Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1402 Cradle

Everything in the letter is true!

Valkries was right—

At bottom of the sinkhole is the Origin of Magic which the demons have been seeking!

A burst of complicated emotions surged through Hackzord's consciousness, leaving him somewhat at a loss.

If some of the matters written in the letter was real, that naturally meant that some of the things were fake.

For example, the upgrade of a race.

During the apocalypse, The Origin of Magic remained aloof and distant. It was a territory that belonged to God, and regardless of how one looked at it, the Origin of Magic hinted that it was one with the Bloody Moon. Races incapable of acquiring all the legacies had no qualifications to touch upon God's Territory. To the race, the sky was a sacred and holy presence, and thus the name 'Deity of Gods' was given to the floating city.

But now, the Origin of Magic wasn't that extraordinary. It was situated on an island capable of concealing itself and was at the same height as all the others races, even to the point of being slightly lower.

At the same time, coming to this place did not bring about any additional benefits. Hackzord was unable to sense a surge in magic power or any qualitative changes to his own body. If one did not have the five-colored magic stone, the Origin of Magic would be an ordinary ravine, completely unworthy of the descriptions of being holy and powerful.

What about the so-called upgrade given to the race that enters the sinkhole?

Even if it were a farce, it should have at least pretended to be like one?

If everything is as what Valkries says, then wouldn't over a thousand years of hard work that the race put in become a topic of ridicule…

"… Sky Lord?"

The Guardian's voice broke his train of thoughts.

That's right, there is a self-proclaimed guardian that has been here for many years, and she is able to disguise herself as a high rank demon. From the looks of it, she definitely knows something about the Battle of Divine Will!

If the battle over the legacies was just an endless cycle, she might very well have witnessed many races obtaining the 'legacy keys.'

Or maybe even more… After all, all the rumors and revelations regarding the Divine Will started from here.

But Hackzord was not counting on the other party to be honest.

He chose to be pre-emptive.

Two Distortion Doors flashed past Guardian's body in succession, severing her arms at the shoulders, followed by her legs!

Before the latter could even react, she had lost all four limbs. Her stunned expression froze in puzzlement as she dropped helplessly to the ground.

Hackzord had used the five-colored magic stone stealthily on the Guardian and learned that there was no distinct light pillar above her head, indicating that her magic power was underwhelming. He believed that as long as her limbs were severed, the Guardian would not pose a threat to him.

Even so, the Skylord remained in the air to observe the Guardian. After being assured that the other party was only able to moan in pain, he returned to the ground and grabbed the Guardian. At this moment, the Guardian's white cotton clothes were dyed in blue blood and no longer as soft and graceful as before.

"It's best for you to answer my questions. This way, I can still save your life." Hackzord threatened. "What is the ultimate end to being upgraded? Does God truly exist? Why did he fabricate this entire lie? My patience is limited, tell me everything you know!"

Unexpectedly, the Guardian did not reveal any emotions of hatred or fear. Instead, she sighed and asked, "Why… do you have to do this?"

"All the legacies hidden underground were left by the various competitors of the previous Battles of Divine Will, right? My race is currently treading in their wake and will eventually be destroyed as well, and you're asking me why? Just like how fighting beasts will tussle and die, isn't this world just another existence to please this so called God!"

After his furious roars, Hackzord was suddenly dumbstruck.

There was grief in the Guardian's eyes that stared back at him.

"I see… You're not one who has lost you way but one that came prepared. It is a pity that compared to fading away not knowing anything, there are times when knowing the answer will lead to further despair. Especially when you are helpless to change anything. This world is indeed lacking in many areas, but for all of you, it's already the best cradle you can ever have."

"Cra… dle?" Sky Lord never thought that he would hear such a term from the other party.

The Guardian's breathing got weaker; she lifted her bloodstained shoulders as though trying to touch Hackzord's face. "All of you are God's children, how will he treat all of you… as stage props to please himself? Now… it is time to leave, go… before obtaining the key, never, ever return to this island."

"You haven't answered my questions!"

Halfway through his words, Guardian's figure suddenly turned faint, as though having no energy to sustain her appearance. In a short span of time, Guardian disappeared without a trace, along with the tablets that were strewn around. Very quickly, his surroundings was left with the lush vegetation and an endless sinkhole, as though everything that had happened was just a hallucination.

But the remnants of blood on Hackzord's hands informed him that the female-looking "higher ascendant" existed.

What puzzled him was the fact that the other party had appeared in a disguise, but after her disappearance, she made disappointment and frustration rise in his heart.

Hackzord shook his head and threw the confused and distracting thoughts to the bottom of his heart.

At the very least, he was certain that Valkries was still alive, and that she might even be closer to the truth behind the Battle of Divine Will than anyone else.

The next thing to do was to find a stable channel to communicate with Nightmare Lord.

He had too many questions for her.

Hackzord stood up and was prepared to leave when an intense and penetrating pain suddenly tore through his chest!

What… happened exactly?

He lowered his head and noticed a protrusion in his armor as a sharp bone claw slowly emerged from within.

It was—the 'blade' from the Sky-sea Realm.

They remained practically transparent while in motion and possessed extremely powerful concealment abilities. Only by relying on one's magic power perception could their existence be sensed.

Damn it… did the Sky-sea Realm infiltrate this island while I my mind was wandering?

Hackzord felt his strength drain rapidly. I was careless… He had placed all of his attention on the Guardian, and compounded by the latter's unexpected reply that caused him to lose his wariness, he had become so distracted to the point that he was unable to sense the enemies concealed in the mist. But what he was unable to understand was that in the past, the enemies were never able to break the barriers summoned by higher ascendants, much less penetrating their armors.

'Blade' was just a claw that belonged to the Nest Eye used for hunting. Aside from their ability to conceal themselves, when were they ever a threat to a Senior Lord?

The wound from the stab quickly erupted into a hot and burning sensation. Aside from its sharpness, the claw was obviously laced with some sort of poison.

Hackzord slowly turned to look, only to come face to face with a gigantic monster standing behind him. Aside from the familiar curve-shaped bone claw and abdomen used to constrict its prey, the monster before him looked completely different from the 'blades' he had encountered in the past.

And further into the mist, many more similar black figures crawled slowly in his direction.

So when Guardian said that there wasn't much time left, she was referring to this…

Hackzord's vision blurred, and it was at this moment when the blade that had bored through his body opened its large mouth and bit down towards him—

On the other side, Silent Disaster opened his eyes.

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