Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1353 Enemy of the World

The long-armed Fallen Evil immediately altered its direction as it leaped to its side and directed two fists forward!

Both of its arms suddenly extended to its limit, unexpectedly stabbing into the vehicle that was a few meters away from it. The power of the punches actually produced two large holes in the vehicle!

If anyone was hiding inside, they would have definitely taken a direct hit.

This was also the attack which the long-armed Fallen Evil was most proud of.

The ability to extend and retract its limbs, coupled with its inexhaustible strength, allowed it to deal with an Awakened without the use of the Force of Nature. Few of the Martial Artists whom it had killed were unable to react before it attacked. Every single one of them died with expressions of disbelief written all over their faces, which was a source of pleasure for the long-armed Fallen Evil.

But the instant it hit its target, the Fallen Evil's expression changed drastically.

Beneath the vehicle which was flung away revealed the figure of a woman.

Her posture did not resemble a person that had been heavily punched and instead she was kneeling calmly amidst the chaos, her body was leaning forward, clearly prepared to engage.

The Fallen Evil believed that it had a quick reaction, but the other party was obviously faster.

Much faster!

The dancing silver light blossomed from her hands once again and formed a rapidly revolving whirlpool—not only did the ray of light shatter the vehicle into pieces, but it even crushed the Fallen Evil's arms!

The long-armed Fallen Evil unleashed a blood-curdling shriek and struggled to retreat. With great difficulty, it struggled free from the whirlpool.

But the arms it retracted were only the biceps and shoulders. The pungent and putrid smell from the pus and blood splashed onto the floor along with dices of meat.

In that quick exchange, two mutated Fallen Evils that were extremely troublesome for martial artists were either dead or heavily injured.

"Is your so-called equal grounds having three men to bully one little girl?" Fei Yuhan raised her hand and dissipated the glaring light, revealing a simple and unadorned sword. "I think the current situation is barely enough to be called equal grounds."

"Master…" Zero immediately moved towards her and held her hand.

"I already called your Uncle Roland, don't worry," Fei Yuhan winked at her and whispered.

"Ah?" She was startled. "But shouldn't we inform the Association about such things. Uncle can't fight like Sister Garcia, and he's seldom reliable. If he's here, won't he be too…"

"I'm afraid only he is the only one who can help us in this situation." Fei Yuhan stroked Zero's head. "And your most important mission now is to get as far away from here as possible, can you do that?"

The young girl wanted to speak, but under Fei Yuhan's gaze, she bit her lips, turned, and ran towards the lined boundary.

"Damn it, how were you unharmed from that collision?!" the long-armed Fallen Evil screamed in anger.

"It's simple, what you guys did." Fei Yuhan shrugged her shoulders as the Force of Nature enveloped her entire body.

The Fallen Evil's eyes constricted. "Channeling the force externally to render all ordinary damage ineffective? Isn't… that something only Defender-ranked Martial Artists can do!?" It sized her up in shock. "Could it be… you are the one the Martialist Association hail as the genius—"

"I don't find it strange, since even the lowest tier of Fallen Evils can do this, can't they?" Fei Yuhan replied nonchalantly, "As for you guys--I originally wanted to see how many of you are there before deciding on a response. Who would have thought that I would learn about such interesting information. I have to thank you guys because you have verified some suspicions that I have kept for a very long time."

"Master Oracle, this girl…" The long-armed Fallen Evil's expression became ugly as it lost all its malevolent aura from before, so much so that her glare made it retreat two steps back.

Delta raised his right arm and did a grab gesture towards the Fallen Evil—the latter's words were immediately caught in its throat as it froze on the spot, as though a large and invisible hand had clasped it tightly. The red cyclone at the center of its chest tore out from its back and flew towards the Oracle, bringing along pieces of bloodied flesh.

The long-armed monstrosity that had lost its core toppled over with a shocked expression. It was dead.

The gargoyle Fallen Evil suffered the same end; the cyclone at its chest rose into the air and converged towards Delta.

The cyclone started revolving again and transformed into a red mist that flowed into Delta's body.

"Cowards who fear their enemies do not deserve the luxury of God's power, your missions will come to an end here." Delta spoke monotonously, as though it was merely clearing out some trash. It looked at Fei Yuhan. "What a joke… Clearly the creators are the true targets that we should go for, yet they were misled and hoodwinked by a mere Martial Artist and even feared one. Could it be because they were once part of your team, or simply lack the foresight and fabricated the fear? It is precisely like you—"

It was at this instant that Fei Yuhan took action.

She was merely waiting for Zero to be safe and not listening to the other party's ramblings. Additionally, according to past experiences, the more someone acknowledged himself as a superior existence, the more furious he would be from having his words interrupted—having extreme mood swings was a factor that could influence a battle, and Fei Yuhan sought to use all sorts of opportunities to fight her opponent.

At that moment, the only judgment Fei Yuhan could make was that the masked man's strength was on a completely different level from the other two Fallen Evils. It wielded bizarre offensive means and thus, to prevent it from harming Zero, the best solution was to engage it with a tight barrage of attacks to seal off any action it could take!

She picked up a broken steel rod and tossed it at Delta with all her strength.

The latter had no choice but to shut up and struck the flying rod away with a palm strike.

At the same time, Fei Yuhan charged forward.

After grasping corporeal Force of Nature techniques, Fei Yuhan hardly carried any weapons on her, but that did not mean that weapons were useless. Weapons could save the wielder time by having the Force of Nature attached to it. This saved the time needed to think and could extend the offensive reach. As competitions prevented the use of weapons, very few knew that Fei Yuhan's sword attainments far surpassed that of her fists and legs!

Under the effects of the Force of Nature, even if the enemy was cast in steel, they would be easily sliced in half—

The sharp blade was stopped by an intangible ripple, preventing the blade from getting close to Delta.

Although it was intangible, it was impregnable!

Without a doubt, Delta was using power with the same origin as the Force of Nature.

Fei Yuhan maintained her attack stance, raised her left leg, and struck at the Oracle's waist.

This time, she felt her kick connect.

The kick sent the Oracle flying as it smashed into the truck container, causing the metallic surface to cave in.

He can't utilize his ability successively? That means… he requires both hands to utilize it?

Her mind worked quickly while there was no hesitation to her actions. Right of the heels of the kick, she charged towards the carriage.

In a few short seconds, Fei Yuhan had exchanged more than 10 blows with the enemy. The Oracle was cut a few times and had wounds all over its body, but these wounds that were fatal to ordinary humans could barely even affect its movement. It looked as though she was suppressing the enemy, but she was the only one aware that the enemy could not be defeated with such mere attacks.

Must I inflict a fatal wound somehow?

On the Oracle's body, the most suspicious thing was its mask. After trading blows with it, she noticed that it was extremely careful with its head's defenses.

Upon realizing this, Fei Yuhan intentionally slowed down her barrage of attacks, then retreated a step.

It was clear that she was breaking away from the combat embroilment.

Having gained the opportunity to take a breath, Delta extended its hands out without hesitation.

Fei Yuhan quickly stomped on the ground and charged towards it instead of retreating. She transformed herself into a sharp sword and thrust forward with a rapid impulse. Although the motion of instantly switching from retreat to advancement looked simple, it required extremely precise control over one's Force of Nature to be able to overcome the immense inertia. It could be said that merely relying on one's joints and torso could not accomplish such a feat. Only with an absolute control over one's Force of Nature could one complete the action fluidly. If she had delayed for even a moment, she would had been grabbed by Delta's invisible force. She was even able to sense the sharpness of the wind behind her.

Seizing the opportunity that the Oracle had missed, Fei Yuhan used all her strength to thrust out at its' mask.


The mask with the strange decorative designs responded with a crack.

Yet she sensed something strange.

Logically, her thrust would not have stopped at the mask but pierce through its entire head.

She had not felt any obstruction when the stab occured. Even half of the blade had penetrated the Oracle's mask; yet, she did not see the blade tip protruding out at the back, as though the blade had disappeared into the enemy's head.

The moment the mask fell, Fei Yuhan gasped in shock.

On its head was pure darkness like a deep abyss. Inside the abyss, countless stars revolved slowly around the center, forming a large astrolabe. The sword in her hand had pierced into the astrolabe but had failed to set off the slightest ripple.

That's right, during the alliance mission, the monster that had appeared in the abandoned factory seemed to have the same thing—

The inconceivable scene caused Fei Yuhan to move a tad slower.

It was because of this momentary hesitation that prevented her from avoiding the Oracle's second attack.

The invisible force smashed into her side and sent her flying!

The Force of Nature could prevent ordinary harm, but was incapable of offsetting the attack from the same source of power.

Fei Yuhan felt her internal organs shift as the acute pain shot up her throat; yet, she was unable to scream it out. After tumbling multiple times on the ground, Fei Yuhan managed to stabilize herself. She used her blade as a support to stand, then opened her mouth and spat out a mouth of fresh blood!

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