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Release that Witch Chapter 1390 Right Thing To Do

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The words written on the letter were without a doubt the Demon race’s written language, but they looked to be extremely distorted, as though someone had painstakingly copied it out.

After scanning through it, he realized its peculiaritybe it the vocabulary or the sentence structures, they clearly contained distinct, ancient styles of expression and was absolutely not something the race used at present.

A sense of dj vu arose within Hackzord.

After focusing his mind to recall, shock surged through his entire body, right to his heart as he trembled!

“Where did this letter come from?” Sky Lord grabbed Marwayne and roared. His surge of emotions caused him to momentarily fail to maintain his aloof temperament in front of the humans.

Marwayne did not dare to wipe the saliva off his face, and instead focused on scurrying over to the assembly grounds of the humans.

“Quck, go!” Hackzord roared right in his face.

Marwayne did not dare to wipe the saliva off his face, and instead focused on scurrying over to the human assembly place.

Damn it!

Hackzord knew that he had lost his composure, but he was unable to control his emotions.

The words written were clearly from the Nightmare Lord, Valkries!

Although the standard of the copied text was clumsy to the extent of Hackzord momentarily being unable to figure out the original owner of the words, he knew for sure that it was from Valkries after reading it a few times. The words and style came from a thousand years ago, phrases commonly used by the race’s enlightened. It also included some inkling of the way the humans narrated matters.

The number of higher ascendants that survived from the first Battle of Divine Will till now were countable with one hand, and aside from Nightmare Lord that once studied at the Cloud School for an extended period of time and integrated human intonation into her words, there were no other possible beings.

Valkries could it be that you have somehow retained your consciousness?

But how could it be possible?

You have been trapped inside the Realm of Mind for so many months!

If realizing this alone was inconceivable, even more inconceivable were the contents of the letter

The Battle of Divine Will is merely a trap that repeats itself?

The Realm of Mind is the Bottomless Land located at the extreme end of the continent’s Ridge?

The Deity of Gods isn’t safe?

The few short sentences contained massive amounts of information. It made Hackzord fall into a stupor. There were too many questions floating in his head, yet there was no answer to any of them.

How did Valkries preserve her consciousness in the sea of surging magic power?

How did she even send the message out?

Was this letter truly from Valkries?

Should I report it to the King?

“My Lord, Sky Lord the person you were looking for, I’ve brought him here” While Hackzord was still reeling in puzzlement, he heard Marwayne’s cautious voice beside him.

He turned and glared at the two coldly. “I want to know everything regarding of how this letter came to be. Tell me everything you know.”

15 minutes later.

After listening to the detailed recount, Hackzord finally understood that it was impossible to trace the letter back to its origin from the human. The secrets contained within the letter was actually handed over by a migrating citizen to a noble, and the migrating citizen only had the intention to gain a few gold royals and took up the role as a “messenger,” completely unaware of the importance of the letter. Even if he pressed on, none of it would bear fruit.

Ignoring the veracity of everything, to use such a crude method to send a letter of such great importance meant that the other party was extremely daring, or that the person Valkries entrusted might not be human?

“That’s all for you.” Hackzord waved his hand. “Do not reveal anything about this letter to anyone else. If there are any other of such letters in the future, make sure they are in my hands in the fastest time possible. Understand?”

“Yes, yes, we will definitely do so!” The two nobles immediately bowed, expressing that they wouldn’t fail his orders.

After sending the humans off, Sky Lord looked towards the north and sank into contemplation.

Unknowingly, he actually found himself heaving a sigh of relief.

The pressure that had been on his shoulders since the Nightmare Lord’s disappearance had somewhat lessened quietly.

Maybe it was because no one could ignore the influence the Nightmare Lord had over the race

Regardless of the situation, Hackzord was mentally leaning towards the conjecture that Valkries was behind the letter. The style of an individual was difficult to mimic, and even if a human had grasped the written language of the demon race, it would be impossible for them to forge such a letter. As to why the Nightmare Lord did not write the letter personally, the only explanation was that she was still stuck in the Realm of Mind and could only rely on a human to send the message.

And the reason of why she chose a human to do so was not too difficult to understand.

The reason for her one-way journey was to unravel the secrets of the humans, to pursue the legacy shard that belonged to them. Taking into consideration that some Witches might had gained the ability to interact with the Realm of Mind, the clues started to add up.

The more Hackzord pondered about it, the more he felt that he was right.

But the biggest problem is whether Valkries has managed to convince that Witch and pull the Witch into her plan, or Valkries is being forced by the enemy to write the letter?

In all honesty, Hackzord did not believe that the Nightmare Lord would surrender to humans.

But the Realm of Mind was different.

To drift across the sea of magic power without rest and constantly receive invasions of other consciousness, it was extremely difficult to remain clear-headed in such a situation. If she had been hypnotized under such a state, it was hard to say what the outcome would be.

The difference between the two situations was like day and night.

If it happened to be the latter, Hackzord would, at worst, fall into their trap.

But if happened to be the former, wouldn’t it mean that the entire race had taken the wrong path?

And the one leading them was not Hackzord, but the King of the race

So why did Nightmare Lord choose to hand the letter over to him, and not the Creator of the Deity of Gods?

Hackzord trembled involuntarily and forcefully culled his train of thoughts, prohibiting himself from pondering about the question.

He opened a Distortion Door and appeared high in the sky with one step.

The human kingdom’s natural barrier, the “Impassable Mountain Range,” resembled a gray wriggling line at the edge of the continent.

In another week, the flames of war would once again erupt.

The Deity of Gods beneath his feet was like an enormous stronghold, moving towards the battlefield tenaciously. Hackzord could not imagine how the humans would resist his race’s conquest of their lands under the circumstances when the fire forks and fiery rain would be rendered useless.

It was supposed to be a war that had to be a success.

But Valkries believed that the Deity of Gods was not safe

Even if Hackzord treated the opinion that Divine Will was just a sham and far from the truth, this warning was too close to the heart.

He was unwilling to believe that the enemy could pose a threat to the majestic and powerful structure formed of magic power. But upon reflecting his past failures, Hackzord realized that all of them stemmed from the “impossible.”

Furthermore, the warning came from the Nightmare Lord

Hackzord believed that even if the letter was a trap, it could do little to him. With the Deity of Gods and Silent Disaster holding the front, he only needed to ensure a stable supply of resources in the rear.

A side with zero risk, and the other fraught with latent dangers, the choice went without saying.

But Hackzord thought further.

He turned his gaze to the north.

According to the letter, the legend of the origins of magic power, of where everything began, laid in the Realm of Mind, which was situated at the ends of where his eyes could reach.

So long as he found the Bottomless Land, he could immediately verify the authenticity of the letter.

The ridge of the continent was the crucial location for the demons attack on the humans, and for him to appear there would not be strange.

And while searching for the Bottomless Land, it was impossible for him to be affected by the Deity of Gods.

Even if the King questioned him after the event, Hackzord would still have an excuse.

Or perhaps, it might be the right thing to do.

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