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Release that Witch Chapter 1392 Coordinated Comba

The climate at the top of the Impassable Mountain Range was always a beat slower than at the foot of the mountains.

In the past, Cat's Claw never understood the meaning behind the sentence, but now, having witnessed it for himself, he finally understood what it meant.

Following the end of the Months of Demons, the majority of cities and towns entered the thawing phase, where gradual trickles of rain and the breaking of ice could be heard all over, and new green sprouts appearing in the moist soil by the roadsides. But on the top of the mountains, everything was preserved as they were. Covered mostly in the pure white snow with a few ice stalactites which were taller than an average human hanging by the edge of the cliffs, those traveling on the small paths below were constantly in fear that the thick and solid "needles" might suddenly fall on them.

If not for Hummingbird and the God's Punishment Witches, it would had been impossible for them to move the heavy weapons to the designated location in time.

But what made Cat's Claw afraid was the target for the mission—the demon's mobile fortress.

It was just too gigantic.

Although they were clearly separated by over twenty kilometers, there was no need for a telescope to see the floating island. The floating island practically occupied half of the northern sky in complete disharmony with the surroundings be it its outline or presence. The stones exposed outside were pitch black and there were edges that protruded out like blades. It was in stark contrast with the reviving Fertile Plains beneath it.

Red Mist lingered in the air above the island, where the concentration was highest around the center of the island and diffused out slowly. A few wisps were left lingering at the periphery of the island, and they cascaded down and followed the topography in torrents. When viewed from afar, the Red Mist looked like red ribbons being hung all around.

This enormous object gave Cat's Claw extremely huge pressure.

In the past, this distance of twenty kilometers signified absolute safety, as both sides would only see each other as small and fine black specks on the large terrain, leaving it close to impossible for either side to discover or fight each other. But at this moment, the distance felt almost within reach, Cat's Claw felt that he could be pulverized by the floating mountain at any given moment.

Compared to the enemy's fortress, humanity's position and cannons appeared to be somewhat insignificant.

The headquarters might had taken this into consideration, which was why they had gathered the officers who had been following the battling army.

He retracted his gaze back to the concealed sentry and breathed out a misty cloud.

Deep and slow breaths helped alleviate his nervousness and anxiety; it was something His Majesty Roland taught repeatedly.

"What's wrong, you afraid?" Jop bent his back and leaned in.

"Bullshit!" Cat's Claw glared at him. "How can I ever be afraid!?"

"It's not something to be embarrassed about." The latter held a telescope and looked out from an lookout meant for easy observation. "To be honest, this reminds me of the scene when the Artillery Squad was faced against Longsong Stronghold's cavalry charge."

Cat's Claw was startled.

Naturally, he would never forget the experience of his first war. Similarly, it had occurred soon after the Months of Demons and he had been similarly up against aggressive and overbearing enemies. He had almost smashed the artillery shells onto his own feet multiple times while transporting them in the battlefield. Before becoming a part of the army, he had never expected that he would find himself standing perfectly straight against a cavalry charge and even confronted them head on, instead of being frightened to the point of kneeling down to beg or turning to run.

This was despite his legs trembling back then, thinking he was done for.

But this time, the enemy had turned into a floating island.

When his memories overlapped with reality, Cat's Claw found his pulse moderating back to normal.

"I recall everything now. At that time, you were so afraid that you were stammering."

"Heh, don't comment about me, even Commander Van'er was nowhere better." Jop's eyes remained fixed on his target. "But at least, we never forgot to fire, and that was enough."

Cat's Claw nodded his head in agreement.

Indeed, there was nothing wrong in being afraid, so long as they accomplished their duties and responsibilities. Regardless of whether their enemies were noble cavalryman or a floating island, the only thing they were required to do was to launch the cannons.

"Wait, there's movement on the fortress!" Jop suddenly lowered his voice, "Devilbeasts, the demons are making a move!"

"That fast?" Cat's Claw's heart tensed up, they had not reached their effective firing range. If they were discovered by the demons, their operation would most probably end in failure.

"They are mobilizing a huge force… Heavens." Jop gulped a mouthful of saliva. "I think there's more than a hundred of them!"

He immediately raised his telescope higher to see countless black dots flying out of the Red Mist and assembling into a formation at the edge of the floating island. Cat's Claw was extremely familiar with this scene. The enemy was obviously marshaling their forces and was on the verge of launching an attack. But there was something amiss with the demon's gathering point…

The two looked at each other and reacted at the same time. "They discovered our fake encampment!"

Compared to their true camp site, the other camp they had set up ahead of time had a few cannons. However, the cannons there were counterfeits made with logs and paint, and no camouflage nets were used. At that moment, it looked as though the plan was showing results!

According to the plan, the enemies from the sky would be dealt with by the Aerial Knights.

Without a doubt, their comrades' combat abilities were far more outstanding, luring the enemies, and providing them a long period of concealment.

"Who knows if they have noticed the enemy's movements…" Cat's Claw muttered. As the floating island carried its own Red Mist, there were no Witches arranged to travel with the assault force, preventing the Artillery Squad from having a means of communication with the main troops. Compared to Lightning and Maggie supporting the entire battlefield, their field of vision at that moment had undoubtedly narrowed by a large margin. But after considering that such circumstances would occur more frequently in the future, Cat's Claw could only get used to the change quickly.

"Relax." Jop clenched his fists and said, "You have to remember who is leading the Aerial Knights!"

"This is Maggie, I've noticed strange manuveurs from the demons, coo!" The Exploration Group's report sounded in Tilly's cockpit. "Direction, three o' clock east; quantity, a 103. The lineup has large Devilbeasts among them, and there's more than one, coo!"

"Roger that." Tilly conveniently poured magic power into the other Sigil of Listening. "The enemies are moving, do not disregard the probability of Eye Demons. Seagull, continue circling the area and await further instructions."

"Understood." Andrea was the one to reply her. "Are you engaging?"

"Uh-huh," Tilly replied casually. "Help me ask Shavi, controlling a plane feels good, right?"

"Your Highness… When are you coming back, I-I keep feeling like it can drop at any moment!" Shavi's sobbing could be faintly heard in the Sigil of Listening.

"Focus!" Wendy's voice interrupted her. "Control the stick just like in training. I will help you with the rest."

After receiving the Phoenix, Tilly immediately sought for a successor. Compared to working behind the scenes, she hoped to personally take revenge for Ashes. In the end, Shavi took on this heavy burden and had even established a new record of having the shortest timing to transition from training to real flights. Of course, besides her "enthusiastic guidance," Wendy's even more proficient control over wind played a crucial role. So long as the plane was not recklessly operated, it was difficult for the glider to have any problems with Wendy's support.

"Uhm… the situation is more or less like that." Andrea slapped her forehead and said, "Aside from a few issues on Hill's side, the others are as per normal."

"Very good, then I'll be off."

"Tilly!" Andrea's voice suddenly sounded.

"I'm listening."

"Remember… be careful."

Tilly smiled. "Yes, as should you guys."

She extended her hand, opened the switch for the transmitter-receiver, tuned the frequency to the public channel and picked up the radio. "Everyone, pay attention. The Devilbeasts have appeared. We will proceed according to plan and intercept them—the sky belongs to us!"

Although the 'Fire of Heaven' only had two sets of transmitter-receivers, it was enough to split among the three squadrons and execute a scissor-styled intercept.

"Second Team Captain, Good, copy that."

"Third Team Captain, Hinds, copy that."

"Now, attacl!" Tilly stepped on the gas and brought the team of 25 'Fire of Heaven's to split off from the Seagull's trajectory. They flew at high speeds towards the northwest.


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