Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237: Observation

Roland was positive that the Senior Demon he remembered was, at that time, standing on a platform and teaching two upgraded demons fighting techniques. Her white muslin clothes swirling behind her formed a glaring contrast with the churning Red Mist pond down below, and her third eye on the forehead was glistening. He would never forget such an incredible scene.

Although the patient did not have that distinctive third eye, she, for some reason, resembled that Senior Demon. Roland was thus aroused by this demon martialist named "Valkries".

When it was his turn to shake hands, Roland did not leave immediately but stopped at her bedside.

"Are you living the in the modular apartment?"

Everyone, who was about to withdraw from the room, was all taken back as Roland spoke.

Valkries remained expressionless. After a moment of reflection, she shook her head.

Roland remembered that the female demon was actually a lot older than Zero, so she should not be one of Zero's captures.

"Do you have a twin sister by any chance, or someone who looks like you?" Roland pursued as he pointed at his own forehead. "For example, someone with an eye on her forehead?"

The crowd was stirred. The Defender coughed in embarrassment and reminded promptly, "Mr. Roland."

"Just a minute," Roland said as he waved his hand. "You just reminded me of someone I know."

Valkries spoke in the same indifferent manner, "No."

"How could that be possible? I've never seen anyone on the Cargarde Peninsula who has a third eye," someone mumbled. "There are people who have three fingers though."

"Alright..." Roland conceded but suddenly burst out boldly, "Charita!"

Valkries, however, did not respond at all as though still in a daze.

If Valkries was a demon from the other world, she should have understood the demon language and had some reaction.

It appeared that she really had nothing to do with that Senior Demon Roland knew.

Roland shrugged, extended out his right hand and said, "I hope you feel better soon, return to the Association, and fight the Erosion together."

She hesitated for a second and slowly stretched out her hand.

The moment the two hands touched each other, Roland could not help uttering a surprised exclamation.

The Defender asked a little irritably, "What's the matter?"

"Her hand is so cold... and a little wet as well."

The onlookers gaffawed. Roland could hear them comment derisively under their breath.


"Why did they pick such a brainless young man as the representative of the traditional martialists?"

"There, there. The patient needs some rest. Let's visit the next one," the doctor said while shaking his head. "What a mess..."

Roland shrugged. As the creator of the Dream World, he did not really care about what other people thought of him. Since he could not get anything out of Valkries, there was no point in continuing to stay here. He thus cast Valkries one last glance and left the room.


Valkries was still in a shock after everyone left.

She had just experienced the most difficult 15 minutes in her life. She had never thought that one day, she would exercise all her effort just to keep her face straight. It had almost cost all her energy.

When that man came up to her, Valkries felt all her blood within freeze. She would never forget that person. In the memory of the Silent Disaster, she had seen the exact same person stand on the other side of the legacy shard, watching the Silent Disaster being besieged by tentacles.

She had not only been watching but also experiencing it herself. Therefore, she had also been somewhat affected by the Silent Disaster's emotions. As Valkries had also been quite shocked and flustered at that time, she immediately associated Roland with the man in the Silent Disaster's memory when she saw him.

Her previous assumptions were all wrong, and she had to admit that there was a third possibility. The quaver of the Realm of Mind told her something. She had been on the right track, and this world was created by that man. In other words, Roland was the creator of this territory.

Had she met Roland in the real world, she would have immediately killed him. Like most of the upgraded demons, Valkries also possessed extraordinary fighting capacity. No matter how powerful Roland was, she would make every effort to finish him.

Nevertheless, things were a little different in the Realm of Mind. According to the king, nobody could kill him in his own territory. The king was an omnipotent and omnscient sort of existence that was almost like God to her. The king could be exaggerating, but Valkries did not dare take a chance.

She knew very well that she could encounter something worse than death. If Roland also had the ability to probe into her memories, the information she knew may jeopardize her entire clan.

Therefore, she must be extra cautious when dealing with such a tough enemy.

Fortunately, eveything was still uncertain. Valkries could tell that Roland was also in the process of figuring out her true identity. He did not have terrifying perspicacity like the king. Valkries was dimly aware that Roland had seen her somewhere. Although she did not know how, his act of demeanor told her that he remembered her.

Most likely he had met her in the other world.

Otherwise, he would not have asked her whether she had seen anybody with a third eye. The third eye on her forehead was actually the magic stone she had obtained during her third upgrade.

Also, the word "charita" meant "hero" in the ancient language.

Valkries stretched out her hand and studied it up and down. She thought of the moment Roland had touched her hand.

Her breath had almost stopped when Roland had uttered the exclamation. Luckily, she had successfully fooled him. Valkries still remembered the purpose of this trip. It was not only a challenge but also an opportunity. She had easily found the key person in the human race. As a male, he had inherited the legacy shard and also repelled the Silent Disaster with his mind. Beyond a doubt, this man possessed a lot of information that the clan did not know. She must get to the bare truth of it.

Valkries was sure that this man created this world to achieve something, just as the king created the Presiding Holy See to better manage his subordinates. She sniffed conspiracies here from the words "Fallen Evils", "fight" and "Erosion". Therefore, she must figure out what kind of schemes this man was planning in the Realm of Mind.

The conference that the doctor had mentioned might provide her a glimpse of what was going on.

Valkries clenched her fist at this thought.

Roland... right?

Now, I remember you!


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