Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1356 "Creator's Promise"

"Hey, Roland."

"Roland, what're you spacing out for!"

"Uncle, come and help save her!"

Two voices rang out in turn, pulling Roland back to reality. He blinked his eyes a couple of times—the pillar of light, the snowflakes—everything had disappeared without a trace, and the messy bridge reappeared before him.

Zero and Valkries were amid the ruins trying to clear out something. From their expressions, the unforeseen event had not come to a close.

That's right—He suddenly recalled that the person who called her, the genius martial artist Fei Yuhan, whom he felt was different at the Martialist Association, where was she?

Could it be that the 'her' whom Zero was referring to was—

Roland's expression turned solemn.

At that moment, his thoughts were finally back on the right track.

He threw the entire episode to the back of his mind and rushed over to the two. The sight before him caused him to gasp in shock!

Inside a shallow pit was a badly mutilated girl. Aside from her left arm, her other limbs were all completely pulverized to the point of having her bones and flesh blended together. Her body was covered in wounds, her clothes completely soaked in blood, and half of her spine were twisted and had punctured out of her skin.

This was a sight that no one could ever lay their eyes on, even in a battlefield.

And from what remained of her face, Roland recognized her as Fei Yuhan.

She was barely clinging onto life, just barely.

"How did this…"

Roland knelt down, completely at a loss. Save her? Even with bandages, it was impossible to wrap her internal organs back into place, much less talk about stopping the bleeding. There was no spot that was perfect and unharmed on her body. Her bodily functions had completely broken down and she was completely relying on the Force of Nature to keep her consciousness from slipping away.

But this bit of power was like the last bit of wax of a candle; she was already burning out.

As a matter of fact, to be able to stay conscious in such a situation required extremely powerful willpower. Even as martial artists, very few were capable of achieving this.

"Master became like this because she protected me…" Zero sobbed.

"She's about to die." Valkries pointed out. "Even a Grand Lord with such injuries can only delay the inevitable in the Red Mist Pond. Furthermore, the standard of medical operations here isn't even comparable to the Red Mist Pond. Even if she had plenty of magic power in her, we can't reverse this. She is able to persevere because she is a true warrior."

"You're finally… here." Fei Yuhan seemed to have heard them as she slowly opened her eyes. "Should I call you… Master Creator?"

Her words were mixed with a hint of humor, and the expression she gave made it look as though she was not in a perilous situation.

Roland seemed stunned for a moment. "You…"

"I am sorry… I eavesdropped on your conversation." She winked at Valkries—the only action she was capable of making. "But if we could do it all over again, I would… still do this. Zero… is she okay?"

The few sentences seemed to take a toll on her. They had to hold their breaths and get close to her to listen to her words.

"Master, I… am fine…" Zero whimpered.

"This world… is still fine, right?" Fei Yuhan sighed. "In a way, I can consider this as fulfilling my responsibility in protecting it."

"So you are aware that this world is a Dreamworld—" Valkries frowned.

"Maybe to you guys, there many worlds, but in my eyes… this is the only one. And it is a martial artist's duty to protect this world." She paused for a moment. "Allow me to say this… Master Creator, since you created this world, you should have some trust in everyone, right?"

"Trust… in everyone?"

"I know it will sound… ridiculous, but as long as you bring out some evidence, the higher-ups of the Association… isn't as obstinate as you think. We might not be able to do much, but we are not entirely useless as well… even if we can't beat the Oracles, at least we can help lessen your burden. Wouldn't it… be slightly easier to save this world?"

Gather the strength of the masses—

A light bulb came over Roland's head.

That's right, I am the Creator of this world.

But I'm not necessarily an omnipotent God.

I can't do certain things.

But others can.

If everyone works together, who knows what miracle we can achieve.

"The last thing I want to say is… thank you." Fei Yuhan's voice was already faltering. "Thank you for creating this world, even if it is just a dream—"

"No, this isn't a Dream World." Roland interrupted, "It is a world that exists in the Realm of Mind, and will always continue to exist."

"I knew… that you would say that." Fei Yuhan closed her eyes and revealed a satisfied smile.

"Besides, even if I am able to produce some evidence, I alone will not be enough to convince the world that I am some god or creator. But if I have the words of the genius Martial Artist, maybe the effect will be different."

She moved her lips. Are you… consoling me?

"I'm not consoling you, I am stating a fact as a Creator." Roland stood up. "Listen well, this isn't the time for you to give up! Since you mentioned trust, please trust me. This isn't an irreversible situation!"

"Because, I am a Creator—"

Disconnecting from the Dream World, Roland suddenly sat up from a recliner.

It was noon as snowflakes gently floated outside the window. Having stood guard inside the office, Nightingale immediately appeared before him and asked, "Why're you awake so soon? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?"

It was his first time entering the Dream World two days after losing consciousness. Ordinarily, he would sleep from one to four in the afternoon, but clearly it was not time yet.

"Relax, I'm fine." Roland replied, "Inform Scroll and Honey to come to the castle immediately, I have an important task for them."

Nightingale inspected his temperature and pulse carefully. After confirming that he was fine, she nodded. "I understand."

After watching her enter the Mist, Roland returned to his work desk, took out a pen and paper, and started writing.

He needed the power from both worlds to work together to save Fei Yuhan.

Upon leaving the Dream World, time would pause, which undoubtedly provided the most crucial opportunity to save her. So as long as he did not enter the Dream World, her last breath would never end.

The core of saving her laid in Nana's new ability—her magic ability to attach healing properties to enchanted objects. So long as they had enough of them, they could suppress the collapse of her body.

The next ability was Scroll's territory—Roland himself could not 'bring' items into the Dream World, but Scrolls' Archives had the ability to do so. Considering that the witches' abilities extended to the Dream World, Nana's magical objects ought to work as well.

Of course, just these two factors were not enough.

Firstly, they needed to transport the magical objects from the archives to the bridge in the shortest time possible.

Next, the the gauze that had magic embedded in them could only pull Fei Yuhan out of danger, but her broken limbs required professional equipment, and that required the help of a professional surgeon.

Only by gathering the strength of both worlds could they create a miracle.


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