Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1293 An Uncertain Future

At the airport in the Aerial Knight Academy.

The morning dawned with the roar of engines, and 10 biplanes slid out of the hangar one after another in the morning light. Sun rays gilded their sleek bodies.

"Are you planning to bring the trainees to the battlefield?" Roland asked Tilly as he stood before the "Seagull".

Tilly nodded and replied, "If everything goes well, I can finish the last part of the Flight Manual within a month, but I don't want my students to waste their time waiting for me in that one month. I can teach them theories everywhere, and they could probably fly at the front. After all, the airport was at the very rear compared to the battlement of the First Army."

It was true. Apparently, Tilly had not forgotten her role as the headmistress of the Academy. Feeling a little more self-assured, Roland said, "Give more flying opportunities to the students. Don't keep the plane just to yourself. The goal is to teach the others how to fly."

What Roland truly wanted to say was "don't act recklessly".

There were a lot of opportunities for Tilly to avenge. She did not have to do so immediately.

"Hmm," Tilly said while casting Roland a glance. "I will, if you hand me my plane as promised. I promise that I won't fight for the 'Fire of Heaven' with the students."

Roland was speechless.

Tilly giggled as she saw Roland at a loss for words. She moved her hair out of her face and said, "Don't worry. I know what you're thinking. Let's make a deal. In a month, I'll give you a group of real aerial knights, and you give me my plane. Before that, I assure you that I won't provoke the enemies. How does that sound?"

Roland rather hoped that Tilly did not throw herself into a bitter battle at all, but he knew that there was no guarantee that one could stay safe all the time during a war. Only an army that had gone through the pain of battle could win. Therefore, he simply nodded and said, "Stay safe."

"Of course, I'm waiting for you to bring Ashes back, brother," Tilly said, her face splitting into a lovely smile.

For a split second, Tilly's smile melted into the cool morning air of the Kingdom of Dawn and was engraved upon Roland's heart.

"Your Majesty, it's time to take off," the guard reminded him.

"Then I'll be off," Tilly said as she turned round, climbed up the stairwell and disappeared behind the cabin.

"OK..." Roland mumbled as he turned away from the runway while constantly looking backward. Although they had held a farewell party last night, he still felt sorry to see them leave. Through the window, he could see many witches wave at him.

Like the expedition to Taquila last time, Wendy, Andrea, Sylvie, Echo, Leaf and the other witches were now heading to another war, only that this time, it would be a more difficult and time-consuming one.

"Everyone will come back safe and sound," Nightingale said quietly. "I have a feeling."

Roland nodded but remained silent.

"All clear. We can take off anytime."

"Green flag for all!"


As the supervisor of the ground staff swung his arms, Lightning rose into the air followed by Maggie who had transformed into a Devilbeast. As there were no GPS coordinates in this era, and they were traveling to a foreign country, Lightning and Maggie served as the guide for the fleet.

Roland noticed that Thunder was smoking his pipe while waving at his daughter, looking proud and self-complacent."

Behind Tilly was the "Seagull".

Compared to the noisy biplanes, the "Seagull" was graceful and swift in the air.

Everyone in the crowd, at this point, started to bid farewell to their friends and families.

Both the Witch Union and the Sleeping Spell were concerned about this particular plane.

In the breezes created by magic power, the "Seagull" soon rose after sliding on the runaway for a short distance.

The last that took off was the Aerial Knights.

The 10 biplanes were the main air force of Neverwinter, out of which six were "trainer aircrafts" without any weapons, but Roland understood that the plant was assembling the new planes strenuously. Soon, these man-made iron birds would give the demons a heavy blow and defend the area above for the First Army.

The "Fires of Heaven" flitted across the runway one by one and rose at the edge of the wall before they spread out in a line and disappeared from the end of the horizon.

To help the Aerial Knights quickly get used to the pace of the battle, Roland had asked the construction team to also build four airports in the Redwater City, the City of Evernight, the City of Glow in the neighboring country, and Thorn Town while they were paving the road. These airports could facilitate the transportation across the south and the north and provide fuels for the planes. Since the biplane weighed less than 1,000 kilograms, it could land on any smooth-surfaced areas.

When the pilots became proficient in operating the plane, they could travel across Graycastle and the Kingdom of Dawn, and reach the Kingdom of Wolfheart by the sunset, provided that they commenced their journey early in the morning. This was definitely a tremendous speed by the standards of this era. That was also the reason that Roland paid special attention to the air force. Once a mature air force was built, human beings would enter a new phase of warfare.

Of course, as this was going to be the longest trip they would ever make in this history of time, Tilly created a pretty flexible schedule in case an emergency occurred. The army, according to her plan, would stay one night in the City of Evernight and then head to the Cage Mountain the next morning. In that case, they would be able to fly during the day.

The crowd looked on at the sky in the north after the fleet slid out of their sight.

So did Roland.

He hoped that the new air force could help the First Army get out of their dilemma.

They were really... flying!

Manfeld goggled at the giant birds that disappeared behind the slope of clouds, feeling excited.

"Hey, what are you doing there? We're boarding the ship," someone called at him from behind.

"I, I'm coming," Manfeld said while shaking his head, trying to come back to the present. He trotted back to the team but could still, somehow, hear the ringing roar of the iron birds.

Although Manfeld had witnessed a lot of incredible things in Neverwinter in the past one month, it was his first time seeing the "Fires of Heaven" take off at such a close range. He felt exhilarated at the scene that he beheld.

He was again shocked, but he also felt something else this time.

For example, happiness.

Within a second, he had fallen in love with this job.

Just as the settlement clerk Matt had said, Manfeld successfully passed the screening process conducted by the human resource department of the Administrative Office and obtained a Neverwinter resident identity card. He had also received a property and quickly got used to the life here. It took him not long to find a foothold in this new city. Now, he could either choose to become a clerk in the Administrative Office or a policeman like Sharon who helped maintain public order.

He hesitated for a while and submitted his application to the Aerial Knight Academy.

Manfeld knew that official Aerial Knights would, in the end, join the army. They would be subject to a strict screening process and might also be killed in action. However, he was determined.

He was glad that he made the right decision.

Nothing could be more honorous than becoming an Aerial Knight, for they were the warriors who pledged fealty to the king, who fought against the tyrants and protected the weak.

He could not wait for this day to come.

Therefore, Farrina, Joe and Manfeld, as well as numerous other people all headed to the war in the north.

They were from different kingdoms, different regions, but they were now acting for a common cause.

Compared to the first and second Battles of Divine Will, mankind had never been so united.

Their fate had been tied to the Battle of Divine Will.

And they were all fighting for the human race.

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