Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1396 Silent Disaster

The demons' attack were completely suppressed.

Although the black pillar's size was astonishing, it was impossible for the complex inner structure to hold an infinite number of small Spider Demons. Additionally, the assault force was equipped with a complete set of weapons, with over 20 general-purpose machine guns, causing the spray of bullets produced at such short distances to be described as air-tight.

Under the suppressive fire, the number of people gathered at the retreat point quickly surpassed 300, which was close to the total headcount of the assault force. A small number of casualties was a result of the evacuation. After being separated by the large stone pillar that landed right in the middle of the formation, those further from the mountain trail undoubtedly bore greater pressure, aside from the threat of the Spider Demons. They faced the risk of the dangerous bullets fired by the others. They were only able to keep their bodies low and while attacking the enemies, run along the flanks.

Fortunately for them, the popularization of tracers increased the machine gun squad's suppression and precision efficiency to the point that they became leagues better than they were before. With the guidance of the tracer flames, the gunners were able to accurately choose their targets, unlike the past situation whereby their bullets deviated off the battlefield without them even realizing.

But the crux of the battle was undoubtedly Lightning's timely warning. If they had continued firing when the stone pillar struck, the casualties and death would not have ended there.

Therefore, when she floated downwards gently, she gained the unanimous and warm applause from the crowd.

But Lightning's tensed expression did not relax one bit. "Where is the commanding officer?"

"I am the person responsible for this operation, Cat's Claw." Cat's Claw walked forward and gave a bow to the young lady. "Everyone here managed to survive all thanks to you."

"You need to regroup and evacuate immediately." Lightning spoke quickly, "The blackstone pillar that destroyed the decoy location contains the same Spider Demons, and they are all heading over here now. Another thing, there are still many projectile installations on the floating island, so the enemy can shoot out another pillar at any moment!"

Upon hearing the information, Cat's Claw's heart jumped in fright.

They had already completed their mission to bombard the enemy and according to the plan, the next order of move was to withdraw and evacuate, but their manner of retreat was now completely different—Cat's Claw initially thought to clear out the remaining enemies before pulling all their comrades—dead or alive—out of the Impassable Mountain Range. But the situation had turned far worse than he had anticipated.

The two designated positions were not far from each other and even had a connecting route along the mountainside. If Lightning's report was accurate, the longer they stayed on the mountain, the higher the probability of encountering the Spider Demons midway.

The narrow mountain trails were unlike the lands smoothened out by the Witches. With barely enough space to hold two rows of soldiers, they had to factor in the snow and slope, which prevented them from forming an effective defensive perimeter. There were only two choices left—to take the troops down the mountain immediately regardless of the number and occupy the junction at the mountainside before the Spider Demons arrived, or to call for the reinforcements to intercept the enemy.

The problem laid in Lightning's words, the 'many projectile installations.' If the position of the reinforcements was exposed, they would be treated as another important target and suffer from yet another bombardment. After all, the reinforcements were over 800 strong, and resembled more of a main force. Therefore, the most reliable method was to inform the reinforcements to hold back, while they had to rely on their own strength to fight against the enemy.

No matter how reasonable this logic was, to truly make such a decision was not an easy thing to do.

With the whereabouts of 23 men unaccounted for, either injured, incapable of moving, or still seeking for an opportunity behind the stone pillars, they would be left to survive on their own if the troops left.

And Jop was nowhere to be seen…

For a moment, Cat's Claw mind turned adrift.

"Captain!" Someone by the side called out to him.

He was immediately brought back to his senses. That's right, I am the person responsible for these troops. Regardless, he needed to consider the completion of the mission, which was to bring back as many First Army soldiers out of the Impassable Mountain Range.

"Contact team, inform the reinforcements to maintain their concealment." Cat's Claw gritted his teeth and gave the order. "The rest of you, we will now evacuate this position immediately and meet at the junction at the mountainside!"

He took out a cowhorn and blew into it, producing the signal for retreat—

Under his command, the flintlock troops which assumed the role of defenders divided themselves up, protecting the scattered soldiers who were running down the mountain until the last person left.

"Miss Lightning, can I request you for something?" After giving the orders, Cat's Claw looked at Lightning. "For the soldiers who temporarily aren't able to make it here—"

"Don't worry, leave it to me." Lightning already knew what he wanted to say from his complicated expression.

"I'll leave it to you!" Cat's Claw gave another bow, before organizing the Artillery Squad down to the next gathering point.

Is this the product you are so proud of?

Silent Disaster tilted his head and looked at Mask. Although the former did not speak, Nassaupelle felt as though he could hear the mocking words and the laughter of the other party.

The lowlifes' resistance was far more ferocious than he had anticipated. Even after shortening the distance between them, the "Extinguisher" Symbiotic Demons failed in disposing off the resistance. The situation left it quite embarrassed—especially after Mask had declared that knowledge was supreme.

To have bestowed the new Symbiotic Demons the name of 'Extinguisher' meant that Nassaupelle wanted to use it to prove that their existence were sufficient to overpower the human's fire forks, fire bolts, and fiery rain capabilities. But not only did the humans successfully obstruct the first wave of Extinguishers, they were able to form a defensive perimeter at the mountainside in preparation to fight the second wave.

This outcome was truly difficult for Nassaupelle to swallow!

He knew that his work was far stronger than the Primal Demons not only in terms of attack and defense, but that they were also not restricted by the Red Mist. Furthermore, they had no fear for their own lives and could never tire out until the complete consumption of their magic power. To him, they were considered perfect weapons of war. If it had been invented a few hundred years earlier, Nassaupelle believed that the Union would never have escaped. Ignoring the Fertile Plains, even the islands south of the Land of Dawn would be easy to conquer!

Yet, when it was first introduced into battle, the Extinguishers barely performed better than the Primal Demons. How could it not annoy him?

"We have plenty of Symbiotic Demons on the Deity of Gods, I want to see how long these lowlifes can resist!" Senior Lord Mask raised the magic core in his hand again.

But Silent Disaster grabbed and stopped him.

"Do you want to tell me that the magic power is limited—" Nassaupelle spoke resentfully. The thing he hated most was individuals that relied on force to "interfere" with his plans, and not the inability to comprehend rationality and reason. He knew that the Blood Conqueror was as such, same for the Sky Lord, but he never expected for Silent Disaster to be the same as well.

The reason why the improved "spear-wielding" Symbiotic Demons had the ability to throw such astounding weights was completely a result of the strong magic power provided by the improved obelisk. Every shot consumed a large amount of magic power; thus, shooting consecutively in short intervals would influence the Deity of Gods' flight. Aside from that, the huge consumption would substantially age the God's Stone mine beneath the obelisk, decreasing the lifespan of the Deity of Gods. "—But if we do not get rid of these lowlifes, wouldn't we be boosting their morale? Don't forget the lowlifes which Hackzord had brought up here. They are observing the battle as well. For the sake of the race, we have to annihilate them completely at all cost!"

"Allow me," Silent Disaster replied in a concise manner.

In response to Silent Disaster's inclination to do battle, Mask was stunned. "You plan to set out with the spears? I have experimented multiple times. When that thing falls to the ground, the force is sufficient to crush all living specimens in one's body. Even after wrapping the live specimens up, it is extremely difficult to ensure their lives; only some Symbiotic Demons are capable of withstanding the huge impact."

"But you haven't tried it with me, no?" Silent Disaster walked towards the stele that was accumulating magic power without turning his head.

"Hackzord isn't around. If anything happens, I can't save you!"

Silent Disaster waved his hand, as though he did not take the warning to heart.

Mask had no choice but to activate the magic core as he controlled the spear-wielding Symbiotic Demon to open its outer shell.

Right as Silent Disaster entered the stele, Mask called out.

"Hey, don't die."

Silent Disaster raised an arm, to reveal a white cloth—it resembled the corner piece of a robe.

Mask frowned; very few in the race placed emphasis on decorative items, but the thin and white cloth reminded him of the usual getup of Valkries in the Presiding Holy See.

"I will not die until all the humans are dead." he replied before disappearing into the stele.

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