Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: The Past

Wendy stroked Thylane's head smilingly and said, "Believe it or not, Mystery Moon used to be even shyer than you."

"Ah — S-stop!" Mystery Moon begged. "This was something a long time ago."

"Really? I've never heard of them," Lorgar said while pricking up her ears.

"At that time, she always came to look for me after everybody fell asleep. There were so many interesting stories that it'll probably take me more than one day to — "

"Stop!" Mystery Moon yelled. "What's your condition, Sister Wendy?"

"Don't worry. I won't say anything... But Scroll complained to me yesterday that she has been so busy in the Administrative Office lately, and someone hasn't cleaned up the file room for a long time..."

"I'll go right away. We'll see each other again tonight! Now, please excuse the Detective Group!" Mystery Moon even blinked at the two new witches before she withdrew.

"That was boring," the wolf girl said while twitching her lips and crossed the yard with the others. "I'll go help her as well because I'm such a nice person."

Grayrabbit elbowed Ring after all the witches left and muttered, "I think Lorgar doesn't want to be labeled as a 'lazy' person, so she went to offer help."

"Er... really?"

Momo, however, at this point, burst into a laugh.

Thylane was a little surprised. The smile faded away instantly, but it was the first smile since Momo had escaped from her master.

"You'll like it here, although it can be a little too noisy sometimes. But you'll get used to it," Wendy explained gently. "Come, I'll show you your room."

Thylane was utterly astonished after the tour.

She had never imagined such a comfortable room. Although it was not spacious by any means, it was equipped with everything. Even the mattress was soft and clean. Thylane had seen a noble's bedroom before. In fact, although shackled, she had been staying in her master's bedroom for years. Nevertheless, the bed and the cotton fabrics here were far better than those in her master's room.

When Wendy urged her to try the bed, Thylane could not help sighing comfortably. She almost succumbed to the fatigue that had been constantly trying to take her over during the trip, and, for a second, she did not want to get up.

Momo also felt the same way.

Wendy explained that the mattress was supported by hundreds of springs, which was why it was so soft. No matter what your sleeping position was, the bed would be able to support your body perfectly.

Thylane did not know what a spring was, but she somehow understood that it was made of steel, a material normally used to make armors. She was not sure whether she should say this was a creative innovation or a pure waste of resources.

The mattress was just one of the amazing things here.

For example, water automatically came out from the tap.

The mirror in the bathroom reflected every single hair on her body.

There was soft anti-slippery floor.

The lamp was powered by magic.

Even the simplest wooden furniture looked somewhat different. Thylane did not know what made them different, but they were excellent. Compared to the noble's grand mansion, this room felt more like a "home".

Wendy said, "The Witch Building went through several refurbishments. In the past three years, many sisters helped with the renovations. Some of the technologies applied to the Witch Building are also applied to the Castle District and the new residential area. Of course, if you want to be the first person to experience the latest technologies, the Witch Building would be the best option."

"Can we really... live here?" Momo asked hesitantly.

"Yes, but you'll have to join the Witch Union first."

"Is it optional?" Thylane asked in surprise.

For a moment, Wendy looked sorrowful. "Because many of us suffered a lot in the Witch Cooperation Association. Well, let's not talk about this. Anyway, it's up to you. Do you remember the questions the officer asked you at the customs?"

Thylane nodded. At that time, only she and Momo had been taken to that room, so she had been nervous for quite a while.

"These questions are only put to witches. People who possess magic power can bring more damage than ordinary people if they have an ill will. Once they confirm that you pose no threat to Neverwinter, you can live anywhere in the city. In fact, apart from the Witch Union, there's also a similar organization called the Sleeping Spell, which was founded by escaped witches. The leader of this organization is King Roland Wimbledon's sister." Wendy paused for a second and then resumed, "Of course, you can also choose not to join any organizations and live on your own. I'll also help you settle down, in my own capacity, of course."

"But our abilities..."

"That isn't the point. The point is what life you want to live," Wendy said with a smile while shaking her head. "If you don't mind it, can you tell me your past?"

Thylane felt a warmth steal through her.

She felt that she could trust this red-haired woman.

Even if this was just an illusion, she did not want to walk away.

Perhaps, everything would disappear in the end, but now, she wanted to stay here a bit longer.

Thylane bit her lip and slowly divulged her past experience.

Before she had become a witch, she had been just the same as any person in the village. After she was awakened, like so many witches, she was banished, hated and persecuted. Just when she was about to give up, she heard about the Bloodfang Association and believed it might be somewhere she could settle down. Having a strong desire to seek protection, Thylane survived the relentless pursuit of the church and arrived at the Archduke Island where she contacted the agent of the Bloodfang Association.

She had never expected that what awaited her was an even more terrible disaster.

The Bloodfang Association not only turned her away but also sold her to a noble in the Kingdom of Wolfheart. In the next few years, she had been sold several times before she met her master, who used her ability as an entertainment. The "magic pill" could delay not only pain but also other emotions such as anxiety and pleasure.

Nevertheless, the pill could not eliminate pain or provide treatment. Once the effect of the drug faded away, the pain would all come back and become even more intense. If a person sustained serious injuries in the first place, the second wave of pain might be fatal.

Her previous master thus treated her simply as a plaything. He took her pill to indulge in more intense sensual pleasures. In addition to that, he also asked her to serve other nobles as a way to bond with them. This was how Thylane met Momo and some other witches betrayed by the Bloodfang Association.

It was not until that point that she realized that the so-called "home for witches" was a fraud jointly created by the Bloodfang Association and the nobles. It was easier to wait for witches to contact the association themselves than going out to seek them voluntarily. Later, to Thylane's great horror, fewer and fewer witches showed up in this "secret party" after the church invaded the Kingdom of Wolfheart. Finally, there were only her and Momo left.

Then she overheard from one noble that the church ordered the nobles to hand the witches over to the church or execute them in private, and she quavered at the various ways of execution.

Thylane thus decided to leave with Momo when the city descended to chaos caused by the Church of Hermes.

Their escaping method was to make the nobles overdose the "magic pill".


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