Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1286 The Other World

"How are you feeling?"

Fei Yuhan asked as she entered Room 402 with a stack of books in her arms and placed the books on the nightstand.

Valkries said with a nod, "Thank you. I can walk now. The doctor says I'll fully recover in a week."

"That's good. You really have excellent self-repairing ability even as a martialist," Fei Yuhan said with a smile.


"The influence of the Force of Nature on each person is different. Not every martialist could recover within one month when his leg bones are crushed like yours. You probably haven't seen any martialists sustain such severe injuries before, so you don't know your potential." Fei Yuhan paused for a second and said, "You should be one of the top martialists in your city, right?"

"Why do you think so?"

"My master often says that the strong one is strong in every aspect. The fact that you recover so fast means that you have a strong body and a great immune system. People like you were born to be a martialist, like me," Fei Yuhan said flatly. "We may see who's stronger once you recover."

"That's the reason you asked me to join your team?" Valkries asked, a little resigned. "You're the genius in the Association. I don't think you could learn anything newfrom me."

"That's fine. You've been lying in bed for a long time. Practicing with a good martialist can help you regain your power. Fallen Evils would not sympathize you because you had injuries before."

Valkries nodded after a moment of silence and then said, "Alright then. Thank you."

"Not a problem," Fei Yuhan returned while curling up her lips. "By the way, I went to downtown yesterday and bought some desserts from the Cargarde Peninsula. I put them in the bag on the top of the books. I hope you like them. The food in the hospital isn't very tasty."

At that moment, Valkries noticed that Fei Yuhan swallowed.

People from theCargarde Peninsula did eatregular food, but it was rumored that they could not distinguish the good and the bad. Only the food grownin their native towncould satisfy their special need. Fei Yuhan had once tried their "unique" food but discovered that she could not take it.

Only a few people appreciated the taste and claimed that they were the most delicious food in the world, although the public did not really buy the idea. Therefore, only a few shops were specialized in selling food from the Cargarde Peninsula. After all, not many people lived there.

"Thank you..." Valkries said while trying not to reveal her true thought.

"That's nothing. I'm the captain, and it's my duty to take care of my team members," Fei Yuhan said while waving her hand. "By the way, you do like reading."

"Yes, I tend to do some reading when I'm bored."

"That's a good habit. There's no entertainment in the sanatorium except books. If you want more books, just let me know."


There was then an awkward silence, except for the rustling sound of the book when Valkries flipped over the pages.

Fei Yuhan looked out of the window at the scenery outside. It was a nice and clear day. A few willows dipped into the water, and the lake rippled slowly in the breezes. A group of swans were sliding across the lake, leaving white reflections in the water.

This was indeed a nice place for convalescence.

However, Fei Yuhan was watching Valkries in the corner of her eyes constantly. From the reflection on the window, she could see Valkires' every move.

Fei Yuhan was not a kind-hearted girl and had no interest in forcing people to fight with her.

She requested a duel simply because she had discovered a month ago that this person might know Roland.

That was not quite accurate. More precisely,Valkries knew Roland, but Roland regarded her as a different person. Roland was actually testing whether she was the person he knew when he had asked those weird questions in the hospital. Fei Yuhan was pretty sure that her speculation was correct.

However, what bewildered her was that Roland had not revealed any sign of hostility against Valkries during the conversation. He was, instead, pretty relaxed, which indicated that whether Valkries was an acquaintance of his or not, she constituted no threat. Nevertheless, Valkries was, on the contrary, pretty nervous. Although she quickly concealed her emotion right after everybody enteredthe room, Fei Yuhan still sensed it.

What was her relationship with Roland and what had made her react so weirdly?

There could have been an intertwined, complicated romanticrelationship between Roland and Valkries. For example, the ardent love between the two, for some reason, turned into virulent rancor, or Valkries had undergone a series of plastic surgeries and now sought revenge after ten years had passed by, or Roland was regretted abandoning her and now wanted to be with her again. But Fei Yuhan thought that this was highly unlikely. Valkries was too good at controlling her facial expression. HadFei Yuhannot discovered it at the beginning, she would have probably be fooled too. She did not think it was a simple love story.

Fei Yuhan had been observant as a kid. After she was awakened, this ability also sharpened accordingly. Because of this, she did not have many close friends, and people were sort of afraid of her. That was why she alwayslooked so aloof and distant. She could know what others were thinking withjust aglance.

However, Roland was different. Fei Yuhan could not see through this new hunter, nor could she figure out his relationship with Valkries. Apparently, the two were hiding something, and she could not help finding out this secret.

Her suspicion was further confirmed after she talked to Valkries.

This martialist from the Cargarde Peninsula looked no different than ordinary people, but she had some strange behavior. If she had known Roland earlier, than it might explain her oddity. But after Fei Yuhan dug a little deeper, she found something incredible.

She had brought Valkries some food from her native town a few days ago, but the latter did not look particularly excited about that, although she had indeed eaten them all. However, this time, Valkries' attitude had completely changed. This indicated that Valkries had not known what the food from her native town tasted like. She ate them simply because she was curious. What a horrible fact!

It did not make sense that aperson from the Cargarde Peninsula had not eaten food from there.

Also, Fei Yuhan had never seen Valkries play with her phone in the past one month. It was very strange that she never touched phones that so many young people were addicted to.

As for those books...

Valkries requested for many history books from the liabrary. Although reading was a good habit, Fei Yuhan did not think sheherself could read a book for a whole day without doing anything else.

The change in Valkries' preference of food might be attributed to the lack of appetite. Being not so interested in phones might be ascribed to her quiet personality. History was probably one of her hobbies. However, there were just too many coincidences. Fei Yuhan somehow had a feeling that Valkries was familiarizing herself with this world.

She would have probably dismissed this ridiculous assumption in the past. However, when she thought of the fact that Roland had been addressed "Your Majesty", she suddenly had a bold idea.

This idea terrified her, but she could not help thinking about it.

Everything would make sense if she thought that way.

Someone not belonging here had sneaked into this city.

They were from the other world.

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