Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1362 Reversal

"Delta and Epsilon failed." Gamma raised its head and looked at the clock hung on the basement wall. The time shown was 12 hours past the time stipulated for the mission.

It was unsurprising for the Oracles to die going up against World Creators, given the unpredictable risks involved. Dying was not an issue so long as they completed their missions. Given sufficient time, they were able to reincarnate inside God's territory.

But after 12 hours, nothing occurred in the world.

Inside the void filled with magic power, Gamma did not feel the slightest ripple, much less any signs of the entire domain collapsing. It only meant one thing, the two failed in their mission to kill the self-cognitive being named "Zero."

"I am sorry to say that we have our own missions to complete." Beta merged the five last cores into its body and suddenly spread open its arms.

A red light flashed, followed by a scarlet red erosion breach which appeared in the middle of the basement.

"The situation isn't irredeemable. As long as we achieve our goal, there's still chance for things to turn for the better. Let's go, the magic power here is almost drained. The overlapping state of the two worlds will restore soon, which will even allow those martial artists to have the chance of sensing our tracks."

It did not guess the reason for failure or the process of the battle. As Oracles, they did not feel frustrated over failure or care about being defeated. The only thing they cared about was completing God's decrees to the best of their abilities.

Gamma nodded its head silently.

Beta turned and stepped into the rift.

This was no ordinary erosion.

It consumed a large amount of energy and cores from Fallen Evils to establish a 'passage.' As for another erosion rift that was connected to it, it led to the final battlefield created by the main Creator.

Gamma followed closely behind. Just as it was about to enter the rift, it heard the sound of footsteps from the stairs.

It was slightly startled and turned its head towards the source of the sound—This room had been isolated by magic power and prevented any detection means from locating it. Compounded by the numerous Fallen Evils guarding outside, it was impossible for anyone to enter.

Very quickly, a figure appeared from the darkness.

"Why is it you?" Gamma asked in confusion.

The other party was Epsilon disguised in human form.

According to the plan, Epsilon was responsible for delaying the human reinforcements and help Delta stall for time. If the latter failed, Epsilon should not have been alive.

Gamma did not receive a verbal answer, but an arm with five fingers.

This arm shot forward like lightning and pierced through Gamma's chest!

The mask dropped and shattered, revealing the revolving astrolabe under the hood.

Gamma stared at the other party in disbelief as its consciousness turned sluggish. "You… Why…"

"There's really a difference." Epsilon retracted its hand and allowed Gamma to fall on it, "… and Lan."

"You… want to betray God?"

After a moment of silence, Epsilon whispered, "Who is God?"

"God is—" Gamma opened its mouth, but could only repeat the same words again and again like a stuck gramophone. In the end, it never had a definite answer for this question.

"That's right… It is a question we have never considered; which is why you are unable to answer it. After killing Lan, many thoughts sprouted in my head, as though they had always been ingrained within my mind, but deliberately sealed within. And one of the question was: Did Lan truly betray God?" Epsilon whispered into Gamma's ears, "I do not have the answer to that. Us Oracles are the manifestations of God's will. If we were to go against it, are we still considered Oracles?"

Gamma did not reply, or perhaps, it should be said that it could no longer make any sounds.

"The next mission requires two for completion, so anyone will do. If you get the opportunity to meet Lord God, please help me ask the question."

Epsilon opened its robes and wrapped its companion up. After some squirming, it transformed into Gamma.

It picked up the mask lying on the floor and covered its face before walking into the Erosion rift.

After crossing through the passage formed out of magic power, Epsilon opened its eyes and welcomed a completely new scenery.

An imposing tower constructed out of reinforced concrete from the bottom to the top extended beyond its field of vision.

Inside, the tower were layers after layers of suspended paths with shuttling elevators that connected each floor.

On every path were numerous homogeneous squares. The Oracles knew that sealed inside the squares were their objective—the world's magic power cores stolen from God's territory.

They drew support from these cores to have sufficient strength in laying down traps to kill Creators.

"What's with the hold up." Beta turned back and glanced at 'Gamma', "If you're ready, we can begin."

"Of course, leave it to me," Epsilon replied calmly.

For the entire day, Roland spent his time sprawled across hid desk, continuously moaning and groaning in pain.

The series of unexpected events in the Dream World had overwhelmed him. They continued to haunt him even after he woke up. Regardless of it being the memory fragment from the astrolabe he internalized or the conversation with Valkries, both gave him a huge headache.

Especially the former.

It was undoubtedly an important source for information before entering the Bottomless Land to meet God. Roland knew from Lan's words the importance of the messages, but after pondering over them repeatedly, it was impossible to link the content between the two scenes.

And the string of words that left him clueless.

"From this moment forth, gravity will no longer be the force which is most deserving of reverence in this world'."

Why must it be gravity?

Out of the four fundamental forces in the universe, aside from its infinite range, gravity did not have any other unique feature. It's field of utilization was inferior to the electromagnetic force and its strength was far from the strong nuclear force. The only noteworthy point of gravity was that it was the first fundamental force observed by civilization, which meant that the secrets it had was the least.

According to conventional reasoning, aside from being studied intensively and published as part of important physics, it was extremely difficult to treat it as the most revering force.

As for the latter, after the Nightmare Lord initiated a preliminary collaboration, the two returned to the expensive restaurant where they first met and engaged in substantial and frank discussion that aroused the sidelong glances of other customers once again.

According to Valkries' words, the moment it was able to confirm the situation at the front lines, it would change its goal of "winning the Battle of Divine Will" to "to completely stop the Battle of Divine Will", including convincing the Sky Lord and providing assistance to the humans to proceed to the Bottomless Land.

Compared to merely acquiring information, the benefits of this cooperation were clearly greater. But the problem laid in whether the Sky Lord was willing to be convinced. Besides, there were more than one Grand Lord among the demons, along with the King that was above them. Hackzord's ability to decide the situation on the Western Front was another uncertain element.

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