Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1285 Five Pairs of Road Wheels

Master Xie's face instantly split into a bright smile, but the woman next to him heaved an almost inaudible sigh.

Roland naturally noticed her. After he started to absorb the magic cores in the Dream World, his power continuously grew, and he also became more sensitive about the subtle changes around him. Although few people noticed the woman, Roland still caught sight of her in the corner of his eyes.

This woman was the secretary and fiancial adviser sent by Garde. Her name was Qingqing, and she had just graduated from a very prominent university. Qingqing was a pretty, talented and efficient worker, a gifted woman, so to speak. Only she knew that the Clover Group bore all the expenses incurred by this project, and the "actual boss" did not have to pay anything.

Perhaps, Qingqing thought Roland was taking advantage of the corporation, so she did not have a very high opinion of him.

Roland, however, did not care about that. He simply needed to give her a raise as well so that she would not complain anymore.

"Of course, this is the joint work of all the staff," Roland said while smiling at the secretary. "If we succeed, I'll double the salary for everyone in the plant!"

"Yes, quite right. You're very considerate, boss," Master Xie rejoined while nodding vigorously.

"No... This is not what I meant...." Qingqing had not expected that Roland would see through her mind. Abashed, she said, "I was just wondering when the corporation could profit..."

Roland waved his hand and said, "We will one day. Don't worry. All of my friends have great ambitions. The corporation will definitely profit from this project. Just wait for the raise."

"Awesome. Awesome," Master Xie said as though he had realized his long-term dream. All the wrinkles on his smiling face were smoothened.

"By the way," Roland said while looking toward Qingqing. "I have a new project to work on. Come with me to the office."

"Boss," Master Xie stopped Roland when the latter was about to leave. "Do you have any other requirements for this tractor? For example, the style and the color?"

It appeared that Master Xie really believed that Roland was making props. Roland shook his head in amusement and said, "As long as it functions well, I don't care about such things very much. But..."

"Please go ahead."

"If possible, I wish the final products could have five pairs of road wheels."

"Not a problem at all," Master Xie promised while patting his chest. "I thought about the mobility of the machine when I designed it. Place the matter in my hand."

As all the workers in the plant ran out to watch the testing of the tractor, the whole plant became exceptionally quiet. Roland noticed that Qingqing had distanced from him after they entered the workshop. She had moved a little farther from him, and the distance between the two increased from the initial two meters to five meters.

Roland was quite amused at her action. It seemed that Garde had not told her that Roland was actually a martialist. Otherwise, she should have known that when a martialist attempted to sexually harrass a girl, the girl would not be able to escape even if she was 50 meters away from the former.

But Roland did not care about his personal image among his employees, as he only wanted his workers to work hard.

Roland sat straight in his seat after getting into the messy office. He jumped right into the business and said, "Well, I have a friend..."

"Here it goes."

Qingqing thought to herself. Every time he talked about a new project, he started with a friend of his. Who would like to squander thousands of hundreds of dollars on tons of rubbish? Qingqing knew that some wealthy people did have strange hobbies, but the boss in front of her did not look remotely like a successful entrepreneur from an affluent family. She was confident of her own judgement.

She graduated from a top university and knew a lot of wealthy people, but she had never seen anyone dress so simple as the boss. True rich people always treated themselves well even if they wanted to keep a low profile. They might purchase clothes by an indie brand, but what they wore and used must be expensive andof good quality. Many young people tended not to, in fact, exhibit their wealth to the public, but this Mr. Roland was wearing the cheapest clothes normally sold by street vendors, without wearing any accessories. Even his vehicle was a battered mini van. He was not keeping a low profile at all...

He was simply poor!

How was that possible that he had wealthy friends?

Qingqing was hired by the Clover Group, the biggest corporation in this city, right after her graduation. She wanted to add some impressing work experience to her resume, but she had not expected that her boss would send her to this small factory to look after so many weird projects. She even started to suspect whether Mr. Garde was scammed, or whether he intended to use this plant to do some shady business.

She was astonished after hearing Roland mention radio communication. Qingqing massaged her forehead while letting out a sigh. This kind of walkie-talkie only cost less than ¥100 online, and they could also directly purchase an antique telegraph machine without necessarily making it by themselves. However, Roland wanted to produce them from scratch like the tractor. Everything must be hand-maded, including all the parts.

This was purely wasting money!

"I don't need professionals. New graduates or people who love radio technologies would do. You can set up a room outside the plant as their office so that I don't have to travel back and forth," Roland explained in detail. "Whatever equipment they need, just approve it. Remember, however, that all the parts should be produced here. They don't have to be perfect though. In fact, the worse the quality is, the better. Make them as desolate anddilapidatedas possible. My friend likes that kind of stuff."

"That's different than giving a raise. I'll have to report to Mr. Garde."

"That's fine," Roland said indifferently. "I think he'll agree."

Just then, his cell phone rang.

It was from the Martialist Association.

Roland picked up the phone after Qingqing left.

"Hello, Mr. Roland," Rock, the Defender's calming voice came over the line. "I have a new task for you. Are you available to pay a visit to Greenleaf Sanatorium this afternoon?"

SincetheDesign Bureau of Graycastle entirely relied on Rock's support, Roland could not refuse the request.

AsRoland had eliminated the magic creatures coming out of the Erosion last time,the Fallen Evils had been pretty quite recently as if they had sensed the danger and withdrawn from this city. As such, the Taquila witches did not find many Fallen Evils to fight.

Roland believed that thingswere not that simple.

The Fallen Evils were aiming for the Forces of Nature of the Awakened, through which they could further weaken the Dream World.With the attack of the Prism City and the beginning of the Martialist Contest, many martialists had gathered here, so the Fallen Evilshad no reason to leave.

It would save Roland a lot of time if the Association obtained new information regarding the Fallen Evils.


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