Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1350 A Newcomer

"Maybe you're right." Roland spoke after a long silence, "But we're already at a stage where the Dream World is directly influencing Neverwinter's rapid growth, I can't… and shouldn't close off this channel."

Especially with Scroll evolving into a Transcendent, the Dream world's significance became unprecedentedly important—every trip Scroll made would bring about immeasurable knowledge to humanity. What's more, there was Zero, Garcia, Defender Rock… It was impossible for Roland to treat them as figments of his own imaginations. Even without Lan, Roland was unwilling to give up on the Dream World.

Nightingale clenched her fists tightly. "What about me?"

Roland was startle. "What…"

"What about me!" Nightingale's volume increased a notch with a trace of quivering, "If your time continues dropping, you'll only have a few years before you—" Nightingale bit her lip and struggled with the latter half of her sentence. "Anna and I agreed on it before; I am also willing to abide by it, but if that day ever comes, I—what do I do?"

Roland raised his hand and gently stroked her pale white lip. "That is why I have to enter the Dream World to end all of this. You know, the numbers isn't all about increasing or decreasing, it represents a trend, or an outcome. If we can uncover the Origin of Magic's essence, we can most probably eliminate all of the negative influences from the Realm of Mind. On the contrary, if we were to avoid it, who knows if it might become even more severe. If we wait until then to think of something, it'll be too late."

If Lan's warning turned out to be true, the Oracle's patience would be at its limits,and could simply decide to destroy everything at any time. The Fallen Evils and the Oracle's more frequent appearance seemed to have proved this point.

He had to take the risk.


"I promise not to let such a thing happen." Roland spoke earnestly.

Nightingale stared at him for a long time. "No matter what?"

"No matter what." He nodded his head.

She no longer said anything as her body gradually faded away until she completely disappeared into the Mist. Roland kept the magic stone into the drawer and allowed the darkness to occupy every corner of the room. The glimmer from the window regained its luster, and it felt like nothing ever happened.

But he knew that it was not a hallucination.

The warm touch on his left hand never faded away—until he fell asleep.

"Didi, you have an unopened text message."

"Didi, you have an unopened text message."

"Who is it? To be sending so many text messages?" Fei Yuhan packed the last bit of her luggage. "Could it be from the Association?"

"You can say that…" Valkries opened up the text message bitterly, clenched her teeth, and closed it again. If not for the meticulous control over her strength, the toy in her hand would had shattered into pieces.

"Not bad."

"What do you mean, not bad?"

"That person has foresight." Fei Yuhan smiled and put on a pair of down gloves. "Didn't you notice that in the entire Martial Artist Duel, the number of times he had his sight on you was only second to mine? But the majority of people only dared to look; to summon the courage and take the initiative to send you a text message, that deserves praise. If there's time, why not introduce us."

"It isn't what you think it is," Valkries replied with a hint of anger. After recovering from her wounds and being discharged, her relation with Fei Yuhan allowed them to stay in the same house because of the division of groups. Their bedrooms were connected to a large living room, and any movements could be heard by the other clearly.

Valkries did not have any objections with this and was even glad for it. After all, she was in an unfamiliar world and the more people she interacted with increased the chance of her revealing her identity. Fei Yuhan had helped her plenty ever since visiting her in the hospital, and thus, the anger was not directed to her.

It was to the person who sent the text message.

Without a doubt, the small box in her hand, hailed as the cellphone, was a magical treasure. Through it, one could gain access to all sorts of information, and was a true encyclopedia as compared to hard printed books. After being taught by Fei Yuhan on how to use the "communication device," she was unable to put down the cellphone.

But it had its shortcomings, such as how exceptionally annoying the object would become if others learned of the phone number. What made it worse was that she could not simply block the other person.

"In any case, you don't have to care about this." Valkries rubbed her forehead lightly. Having lost her third eye magic stone made her feel as though something was missing. "Are you heading out now?"

"Yes, the Association has recently recruited someone new, Mr. Defender wants me to meet her."

"A newcomer?" Valkries frowned. Naturally, she knew of Fei Yuhan's unique position in the Martialist Association and was aware that Fei Yuhan had no need to receive newcomers.

"That's right, but I will be her master from now on." The other party laughed, then waved her hands and walked out of the main doors.


Valkries pondered for a moment as the Transformer appeared in her mind.

Her emotional state lasted for a second before being cut short by the buzzing of the cellphone.

"Didi, you have an unopened text message."

"Didi, you have an unopened text message."

This guy!

She clenched her fists and took a long time to restrain herself before opening the box.

|Sender: Roland. Your infiltration squad suffered attacks from my army in the Kingdom of Wolfheart and its frontline was utterly defeated. Your casualty numbers are approaching a hundred thousand. You've lost a few giant skeletons capable of manufacturing the Red Mist, and there has been no signs of the Sky Lord. Could it be that he was frightened away by my cannons? Also, where is the Senior Lord? If they continue to hide away, your vanguard unit will have to be buried in Wolfheart.|

|Sender: Roland. We discovered the obelisk at the ridge of the continent in Blackstone and attacking it is something that will happen sooner or later. What do you think will happen if we were to drop a bomb into that large pit? Although it is a little far off, we have already developed flying machines capable of navigating long distances. If we can't end the Battle of Divine Will early, the same thing will repeat, until Blackstone Region becomes a volcano incapable of being extinguished. I hope you can understand this point.|

|Sender: Roland. On a side note, after being in the Dream World for so long, you should understand how advanced and powerful human weapons can be? And there is still the peak of the mountain—The Glory of the Sun. We have recently carried out a theoretical experiment and it is just a step away from the finished product. How long more do you want to consider?|

Valkries would obtain a few of such messages everyday, either about the war or the latest results of Humanity's research. Initially, Valkries was able to maintain silence, neither accepting or returning any messages. But after staring at the phone this time, she slowly keyed in a reply.

|Where are you? Let's meet.|

|Where are you? Let's meet.|

The same message appeared on Fei Yuhan's phone.

Not bad, seems like new information about the other world is about to appear. She closed her screen delightfully and knocked on the doors of Mr. Defender's office.

"Come in." A calm and steady voice sounded from the inside.

"Yes sir."

Once the doors were pushed open, she immediately noticed a slightly anxious young lady seated at the small side table. The other party had long white hair, an average stature and did not have much fluctuations from the Force of Nature. With regards to her foundation of being an Awakened, it could be said that she was not outstanding.

But that was not the point.

It was a quick and simple glance as Fei Yuhan quickly recovered her calm and quiet demeanour. She turned towards Mr. Defender and greeted him, "Your Excellency."

"Okay, you should know why you're here today." Rock drank a mouth of tea at a leisurely pace, "Now that she is here, I have to ask, what is your reason for taking her as a disciple? After all, it is your first time taking the initiative to request something from the Association."

"Most probably… because I wish to have something to do?" Fei Yuhan replied indifferently.

Rock was stunned for a moment. Soon after, he clasped his hands together and broke out into a laugh, "Hahaha… it is truly your style. But regardless of anything, it is good deed, especially with Prism City's anxious need to replenish its strength." He looked at the young lady by the side. "Let me introduce the two of you. This is Fei Yuhan, recognized by the Association as a talented martial artist. Although she looks unapproachable, she is an extremely responsible person. She will be your master, and will aid you greatly from here on out."

"This lady here, is the new Awakened that is residing at Roland's home—"

"Zero." Fei Yuhan extended her hand out to the girl and smiled. "Welcome to the Martialist Association."


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