Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1398 The Bloody Battle in the Mountains 2

"Captain, they are climbing up!"

"Fire only when they get closer; we do not have as many bullets as the machine gun squad to spare!"

Cat's Claw found a suitable roosting location and raised his Van'er rifle. While waiting for the enemies, he kept an eye on the position of the floating island. He was unsure if it he was seeing things, but the floating island appeared to rise in altitude. Previously he could barely make out the edges of the island, but all he could see now was the craggy bottom.

But one thing was for sure, the floating island had taken this period of time to close in on the Impassable Mountain Range and its gigantic shadow had covered a corner of the mountains. Upon thinking about the probability of them having to fight under its shadow, Cat's Claw felt stifled, as though a heavy rock was crushing his back.

We have to get rid of those damned demons and leave this mountain before the floating island arrives.

Probably sharing his thoughts, the machine gun squad finally let loose the moment the Spider Demons entered a range of five hundred meters, spewing out tongues of fire from their muzzles at the targets on the slope.

In that moment, the valley became heated.

Cat's Claw pulled the trigger when the enemies reached the 150-meter mark, the distance he was most confident of.


The muzzles of all the guns stirred up a flurry of snow instantly.

Although none of them were professional marksman, the majority of them had modified their weapons under Van'er's influence. In semi-automatic mode, so long as the Van'er rifle didn't jam, it could unleash a metal rain not inferior to a machine gun squad's.

Faced against the tough miniature Spider Demons, the meaning of having concentrated firepower reached a whole new level. If it were the ordinary troops of the First Army equipped with standard issue, it would had been difficult to stop the large quantity of fearless Spider Demons.

Suddenly, a black light shot out from the forest like a huge ripple that instantly penetrated everyone.

It disappeared as fast as it appeared, the entire process taking less than a second. If not for the shivering of the comrades next to him, Cat's Claw would had thought that it was all an hallucination of his.

"Did… you just see something?"

"It looked like some black ripple?"

Cat's Claw touched his own body but sensed nothing different. The defensive line did not suffer from any damage, proven by the endless stream of gunshots.

"It most probably came from that weird stone pillar." A comrade reloaded a new magazine and spoke, "Those things are extremely bizarre, they are clearly rocks on the exterior, but they have flesh and blood inside."

Cat's Claw no longer pursued the matter. Compared to the harmless black light, killing the approaching Spider Demons was more important. But he quickly discovered that the snow vista before him had become darker, as though the sun had been blocked.

Damn it, has the floating island already entered the mountainous region?

He raised his head, but was stunned by what he saw.

The fortress was still in its original place, but the sky had changed.

The bright and clear day turned dark and gloomy while golden streams of light shuttled through the dark clouds, as though it was being accumulated. The speed of the sudden change completely surpassed that of any meteorological phenomenon, causing an extreme unease to arise in his heart.

Everyone detected the change above their heads.

In the short span of 10 seconds, the dark clouds had gathered and blocked out all light.

Tens of thousands of lights continued to gather and faintly blossomed in strength.

Why does it feel that we have seen this scene before…

Cat's Claw suddenly drew out a bugle horn. Right before he could even blow into it, countless lightning bolts smote down through the clouds in a circular radius and continued expanding out, instantly falling right onto the assault force's defensive perimeter!

The continuous gunshots stopped abruptly.

"Is that—the Sigil of God's Will?" On Seagull, Wendy gasped in disbelief.

"Even if it isn't the Sigil, I'm afraid it is a similar type of magic stone," Andrea replied with a serious expression on her face. "Lightning, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Her voice came out through the Sigil of Listening. "The enemy should have noticed my presence."

"Stay there, it is no longer your battle." Andrea warned. The black ripple that emerged was obviously aimed for Lightning, it was an extremely familiar sight to the Witches that had participated in the ambush at Taquila. It was the special ability Magic Slayers had.

The large-scale emanation of the Magic Slayer's power was definitely a bane against Lightning's agile-type powers. Once affected, the simple change in her speed and inertia would lead her to be trapped. The enemy had no doubt considered severing her ability, causing her to drop like a rock before engaging her.

The unfortunate thing was that Lightning took Wendy's warning and did not charge forward impulsively. This allowed her to shake off the black ripple with the rest of her energy.

"Get Maggie to inform the reinforcements that the assault force might be in trouble." Andrea looked towards Sylvie. "Have you found the target?"

The latter took a deep breath. "It has already charged up the slope at an extremely fast speed. I haven't sensed any Eye Demons nearby for now, but I don't think we have attracted its attention. But the defense line was struck by lightning, I'm afraid they no longer have the means to obstruct the Spider Demons any longer."

That meant that the soldiers were almost in range of the Monstrous Beast's stone needles.

But she was too occupied to take that into consideration.

According to Sylvie's instructions, Andrea found the Magic Slayer's figure through the aiming lens with much difficulty, but at the same time, her heart sank. Its speed was not only fast, it was so fast that it could be considered as flickering erratically! If one was just slightly slow to catch up, they would have lost its shadow. To seize the opportunity for a shot, they had to be extremely close. Otherwise, the enemy would still be able to avoid her bullets while in flight even if she used her ability.

The other thing that attracted Andrea's attention was during the First Army's battle, the completely armored Magic Slayer did not have any blue barrier around its body—this was not something that just speed alone could explain.

During this period of observation, the dark clouds did not dissipate. Gold light converged once more and descended down—

The enemy had unleashed the second God's Will!

This verified Sylvie's warning.

The Magic Sayer held an unfathomable magic power capacity.

There was no time to hesitate!

Andrea suppressed the doubts in her heart and shouted to Wendy, "We need to go down, just like how we ambushed Hackzord the other time. As long as we can narrow the gap, I can ensure that the enemy will have no chance of escaping!"

"How close?"

"As long as it's not within the Magic Slayer's reach, the closer the better!"

"That's difficult…" Wendy sighed. "It wouldn't be a problem if Her Highness Tilly is the pilot, but Miss Shavi is the one piloting now. Not only do I need to control the strength of the wind from multiple directions, I have to pay attention to the enemy, it's really not an easy thing to do…"

"You're saying it's impossible?" Andrea's heart trembled slightly.

"It's not impossible, but it requires extreme concentration and an all-out effort—" Wendy closed her eyes, then spoke slowly, "Well, I guess even though I'm old, doing it once occasionally shouldn't result in too much of an impact."

Andrea was startled, then the corner of her lips curled upwards.

She recalled Lightning's remark—everyone would think of Wendy as an amiable senior, but under that gentle and soft appearance was in fact, a firm and determined heart.

If not for that, she would never had used her precise power to break the God's Stone of Retaliation in front of Cara and save Nightingale.

"Shavi, push down your control stick!" Andrea shouted, "We're attacking!"

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