Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1287 Uneasiness

How many of them were there? What was their purpose? Were they awakened? What did the other world look like?

Fei Yuhan had no idea.

From what she saw now, they were at least not enemies. Roland had indeed killed a lot of Fallen Evils and was truly fighting against the Erosion.

The joint mission last time provided the best example. She would never forget that someone had said "Your Majesty, everyone has been knocked out" before she had lost her consciousness. She had obviously noticed that Roland was dodging her, which further confirmed her suspicion.

In other words, if these people harbored ill designs, she would not have been still alive. Roland could have killed her after he had exterminated the magic creature andhad the magic creature take allthe blame. Nobody would have ever suspected his version of the story.

Fei Yuhan thus believed that Roland was helping this world.

That was the reason that she did not report the incident to the Association. Plus, she had no solid evidence at this point.

Both Roland and Valkries were concealing their real identities. Although she did not know why, she would like to put up a show with them and keep an eye on the two people.

Just then, the telephone rang.

"... I see. Got it."

Fei Yuhan hung up the phone and nodded at Valkries. She then said, "Mr. Rock asks me to do something for him. I have to go."

"That's fine. I know it's important."

"See you tomorrow then."

"By the way..." Valkries stopped Fei Yuhan as the latter reached the doorstep. "Captain, could you bring some books regarding technologies to me tomorrow?"

"Something like encyclopedia?" Fei Yuhan said thoughtfully. "It shouldn't bea problem, but there are many types of them. I don't knowwhether I can find the one you like."

"That's OK. Anything is fine with me," Valkries said pleasantly. "Thank you."

"No worries."

Fei Yuhan's smile gave way to her normal cool look after she closed the door.

Valkries did not like history only.

She was learning about this new world.

Valkries sighed after Fei Yuhan withdrew.

She knew that she was a little too hasty, but she had no better choice. Fei Yuhan was the only person who could help her understand this world. If she had taken things slow, she would have probably wasted a whole month in bed.

If Hackzord's plan worked out well, the Western Front Army should have already stepped their foot onto humans' territory. Currently, he must be in a hot rage for her "disappearance" when he most needed people.

To be honest, Valkries had a complicated feeling at the moment. On one hand she wished that Hackzord could wake her up at the Red Mist pond with no regards to the possible consequence that she would lose most of her memories in the Realm of Mind and might even sustain severe head injuries. On the other hand, she still wanted to linger in this world a little longer.

The reason was pretty simple. The further she probed into this world, the more unsettled she felt. It would be actually a relief if she forgot all about this. Whatever secret Rolandwas holdingback from her, as long as she obtained the legacy shard in the real world, human beings wouldnot be able to resist them anymore. What they possessed now would be eventually inherited by their kind, including hissecret.

The reason she wanted to stay here longer was that the "Transformer", Heathtalese, had warned the clan that they would not reach the Divine Domain even if they won the Battle of Divine Will. Valkries had engraved hermentor's last words upon her heart. Ifthe victory could not perpetuate theclan, whatshould they do? Would the answer exist in this incredible Realm of Mind?

Nevertheless, she had another hidden reason.

She did not want to admit it, nor would she say it out loud.

She felt as though she had traveled back in time to the old days when she had studied in the Cloud School. Every day shereceivednew knowledge and saw a future completedifferent from the other world.

Valkries took out a box of desserts from the bag perched on the top of the books.

The beautiful packagingof the visually-appealing food was just like the food that men normally ate. Each color represented a specific flavor. As she unsealed the box, she could smell the delicious food.

She had never had such tasty confections.

Only inferior life formsin the clan, such as the Inferior Demons and thePrimal Demons, ate with mouth. Normal food hardly provided energies and it was hard to digest. Therefore,usually they put the food in the Red Mist Pond to soften it. The process was pretty similar to baking, despite that they did not use fire like men.

The processed food could only satisfy their biological need. After becoming an Upgraded, she could directly obtain energies from the Red Mist, so Valkries had not eaten for a very long time.

Some clansmen thus associated eating with low lives, for example, human beings.

Even witches needed to eat three meals a day.

She had thought so too. However, now she realized that how amazing the food from the Cargarde Peninsula was.

Valkries put a piece of cake into her mouth and savored the sweet taste.

Without a doubt, these desserts still preserved the taste of the food processed in the Red Mist, but it was better after processed with humans' technologies.

She soon finished up the desserts.

Could the Cloud School and the "Transformer" make such great food?

Valkries shook her head and put these thoughts behind.

Anyway, the Battle of Divine Will had lasted for hundreds of years, and nothing could stop it. The current situation was beyond her control, and the most important task for the clan was to survive.

Then, she was again back to the beginning.

She knew why she felt so uneasy.

After doing research for a month, Valkries could pretty muchascertain that the great changein the human race had everything do with this world, and Roland was the fundamental person who created these changes. The firearms in the history books were almost exactly the same as those in Ursrook's report.

She had now finally located the last piece of the puzzle and found out why human beings had upgraded. Although she did not know how a male human accessed the Realm of Mind, hehad indeedlearned a lot from this world. Such extensive knowledge transcended the erashe was living in, and he had applied these knowledge to the development of the human society. Witches served as a channel to convert the knowledge. They no longer fought on the battleground. What the clan was facing now was definitely not the Union 400 years ago but an entirely new human race.

The truth was more than that.

When she read these history books, she found another horrifying fact.

When the human civilization reached a certain degree, their development would accelerate by leaps and bounds! Thousands of years ago, they had still been fighting with firearms. However, now, they had conquered the sky and the ocean, and their weapons could possibly destroy the whole world.

That was why Valkries felt disturbed.

How far had Roland gone?

Notwithstanding Heathtalese's warning, for the first time in her life, Valkries became unsure whether her clan could defeat human beings.

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