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Release that Witch Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200: The Will of the King of Graycastle

"Now?" the guard asked blankly. "Right away?"


Usually, according to common practices of the nobility, he should let the embassador rest for a few days and welcome him with a sumptuous banquet. At least, he should have set up a meeting time beforehand, possibly at night. After all, the embassador represented the King of Graycastle, and thus should be treated with formality to some degree.

However, Jean couldn't wait any longer. Had it not been rainy outside, he would have rushed to the dock and met this embassador himself. Such a huge fleet would definitely draw the attention of the Tusk and the Redstone Gate Families. If either of them got in touch with Graycastle before him, things would become very complicated.

With this thought, Jean Bate said to the guard, "By the way, tell the Graycastle delegation that I'm the sole authority that governs the Sedimentation Bay."

"Yes, sir."

Yet after the guard left at his bidding, Jean suddenly regretted his impulsive action.

He should not have said "right away". What if the embassador wanted to follow and observe the tradition first then call him a few days later?

Jean blamed his own vanity at the bottom of his heart. He should have been more straightforward.

And why did it rain right as he wanted to go out?

The baron felt miserable.

But surprisingly, the guard returned within an hour and brought him a good news.

"Sir, they're coming."

Jean Bate stood bolt upright and said, "Take them to my parlour immediately."


The baron soon met the embassador from Graycastle.

There were only ten people who came, and half of them were soldiers that were guarding outside the door. The rest were all formally dressed, whom Jean gathered were assistants and clerks. The one in the middle was apparently the embassador himself. He noticed that the coats they were wearing were waterproof, as all of them were dry despite the pouring rain outside. The material of their coats had a bright, fresh color. It was, however, neither fur nor leather.

It appeared that the rumor which Graycastle did produce many curious items was true.

However, Jean squeezed his eyebrow as he looked on the embassador. The embassador was definitely a Mojin by his look. Why could a Mojin, who usually served as a slave here, be a noble in Graycastle?

Even though he was shocked, the baron showed a hearty smile and completely hid his emotions. He spread out his hands and said, "I'm the lord of the Sedimentation Bay. As you can see, this is a beautiful and bustling city, a wonderful place for you to take a rest. May I know what brought you here today?"

The baron was speaking in such a humble courteous manner, and he was confident that even a duke would receive him with some civilities.

But the Mojin remained expressionless. He replied flatly, "My name is Iron Axe, the commander of the First Army and also the supervisor of this expedition. Let's save the small talk. The Kingdom of Everwinter and the Kingdom of Wolfheart will soon become a battlefield. I came here on the order of the King of Graycastle, Chief of the Mojin clan, and ruler of the Fertile Plains, King Roland Wimbledon, to save your all."

"What the heck?"

Jean Bate could not believe what he had just heard, wondering what the Chief meant and where the Fertile Plains was. Was the embassador making a war threat against the Kingdom of Everwinter and the Kingdom of Wolfheart? Why did he threaten him outright without negotiation?


Instead, it was Zum who replied first, "Is the First Army the army that defeated the church?"

"Yes," Iron Axe affirmed with a nod.

"Sir Iron Axe, we obviously don't want to see a war here, but we can't make the decision on our own. There will always be someone who will attempt to resist. If you could persuade them, then we can avoid this war." Zum retorted.

Jean nodded vigorously, and he was glad that Zum did a good job. In that case, the Redstone Gate and the Tusk had to fight as well. He looked at Iron Axe triumphantly but was surprised to see a hint of sarcasm in Iron Axe's eyes.

Iron Axe said placidly, "You don't have a choice. The entire human race will have to fight when the enemy comes. In fact, this war has already begun in a place you don't know. I think you've heard about some rumors about the church, the Divine Will, and the attack of a foreign race."

Jean Bate gaped. As the lord of the port city, he had indeed heard about such things from marine merchants. However, these groundless rumors could only serve as the subject of public discussion but not a proper diplomatic topic at the negotiation table. Nonetheless, judging from the embassador's tone, Jean realized he was serious.

"Yes, these are all true," Iron Axe said slowly and firmly.

Thunders began to roar outside the window.

"Wow, are they all made out of iron?" Smarty asked as he leaned dramatically on the stable fences.

"Even iron will rust. In my opinion, they aren't human," White answered as he wiped the water off the horseback and fumbled his wet clothes. "Will a reasonable person stands in the rain? Only a lunatic will do that."

Within an hour, hundreds of people exited from the ships and took control of the whole harbor. Pedlars were dispersed by the storm, but these men put up tents in the middle of the square. A few moments later, dark green sheds filled half of the dock.

In addition to the tents, Graycastle men also set up tube-shaped obstacles on the crossroad and some higher parts of the road. These metal tubes did not look like weapons, but they glinted in the rain, giving White a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Each "tube" was guarded by soldiers. Although everyone was wearing a waterproof cloak, it was impossible to stay completely dry in this weather. Gusts of wind were so furious that they sent rushes of rain in every direction. White could envision how water trickled down through those soldiers' collars and soaked their clothes.

It must be awful to stand out there.

The Sedimentation Bay was wet and rainy all year round, so the local lord had built many temporary sheds in the dock area. However, these soldiers took no notice of them. They stood straight in their gleamy cloaks like rocks.

"Men from Graycastle are crazy..." White mumbled to himself.

"Hmm, weird," Smarty muttered.

"What now?" White said gruffly.

"Look at those cargo ships, then look at those outside the harbor," Smarty said. "The ones outside the harbour are three-masted sailing ships, but they're shallow on the draft."

"What's a draft?"

"Just view it as a measurement for the cargo weight," Smarty said dismissively. "Even though these cargo ships have been unloaded, they're still much deeper on the draft than the sailing ships outside. I don't understand. What are the Graycastle men up to? Are they bluffing about their forces?"

"What are you talking about?" White said impatiently.

"My point is... that these ships might be empty!" Smarty replied in a subdued voice.


Jean Bate did not pull himself together until Iron Axe finished.

He had just heard about the long, distant history of the wars between humans and demons, that this war took place every four hundred years, and that this time, the demons were very likely to invade the interior from the Impassable Mountain Range!

"Are you... sure?" Jean remembered that the north of the Kingdom of Everwinter was girdled by endless mountains and steep cliffs. How could the demons invade from there?

"No, I'm not sure. That's why I brought my scouts here," Iron Axe said while shrugging. "However, whichever direction the demons come from, it won't make a difference. We have to unite together and defend this continent. Otherwise, mankind will be exterminated."

The baron suddenly had a queer feeling as if he were walking in his dream. He knew his clerk and guards all felt the same way.

"Ahem, alright then. Let's suppose that what you said was all true," Jean said after clearing his throat. "So why did the King of Graycastle send you here? Isn't the Kingdom of Everwinter where you are suppose to be?"

"It is, and don't you worry about that. What we want here is very simple, that is, to save as many people as possible from this war, including freemen, slaves, refugees and vagabonds," Iron Axe paused for a moment and then continued, "except nobles. Nobles shall make their own choices. If you cooperate with the First Army, we'll return your properties, land, titles and so on when we depart. If you try to stop us..."

Jean swallowed.

"You'll be the First Army's enemy," Iron Axe finished his sentence coldly.


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