Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249: Civilization

The reason was pretty simple. Compared to the summoning type of magic, the attaching magic type was more suitable for the magic core. Take Anna's Blackfire as an instance. Even if the magic core had the exact same cyclone, it could not release or withdraw the power as freely as Anna. However, for the attaching magic type, they only needed to inject magic power into it to activate the instrument.

Mystery Moon had the ability to convert magnetic force into various types of energy, which would largely benefit Neverwinter.

Dawn I had always been a rare energy resource. Even with the help of Doris, it barely sufficed the need. With the expansion of the industry, they would soon run out of power.

Power generation and transmission was a very complicated science, and it was even more difficult than mechanics. Roland could produce electric motors and lightbulbs by applying what he had learned about electricity in the middle school, but it was impossible for him to build a reliable electrical grid.

He had also brought a lot of books regarding electricity from the Dream World but could hardly understood them. He recognized every single word in the book but did not understand what that meant. Therefore, he abandoned his ambition of learning on his own but put hope in the Taquila witches. Perhaps, in 10 or 20 years' time, the Taquila witches would play an important role in the electricity industry, but they definitely could not help Neverwinter right now.

As such, his most important task at present became how to increase the production of Dawn I.

Workers in the plants could work at night, and residents could study if there was electricity. The power system, in a sense, could be also viewed as a time device.

Celine believed that there were no technical difficulties, as the original carrier had a far better understanding of magic power than human beings. Ordinary witches could only confirm the magic type and power level by using a Stone of Measuring. However, Celine could picture the cyclone once Mystery Moon demonstrated her ability.

When Roland brought Mystery Moon here, the little girl was, suprisingly, not very cooperative.

She mumbled, "If the magic core replaces me... will you still need me?"

It took Roland quite a long time to persuade her.

Mystery Moon's condition was that the magic core that simulated her power should be named after her.

Mystery Moon protested, "In that way, you'll still remember me even if you no longer need my help. Also, as a compensation, can I have two more bottles of Chaos Drinks?"

That was how she was brought here, accompanied by Lily.

It would take a few days to adjust the magic core and design an electrical grid that could transmit power throughout the whole city. Although Roland only used basic knowledge of electricity engineering such as series connections and parallel connection, and tried to simply the calculation as much as possible, the design was pretty much all he could do.

Meanwhile, Neverwinter greeted a group of unexpected visitors.

Rex came to the city with ten members of the Society of Wondrous Crafts and requested to see the King of Graycastle.

Roland soon met this unusual explorer from the Fjords in the parlor.

"I thought you wouldn't come here anymore."

Roland asked the servant to bring tea and desserts.

It had been three months since the departure of Rex and his party from Neverwinter. Had they not been continuously shipping the relics from the Southernmost Region, Roland would have probably forgot about them.

Roland studied this group of people attentatively.

All of them were windswept. It appeared that only those who were not used to travel by sea at the Fjords would tend to find another way to make a living.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty," Rex said, a little embarrassed. "It took me too long to assemble the members of Society of Wondrous Crafts. Although you've already given me the book, still many people question my authority and are not willing to share their research. They thought I'm as crazy as Fan when I told them that there was indeed an artifact that would enable men to fly in the sky."

"Then what about these people here?"

"They believe you, Your Majesty," Rex said as he swept a bow. "This time, everyone brought their families here and decided to settle down in Neverwinter. We'll accept any conditions you offer."

"Very well," said Roland as he sipped his tea. "You'll become residents of Graycastle after the Administrative Office complete the evaluation." In fact, giving him the book was also another form of screening. People joined the Society of Wondrous Crafts only because they had no alternative way to make a living, so there must be both good and bad members. If they did not have the capability to understand the book, there would be no point in recruiting them.

"What do you mean by evaluation?"

"A standard procedure that you must go through before officially becoming a Graycastle resident. They'll take down your information. Don't worry, it's not a contract or anything."

Everyone was profoundly relieved. It was obvious that although they had brought their families here, they were still quite uncertain about their future.

Perhaps, he should say something to make them feel more at home.

Roland thus summoned his guard, Sean.

"Your Majesty, what can I do for you?"

"These people are my guests. Show them around and let them get familiar with the new king's city of Graycastle," Roland said as he extended out his hands. "Especially the Miracle Building. If they found their new society there, they'll also need an office on the top floor. So you'd better first let them get an idea what that place looks like."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

After the group of confused people left with Sean, Roland said in a low voice in amusement to Nightingale, "You go follow them."

Two hours later, Nightingale came back to the office.

"How about it? Roland asked and poured her a glass of Chaos Drink.

"I knew it was going to be like that," Nightingale said as she twitched her lips and drained the glass. "You're just like a kid showing off your toys. Rest assured. Now, I'm sure they won't leave even if you ask them to."

"You're wrong. I just want to give them more confidence."

Nightingale rolled her eyes.

"Ahem, alright. Maybe you're right."

"Glad to hear," Nightingale snapped and shoveled the empty glass under Roland's nose. "Do you want to hear more about it?"

"Yes," Roland admitted quickly.

"Then two more bottles of drink."

As the Miracle Building was the landmark of Neverwinter, one could view half of the city from the roof of the building, including the mining area at the North Slope Mountain enveloped by thick smoke, as well as the Redwater River filled with various different concrete boats. Trains carrying raw materials ran in between, and a little farther on in the south, one could see biplanes flit across the sky. At night, the plants were alive with lights, and the glitters reflected off the surface of the water like shiny stars.

This was exactly what Roland had expected.

For those who had never seen such a scene, the moment they ascended the roof, they met a whole new world.

The spectators would be able to witness the splendid human civilization from there.


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