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Release that Witch Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196: The Reason to Fly

A soldier started the plane and turned on the valve. The aircraft immediately started to shake violently, the engine began to roar, and the propeller spun at a tremendous speed.

When the roar turned into a steady buzz, Good slowly pushed the gas lever, and the plane, as if being pulled by an invisible force, started to slide on the runway.

"Wow..." the crowd exclaimed impressively.

Good felt greatly encouraged, as he had not expected that it would really work. He was now truly operating this giant steel beast!

Good turned his head toward Princess Tilly who was sitting on the left side of the wing, her gray hair streaming behind her, a twinge of smile in her eyes. Was the princess... content with his performance? Good became more confident, believing he should have no problem passing this trial as long as he followed Tilly's instructions.

However, the princess did not say anything.

Good cast glances at Tilly numerous times, but Tilly was determined to maintain her silence, with faint yet playful smile lingering on her lips. When the plane crossed halfway through the runway, Good suddenly came to the realization that he would probably not receive any instructions during the entire trial.

"Considering it's your first time flying a plane, I'll walk you through the process one step at a time."

Princess Tilly's promise did not apply to him who had broken the school rules.

The other students would have a second chance, but he would not.

His enthusiasm was instantly quenched by a surge of disappointment and regret.

"If you don't make me say anything, then it definately would be your best performance."

Good somehow comprehended what Her Highness had meant. If he could not fly the plane all by himself, he would be expelled, which was a price he had to pay for breaking the rules. If he proved his talent to the princess, then he would have some value for further education.

Could he really fly the plane on his own?

Now he had already used up two thirds of the distance, and a patch of grass gradually swam into his view, followed by the wall that encircled the airport. If he ran directly into the wall, even Miss Nana would not be able to save him.

There's no time.

Good wanted to pull back the gas lever, as this seemed to be the only way to slow down the plane and avoid a direct clash.

However, the next moment, he felt a hand pat on his head.

"Do you like... flying?"

Rachel's voice reverberated next to his ears.


Yes, if he were a bird, there should be another way.

Which was to fly over the wall.

If he slowed down now, his journey would end here.

It was a second that contained eternity. Good grasped the lever and pushed it forward.

The engine instantly roared like thunder.

The wall streaked toward him!

Good jerked the plane up ten meters in front of the wall. As the plane shook violently, the runway sank below him and slid out of his sight. The patch of grass flitted below him. For a moment, Good felt weightless. The ground plummeted as he soared into the air!

"Faster! A little faster!" Good's eyes widened as the top of the wall pressed in. He was ready to embrace the crash.

But the crash never happened.

It shot up into the sky. All the obstacles in front of him disappeared, and Good saw a view he had never beheld. The academy, the coastline, and Neverwinter far away spun below him, his mind clearer and his heart lightened as the truth of operating a plane dawned on him.

Good wanted to whoop.

It was so wonderful that human beings could finally fly.


After he landed, Good knelt down before Princess Tilly.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I saw something that could only exist in my dream."

During the trial that had lasted half an hour, Good had completed the basic flight maneuvers, including climbs and hovering, although with some difficulties.

There was nothing more he could do about his marks.

Even if he failed, the memory of this flight would be engraved in his heart. From now on, whenever he closed his eyes, he would remember this unique experience.

"Why did you join the Aerial Knight Academy?"

Tilly's voice came from above.

Good hesitated for a moment before he replied truthfully, "Your Highness, at first I just wanted to earn some income. Later, I wanted to be a successful man. Now, I've fallen in love with flying."

"I can give you money and fame, and also offer you a pilot job, provided that you promise to kill as many demons as you can," Tilly said coolly. "Fight for Graycastle and kill every demon that comes into your view. You have to exchange everything I give you with their blood. This is the duty of an aerial knight, the purpose of building this school. If you could do that, then report to Eagle Face."

Good looked up in excitement and said, "Your Highness, do you mean — "

"You passed," Tilly said and whipped around without looking back.

The trial did not end until 5:00 in the afternoon. Two out of sixteen were knocked out.

Finkin and Hinds also passed the trial.

After the students were dispersed, Finkin and Hinds grabbed Good by the arm, pulled him next to them and said, "Are you mental? Princess Tilly told us we only needed to take off and land properly to pass. Not only did you almost run into the wall, but you also flew out of the academy and hovered above the sea. Weren't you afraid that you would crash the plane?"

"That was an accident," Good thought to himself while rolling his eyes, then he said, "Didn't Her Highness say that all of us should do our best? I didn't know that you just need to take off and land to get a pass. I thought a few more moves would boost my mark."

"You lucky dog," Finkin said while shaking his head.

"You guys did well, too." Good said while twitching his lips. "You took off so well without instructions."

"What? What do you mean by 'without instructions'? Didn't Her Highness tell you when to pull the lever?"

"Yeah, but she gave fewer instructions to us than the other students," Hinds assented, "because we're wrong-doers."

Good was rooted to the ground. Was he the only person who did not receive any instructions?

While confused, the three of them returned to their dormitory.

An icy Eagle Face was waiting for them there.

The three shuddered. The trainees were actually afraid of their instructor more than Princess Tilly. They were constantly under the impression of being X-rayed under Eagle Face's piercing scrutiny.


"I'm very impressed. I didn't expect that you could make trouble even on your break," he said as he surveyed Good, Finkin and Hinds coldly. "Princess Tilly has told me everything. You're very lucky not to be expelled. Well, this isn't the jurisdiction of the First Army, otherwise..."

"S-sir, we're sorry!" the three immediately apologized in earnest.

"Since Her Highness has already punished you, I won't inflict more punishment. However, if you become an aerial knight, you'll become a member of the army," Eagle Face jeered. "To make sure you won't make the same mistake again, you'll have to clean the washroom for the whole month coming next. You got it?"

"What..." Both Finkin and Hinds screwed up their faces.

Only Good administered a salute.

"As you command, sir!"


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