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Release that Witch Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248: The Use of the Core

In Neverwinter, Graycastle.

Within a week, the intelligence gathered by the First Army not only confirmed that the Red Mist had appeared to the north of the Kingdom of Everwinter but also provided Roland with a glimpse of the status of the evacuation campaign.

As Edith had predicted, the demons invaded the Kingdom of Everwinter before the Red Mist had completely spread out. They had largely shortened the process of growing a Birth Tower and had started attacking human beings from all directions. The immigration unit of the First Army had already fought the demons. Apparently, the demons had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

According to the report from Iron Axe, the result of the battle was not very optimistic. During the retreat, several units were raided, and the retreat thus turned into a flight. Soldiers were scattered by the frightened refugees. The casualties had mounted up to over 300, which was almost the same as the casualties during the night raid in Taquila. The refugees suffered a even greater loss.

The demons had apparently caught everyone offguard.

The dispersion of the advanced troops of the First Army did expediate the immigration campaign, but it also weakened their fighting capacity at the same time.

Fortunately, Roland had promised the army that no punishment would be inflicted on deserters if the desertion was for the purpose of survival. Therefore, no soldiers had turned into bandits. All of them gradually retreated to the Kingdom of Wolfheart and got in contact with the garrison there.

If those soldiers fled, the army in the north of the Kingdom of Everwinter might be flattened.

Those soldiers who had returned to the army would provide additional support to the local troops as well as important information to the commander.

For example, many units reported that they encountered a type of new Monstrous Beast not seen on the manual.

A unit that had successfully retreated to the Northernmost Port in the Kingdom of Everwinter mentioned that the demon put a new type of Spidery Monstrous Beast into use, which was even harder to deal with than the two well-known Spider demons. Neither mortars nor anti-demon grenades could effectively impale them. Only the 152-caliber Longsong Cannon could cause them damage.

As for the other Monstrous Beasts, Roland currently only obtained a description of their physical appearance. Their abilities remained unknown.

The Monstrous Beasts had apparently upgraded from the war.

The executives thus held several meetings after receiving the intelligence. The ministers had reached an agreement that they should stop the demons from advancing as soon as possible to earn more time for the immigration plan.

The officials had evidently benefited a lot from the rapid increase in the population of Neverwinter as more people joined in the production.

Roland thought so too. Yet unfortunately, this was the fastest he could do. He wanted to send thousands of people to the Kingdom of Wolfheart at once, but first of all, he needed to have enough ammunition.

Therefore, although Roland had already issued the command, it still took a long time for the army to assemble. This was different from the expedition to Taquila. During the expedition to Taquila, the army had advanced along the railway, where they had relied on the Blackriver and Leaf to sustain the logistics. Now, they lacked transportation facilities, so the General Staff had to find an alternative solution.

Roland also noticed another thing in the report.

He noticed that the successful escape of the unit should be attributed to the support of the shallow water gunboats. Meanwhile, the "Roland" arrived in a timely fashion because Zooey and Carol had abandoned the magic core that they treasured the most. This made Roland realize that the ancient witches could possibly use the relic of the underground civilization well in this war.

He thus contacted the three Senior Witches from Taquila directly.

Through the light screen, Pasha, Alethea and Celine's giant bodies covered in tentacles appeared on the wall.

Roland quickly shared his idea.

"You mean... that we should use the Instrument of Divine Retribution as a power converter?" Celine asked.

"Not only the Instrument of Divine Retribution but also all the magic cores," Roland said with a nod.

In theory, the magic cores could simulate all kinds of witch power, provided that the ancient witches adjusted the structure of their cyclones. There were four magic cores retrieved from the underground civilization in total, the largest of which was the most special one. Its cyclone was very complicated. According to the deciphered records, it was also the secret weapon that the underground civilization had put great hope in. Because of this, the ancient witches called it the Instrument of the Divine Retribution.

However, only the Chosen One could activate the the Instrument of Divine Retribution, but Roland did not possess magic power. So, for a very long time, this secret weapon had been sitting in the underground hall quietly.

If they could transform the cores into various magic power, it would be much more helpful than letting them just sit here.

The only problem was that the magic cores could not be replicated. Once they lost one, they lost it forever. That was the reason for the rift between the Taquila witches and the Starfall City. Many Union members had even lost their lives for it.

At the early stage of the coalition of the Taquila witches and the First Army, Roland had promised that he would not force the witches to hand over the magic cores. Even though the Taquila witches had now pledged alliance to him, Roland still wanted to first obtain their permission.

Alethea said hesitantly, "Your Majesty, you could do anything with it if you were in the Third Border City. However, I'm worried that you would damage it if you transfer it out of the cave."

Roland felt very hopeful, as even Alethea, the most stubborn one, demonstrated a sign of approval. He said quickly, "I'll certainly take caution and handle it with reasonable care. No intruders should be able to destroy it, but I'm afraid that wear and tear as a result of multiple uses will be inevitable. However, it's better than storing it away."

Alethea looked toward Celine and said, "How long will it take to transform the Instrument of Divine Retribution into a magic device and restore it?"

"I think... it'll probably take 10 years," Celine estimated. "The cyclone is too complicated. If there's wear and tear, then we'll probably never be able to restore it. However, I agree with His Majesty..."


"Then the magic core can, at least, contribute to the war against the demons," Pasha rejoined. "Now, we don't need to look for the Chosen One anymore."

Alethea lapsed into a long silence before she said, "Alright. Since you all agree, then I have no issues with that either."

For a split second, Roland saw Celine tap her main tentacle. She said, "See? I persuaded them."

Obviously, she was only talking to Roland.

Before Roland could respond, Pasha continued, "You should take the witches in the Quest Society more often to the Dream World, Your Majesty."

Without a doubt, Pasha was bribing him.

Roland was amused.

"So," Celine said as she put up a straight face, although the original carrier did not actually display emotions anyway. "What kind of power do you want the Instrument of Divine Retribution to transform into?"

Roland had known the answer a long time ago. He replied, "Mystery Moon's magnetic force. I don't think it'll be too complicated, right?"

Celine said with a smile, "Leave it to me, Your Majesty."


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