Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1358 The Creator's Proof

She had a long dream.

In the dream, countless people dressed in white chinese-styled gowns and masks surrounded her, perspiring as they bustled around her.

From their shocked and serious expressions, she could tell that they were up against a thorny problem.

That's right, my body was severely injured and on the brink of death, is this my mind consoling myself?

She was well aware of her own situation and knew that any ordinary health professional would turn their heads upon seeing her and request for funeral arrangements instead of spending their efforts on a futile attempt to save her.

Although she believed that Roland was one of the Creators, she knew that even the Gods were not omnipotent—otherwise they would not require the Oracles.

She had persevered till the end as promised, leaving her with a clear conscience.

The feeling of being in a lucid dream was a marvelous feeling. She felt as though her entire body was soaked in a warm light, and all the pain and wounds on her body had disappeared without a trace. The human chatter around sounded as though it came from far away, along with the fuzzy scene, it made her sleepy.

Slowly, the fragmented memories pieced together.

The gray sky above turned into a vast expanse of whiteness, void of shadows.

After finishing their job, the doctors left one after another. She "saw" herself being carried by a nurse and brought to a man and woman. The two kissed her and revealed happy expressions.

Following that, she slowly grew amidst difficulties.

Images flashed quickly… She realized that those could be the final memories her mind was showing her. Strangely enough, these scenes she could never recall, once vague fragments of her memory, were now extremely clear in this dream.

She saw her childhood home and the backyard where bedsheets were hung… and family members.

So this was where she resided.

Lying in the embrace of her family members, she closed her eyes in satisfaction.

When the drowsy spell took over completely, whispers brimming with love sounded out from above her.

"Say… what do you think we should name her?"

"How about… Fei Yuhan."

After a long time, Fei Yuhan slowly opened her eyes.

She looked at the familiar hospital ceiling and blanked out for a long time before reacting.

Wait a minute, I'm… alive?

She tried feeling for her body and realized that her limbs were reacting to her thoughts. Furthermore, there was not the slightest delay between her thoughts and movements, as though they had never been injured.

Fei Yuhan raised her right hand in shock—although the entire hand was wrapped in bandages, the outline of it showed that it was intact and fine. She clearly recalled her hand being smashed into pieces, to the extent of having her bones crushed. Normal means made it impossible to recover.

A laugh escaped escaped from her throat.

He… really did it.

Did he not know that his looks and age were totally unbefitting when he solemnly vowed and said 'Because, I am a Creator'?

"Oh… Master…" Just then a delirious mutter came out from beside her.

Fei Yuhan turned and realized that a young lady with white hair was leaning on the bed—she wasn't just a young lady, but a 'World Creator' as termed by an Oracle, Zero. Her hands acted as a pillow for her head, apparently still in deep sleep. From her worried expression, Fei Yuhan could tell that Zero had been by her side during her entire coma.

Fei Yuhan laughed and quietly got down the bed, tucked Zero in, and left the ward.

She walked over to the resting area in the corridor and saw Roland, Valkries, and a few other Martial Artists together.

Her appearance caused an uproar as everyone surrounded her, inquiring and discussing about her situation. She walked directly past them to Roland and grabbed his arm. "Let's go, time for business."

Roland felt numerous gazes on him. "Errr… business?"

"It isn't convincing enough if you claim to be the World Creator by yourself, but having the genius Martial Artist might have a different effect, isn't that what you said?" She laughed. "You honored your promise, so it's my turn to do so now."

"In this state?" Roland asked in surprise.

At that moment, Fei Yuhan was still dressed in a hospital gown, with bandages wrapped from the ankles to her neck with only her head exposed. She looked like a dumpling.

She pulled Roland towards the corridor's end. "That's right, isn't it more convincing like this?"

Inside the conference hall of the sanatorium, the higher-ups of Prism City sat in a circle with complicated expressions as they listened attentively to Fei Yuhan's report.

"There was a stark difference between the enemy and Fallen Evils; not only did it possess an inconceivable power, but it was practically invulnerable as well, even after pushing my Force of Nature to its limits. According to its words, only the World Creator and other Oracles have the ability to destroy their cores.

"Reality has also proven this. I'd dealt multiple fatal hits on its astrolabe, but the enemy remained unharmed. If not for Roland's timely arrival, I'm afraid that the situation would have been irredeemable. The enemy proclaimed that it was an emissary of the Deities from the Erosion, and called itself Delta. If it was truly the one of the culprits behind the destruction of Prism City, then we can infer that its companions have similar powers as well. It is certain that our current world is in critical danger as of this moment."

Her words immediately caused the venue to break out into a cacophonous discussion.

Fallen Evils did not fear ordinary weapons and only Martial Artists had the ability to kill them. But now, an Oracle had appeared and if it was invulnerable to the Force of Nature, wouldn't that mean they have no substantial adversaries at all?

People would have doubted the martial artist if they were anyone else, but Fei Yuhan's credibility completely removed this aspect.

An undefeatable enemy caused them to shudder.

Much less when there were a few "Oracles".

After a short discussion with the others, Rock spoke up, "I am glad that you are ultimately fine, and rejoice in the fact that Mr. Roland is standing on the Association's side. Indeed, from the report gathered on the scene, the enemy does have a power that we are incapable of understanding . It was able to defeat many of the martial artists present. After gathering the accounts from various parties, we have reason to believe that the one who defeated the enemies from the Erosion was Hunter Roland. Aside from that, he was able to save you from… that unimaginable state you were in, and definitely has extraordinary means. But… to recognize him as a World Creator based on the enemies' words, isn't that a bit… too sloppy?"

"I concur. After all, the idea is too vague. If the world was indeed created by these people, then where were they before the appearance of the world?"

"This is absurd, our world was formed by the Big Bang!"

"Provided that this is Miss Fei Yuhan's judgement, I am willing to believe in it. Everyone saw the state she was in, and we can even call it bringing her back from the dead. She was able to recover completely in just a short period of 24 hours. Aside from a god, who can possible do such a thing?"

"Don't forget that the enemies of the Erosion called themselves gods as well! If the two are considered gods, where do we draw the line and determine who is right?"

The higher-ups engaged in a spirited discussion. Despite their painstaking attempt to lower their voice, everyone present were powerful martial artists capable of listening to their conversations. A majority of them were voicing out their doubts.

"All of you are getting something wrong in the first place." Fei Yuhan interrupted their discussion. "I am not recognizing Roland as the World Creator because of the battle, but because I had my suspicions of him beforehand and only obtained information to verify my suspicions in the battle. As for the complicated procedure on my body, there is no need to say more than is necessary. I am aware that everything sounds preposterous right now, but everyone seems to have overlooked something. The Creator is right by my side. If he can bring out some definite proof, won't we have our conclusion?"

Roland could not help but to rub his forehead, knowing that it would be difficult for them to believe him, he never had plans to divulge anything to the Association. But they were already at this point, how could he not accommodate and support Fei Yuhan who was doing her utmost best in announcing his identity.

"Does the Association have any Fallen Evil's Force of Nature cores?" Roland looked towards Defender Rock.

"The majority of the cores were seized by the enemies during the fall of Prism City, the remaining ones are the outcomes of recent hunts." Rock nodded his head. "They are now under my care."

"Please hand a core over to me," Roland replied. "It is time for the confined magic power to return to the world."


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