the Red Mist. Perhaps the City rarely suffered from attacks for centuries in the past, but in less than half a month, since its invasion into the Impassable Mountain Range, its core area had been visited by the humans twice.

Yet, Sylvie's heart sank.

The drops were more accurate than the Longsong Cannons and had successfully fallen into the city center, albeit spanning a large area. However, due to the wind's influence, only two bombs struck the Red Mist Lake. Furthermore, they did not come into contact with the 'lake's surface' and exploded in midair.

The instant the fireball appeared, she witnessed a rippling blue light wave—exactly like the barrier that appears on Senior Demons!

"What happened?" Wendy noticed her peculiar expression.

"The obelisk's surroundings… is protected by a magic power barrier," Sylvie muttered. "The bombs failed to be effective…"

"Hey, hey." Shavi turned her head back in disbelief. "You mean that the demons expanded their barriers to the size of a city? How is that possible?"

She knew it was simply inconceivable. The effect of an ability was linked to the overall amount of magic power. For the barrier to encompass such a large area, it was impossible even for all the Witches combined. But the truth laid right in front of them, preventing her from shying away from the truth.

That's right… that Senior Demon at the top of the obelisk!

The instant she recalled the peculiar demon, Sylvie turned to look at him. This glance instantly caused all the hairs on her body to stand as an indescribable feeling surged from her heart—

The latter had unknowingly extended all of his dry and long arms to remove the masks from his head, revealing an extremely grotesque appearance. There were more than 10 stacked heads—a mix of demons, humans, and god knows what other creatures—that looked up to the sky. One of the faces was a female face that appeared extremely jarring. Every single face revealed different smiles, and it could be said to be the most disturbing scene that anyone could witness.

Sylvie could no longer endure the sight. She stooped down and let out a burst of vomiting sounds as she abruptly stopped her ability.

Wendy immediately picked up the communication device. "This is Seagull. Team 2, dump the bombs immediately and return."

"Copy that, was Team 1 successful?"

"No… there is a magic powered barrier around the obelisk, preventing the bombs from entering the deep hole."

"Barrier?" The other side remained silent for a moment. "Got it. But I want to try again."

"But there has been an accident here, Sylvie is temporarily unable to provide guidance, and the Devilbeasts are already nearing the clouds!"

"Relax, Team 1 will cover us."

Wendy connected to Tilly and reported the situation. Surprisingly, the latter remained indifferent. "It doesn't matter; let Team 2 try it out. We haven't reached the point of retreat yet."

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