Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1400 One's Conduc

"You're still alive?"

Mask's voice sounded out from within Silent Disaster's mind. It was the consciousness reverberating through the Birth Tower.

He lowered his head and glanced at the dark white torn piece of robes in his hand. "I said it before, I will not die until all the humans are destroyed."

"Very good, but do not forget, I am the determining factor for this victory, Nassaupelle! Without the new Symbiotic Demons and Deity of Gods's combined attack, even if we had squeezed three thousand Primal Demons, they would have been useless in this craggy foothills…"

"I don't disagree."

"…" Not expecting Silent Disaster to reply so straightforwardly, silence occurred for a brief moment. "In all, if the King asks about the Western Front, I hope you remember what you've said. Another thing, Hackzord did nothing in this battle, and you have seen it for yourself, although he has his reasons, contributions and achievements should be distinguished clearly."

"I agree."

"…" The other party maintained his silence again. "I never considered you to comprehend reason. Well, let us go to where those lowlifes have erected their fiery rain, I will let the Deity of Gods meet up with you there."

"You want to retrieve their weapons?"

"That's right," Nassaupelle replied, delighted. "They are the spoils and proof of victory, and precious objects that I can collect while on my journey of probing the profound secrets."

While ascending the mountain, the Deity of Gods closed the gates before slowly descending.

Silent Disaster had to admit that Senior Lord Mask's contributions was irreplaceable in the battle. With the floating island being wider than the Impassable Mountain Range, anyone standing beneath would feel as if the mountain would be crushed. But in fact, at the moment the floating island touched ground, it would become still and just like if a thousand catties were stacked on an egg, the latter would not end up cracking.

After the battle, the transport of supplies and reorganization of forces became extremely easy.

Although the Deity of Gods did not touch the ground, they used suspended platforms capable of ascending and descending for the transportation of goods in and out. With their height advantage of over a hundred meters perpendicularly, it deterred any potential enemies far more than what a moat could ever do.

It could be said that attacking the Deity of Gods from the outside was an impossible task.

While waiting to converge, Silent Disaster suddenly heard a sound from the ground beneath his feet.

The position had been abandoned by the humans, and even if there were survivors, the Symbiotic Demons would have killed them.

He followed the source of the sound and arrived at a collapsed cave.

This was likely a hidden fortification dug by the humans that had collapsed due to the impact of the stele, turning the hidden space within to become a cage. The faints sounds was likely from there.

If nothing was done, whatever was beneath would definitely die.

Silent Disaster crouched down and lifted away the collapsed ceiling with one hand.

He himself was unclear why he was doing so. Perhaps it was the hope of gathering more information, or Mask's interest in the people from Graycastle had affected him. Not long later, Silent Disaster excavated a cave entrance capable of fitting one person.

The dark passageway was not long and after passing two turns, Silent Disaster arrived at the end and found the source of the sound—the end of the passageway was a rather spacious room with an oil lamp at the entrance. Under the dim and yellow light, a male human sat with his back against the wall as he gasped for air with difficulty. On the floor were numerous bloodstains formed from a result of dragging.

Silent Disaster noticed that what remained of the male human's legs were just chunks of skin and flesh, most probably severed off after he was trapped under the collapse of the hidden fortification.

But he should know the structure of this place, even if he abandoned his legs, he should know that it is impossible to escape. If so, why did he go through all these struggles?

"A pity…" The male raised his head and looked at Silent Disaster. "The one I eventually waited for is a demon."

"Speak, of the things—you know. Otherwise, death—will be something you desire." Silent Disaster spoke rather stiffly. Unlike Valkries, ever since he gained sentience, he spent most of his time fighting the Sky-sea Realm and was unfamiliar with the human language.

But the other party seemed to be oblivious to his question.

"Previously, I was wondering… how nice it would be if the person who comes is a comrade. But if a demon came… wouldn't I be sitting here and waiting for death." He chuckled weakly. "Fortunately, there were some charges kept here. With a detonator, I can still fulfill my final duty. But who would have thought that a big fish would come…"

Without a clue on what to ask, Silent Disaster thought to himself emotionlessly. I should hand him over to Mask instead.

Right when he was prepared to step forward to knock the man out, a rope rolled out from the human's hand quietly.

The other end of the rope was attached to a heavy object, and the rope that lost its restriction whizzed upwards quickly. It was at this time that Silent Disaster discovered many pancake-like objects piled in the corner, with black viscous liquid dripping from the low ceiling. Beneath them were metallic blocks, which was also where the most bloodstains were found.

No… this human's struggles weren't for the escaping of this place.

The oil lamp hanging on the door allowed the man to see whatever came immediately.

The action of him holding onto the rope ensured that be it him losing consciousness or him being killed, it would trigger the setup.

He had dragged his mutilated body around, crawling up and down in this small room, just because of his unwillingness to resign to his own fate, and instead create an opportunity.

Silent Disaster immediately turned to retreat using his fastest speed!

The man smiled.

"Long Live… humankind!"

Exceedingly dazzling light blossomed from every corner of the room and instantly turned the dark room to be as bright as day!

After a loud rumble, the sunken cave suddenly swelled up, as though a gigantic fist was charging out from the inside, and threw out a large amount of gravel and snow into the sky.

"What happened?"

Mask looked at Senior Lord Silent Disaster who was carried up the Deity of Gods with a frown on his face as he asked his assistant.

"Lord, it's still unknown. The only thing known is that there was another explosion at the mountaintop… The Lord must have fallen into the lowlifes' trap."

Nassaupelle snorted. "How pathetic. If it had been any other Senior lords, I'm afraid they would had died."

At this moment, Silent Disaster looked as though he had been trampled by an Outpost Symbiotic Demon, with his shattered armor and flesh mixed together. The remains of his face that strikingly resembled a female human was left with its outline, and his magic power almost emptied.

"Doesn't this mean that your theory is right?" the assistant lowered his head and said.

"That's right." Nassaupelle smiled. "Even the strongest body has a limit. Instead, the Symbiotic Demon's evolutionary body is the ideal path. To be replaced when damaged, to grow without limits. That is the body we ought to pursue!"

He no longer cared about the unconscious Senior Lord and turned to walk towards the Birth Tower. "Throw him into the Red Mist Pond for soaking, we have no need of him in the next phase either way. Those lowlifes will never expect that the easily obtainable Kingdom of Wolfheart was never the Deity of Gods's goal. Swallowing the entire kingdom is the fastest way of obtaining the legacy shard.

"Pass my command, adjust course for Hermes Plateau at full speed ahead!"

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