Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240: The Witches' War

"Huh? Surrounded? Stop acting. Sir Alpha can sense every single fluctuation of the Force of Nature � " Before the martial artists could finish, a flying box hit him right in the nose. He was thrown into the air and flew backwards, and he stopped dead.

Another traitor gaped at the witches who came out all of a sudden from all directions. Some came down from the sky and some from underneath, but most of them just came out of nowhere, as though they had been waiting for them for quite a long time.

This did not make any sense. Those women were no more than 10 meters from him. Even if they did not possess the Force of Nature, he should have heard their breath and footsteps!

Why did the scout not alarm him beforehand?

But he had no time to think it over.

Instantly, the two parties started to fight.

The quiet port was stirred.

Ling was hiding in the shadow. Light and shadow always came hand in hand. Although the dump site was lit by the street lights, the shadow cast by the boxes created a perfect hiding spot for her.

She had nailed her target already. Those Fallen Evils at the highpoint, which cast a long shadow on the ground and were fused with the darkness, gave her a perfect opportunity to launch an attack. If someone took a peek at Ling from behind, he would be totally shocked. Ling's body had merged into the shadow in the entirety, with only half of her head poking out. Several bubbles escaped from her nostrils silently.

Ling liked submerging into shadows. It was a warmer and more comfortable sensation than bathing in a hot spring. She had thought that she would never be able to have this pleasure again after turning into a God's Punishment Witch, until Phyllis had informed her of this incredible world a year ago.

It was a world of wonder that could bring her back to the past.

Ling had fallen in love with this world the first time she had visited it.

King Roland had transformed from a mortal with a strong personality into the Chosen One, whose authority could not be challenged, despite that he could not activate the instrument. Ling, Pasha and Celine always nagged Roland to take them to the Dream World. Ling had also persuaded Roland to pick her as the guardian of the three witches who were sent to school.

Ling knew that she had demons to kill, but it did not hurt to relax herself every now and then.

Anyone who attempted to cause His Majesty harm or destroy the Dream World was deemed as the mortal enemy of the Taquila witches.

As soon as the command was issued, Ling rose out of the shadow like a ghost and dived a dagger into one Fallen Evil's chest.

Ordinary weapons could not fatally wound a Fallen Evil. Therefore, she had to also inject magic power into it. Ling could feel the Fallen Evil's energy become unstable. It seemed that the two powers were interfering with each other. This proved His Majesty's theory in a way: the Force of Nature and magic power were essentially the same thing. They were both from the "Erosion".

Ling would only need to take out the corrupted core before the Fallen Evil collapsed into a pulp.

The moment that Fallen Evil fell, Ling flew several meters, passed a few boxes, and landed behind another Fallen Evil.

The fight was fierce below.

Soon, she eradicated all the scouts.

Ling stood on the highest point of the dump site and watched the battle from above. All the witches were as powerful as 400 years ago. In fact, they became even faster after receiving intense training after becoming God's Punishment Warriors. Nevertheless, Ling was more pleased with the high morale than their progress in fighting skills.

Betty's immense strength made her temporarily a Transcendent. She held an iron box single-handed and pushed her way through a group of Fallen Evils.

Twinkle and Phyllis were still the best partners. Every time Twinkle blinded their enemies with her ability, Phyllis' Blade Claws would reach the vital parts of the enemy's body.

Dawnen and Rother also did a wonderful job. Ling thought of the fierce battle back in Taquila age. She cast a glance at Roland. Perhaps, Roland did not even realize that the Dream World did not only provide the witches with mundane pleasures but also alleviated their stress.

They had gone through the darkest time of their life in the several hundred years after the fall of the three Holy Cities and the collapse of the Union. Everybody invested all their strength in adapting to their new bodies. The loss of sensations made them gradually forget about life enjoyment. Since they had no clues as to who the Chosen one was, everyone was stressed out. Even though they could switch bodies, their morale decreased every day. Ling had even doubted, at that time, that they would die of pressure rather than be killed by demons.

But the teeming Third Border City injected new hopes into them. They started to discuss which restaurant had the best take-out food, and the lost past gradually came back to them. Even if there were no Dream World, they would still be able to enjoy their life. This was so different from hundreds of years ago.

Ling knew all the other witches felt the same way, and that was why they had such a high morale.

They could not tolerate any Erosions in the Dream World.

She thus leaped into the air, jumped right onto one Fallen Evils, and joined the battle.

The moment Betty threw out the box, Roland dashed forward and struck the leader.

Based on his past experience, Roland knew that it was very difficult to deal with the red and black area and the black tentacles generated by the magic creature. Even witches would find a hard time getting rid of them.

However, the magic creature could not do any harm to Roland. As long as Roland held the leader back, the witches would finish the rest of the enemies off.

As Roland had expected, Alpha could not escape from his clutch, and his contemptuous tone changed.


"I told you that I'm the creator," Roland cut cross him, leaving him no chance to argue. He had already known what the leader was going to say. "I don't care whether you're an Apostle or not. I don't give it a damn!" Roland pushed the man down to the ground and punched him in the face over and over again while mumbling furiously under his breath, until the man's mask cracked and revealed the astrolabe underneath.

The man's face was the core.

Roland pulled out the astrolabe immediately.

In a split second, the energy within him erupted from his palm and turned into a dazzling light beam that surrounded the astrolobe. As though attracted by the light beam, the cores of the Fallen Evils all fell off and splintered into thousands of glitters that gradually converged and lit the dark sky.

Roland, once again, felt that this world was changing.

However, this was not the end. The light beam became increasingly brighter and finally enveloped him! Roland felt that something was swarming into his head. An excruciating pain seared through him, and he almost lost his consciousness.

His vision blurred, and everything in front of him was reduced to a snow screen that he usually saw on the television in 70s.

He then heard hissing noises.

On the static noise screen, Roland saw a large pit.


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