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Release that Witch Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189: The Radiation Project

In addition to a post-war analysis, the General Staff also drafted a preliminary plan for the third Battle of Divine Will.

Although the demons' intention remained unknown, one thing was certain — they would not abandon Taquila under any circumstances. Taquila was the important barrier that could stop the demons from flooding over the Fertile Plains, and it was also the foundation for Neverwinter's army to advance. As long as mankind had control over Taquila, the Red Mist could not easily approach the northwest of Graycastle.

Therefore, it was very necessary to rebuild the Holy City that had been deserted for hundreds of years.

If the demons still planned to breach Graycastle from the Fertile Plains, the First Army would need to strengthen the defense of the railway, protect the railway, and cut their Red Mist supply. The general strategy should be similar to the Torch Campaign. It would be extremely difficult, but if they succeeded, humanity would be one step closer to the final victory.

In short, they had to put all their blood and sweat into this battle.

The problem lay in the Kingdom of Wolfheart and the Kingdom of Everwinter in the northeast.

If the demons, on the contrary, planned to invade the Four Kingdoms from the ridge of the continent, they would then face an extremely difficult war. The Kingdom of Wolfheart was located in mountainous areas, whereas the Kingdom of Everwinter did not have a single river. In addition, the Kingdom of Dawn and two mountain ranges rest right between them. It was impossible to extend the railway to the north of the continent under such a tight timeline, for there were two major technical difficulties that Roland found impossible to overcome: digging tunnel and building bridge.

It was also out of the question to rely on local nobles to assist with logistics. The implementation of the immigration policy would definitely deteriorate the relationship between Graycasle and the two countries. Roland could only hope that the two kingdoms will not stab him in the back. As such, the First Army had to figure out a way to maintain logistics by themselves.

It appeared they had no choice but to use ships as the means of transportation. The problem of this method, however, was that most port cities were located on the east coastline which was very far from the defensive line. There would be where to run if the enemies attacked. It would be fine if they could fight off the enemies, but if they don't, the consequences would be devastating.

Apart from logistics, the First Army also had to ward off the demons and evacuate the civilians. Unlike the boundless, bleak Fertile Plains, there would be so many unknown variables fighting in a foreign country. In consideration of these factors, the General Staff only mentioned that there was a possibility to carry out the battle in the north but did not draft any specific plans. Roland noticed dark circles underneath Edith's eyes as she entered the meeting room.

It seemed that Edith became even more determined to gain the victory after being deceived by Usrook.

Roland put down the report and sighed deeply.

He hoped that the demons could start the war in the Fertile Plains, but before receiving confirmations from Lightning and Maggie, he could not make judgements based on his personal preference. There was no point in guessing what choice the demons would make. He would rather spend more time thinking about how to win the battle more efficiently from his side than dwelling on something he currently had no clue of.

With this thought, Roland rose to his feet.

"Your Majesty?" Nightingale asked with dried fish between her teeth.

"Let's go to the new laboratory," Roland said slowly. "We need to check out how the Radiation Project goes."


In the laboratory at the North Slope in Neverwinter.

"Lady Anna — "

Anna immediately interrupted Lucia White, "I told you. Please don't call me Lady Anna."

"Yes... but I can't help. You're the queen," Lucia said while sticking out her tongue and put down the metal piece in her hand. "Here is the material you asked for. If there's nothing for me to do, then I'll..."

"Even though I'm the queen, you are still my partner," Anna said as she walked up to Lucia with a smile. "Are you going to the new laboratory?"

Lucia nodded and said, "Yes, it's about time."

"Then off you go. Take care," Anna said while walking Lucia to the door. "Please come to see me if you exhaust your power or anytime you are free."

"I will!" Lucia promised as she waved and headed down the hill.

Lucia assisted with all kinds of work. She had to visit the chemistry laboratory, the Furnace Area at the mine, and the laboratory at the North Slope. Before the new laboratory was built, she had not got assigned a fixed workplace. Most of the time, she stayed at the North Slope with Anna to help her produce high-quality alloys and slice metal ingots into delicate parts according to Anna's instructions. This process made Lucia very contented with what she was doing.

It was probably because she was making a contribution to make this world a better place.

Lucia had come to Neverwinter to cure her sister's demonic plague. She had never expected to settle down in this city. At first, Lucia had felt guilty to receive so much help from others with nothing to return. But now, she could also do something to assist Lady Anna and the Chief Alchemist in improving this booming city. Gradually, she felt more confident and had more pride.

The more Lucia knew about Anna, the more she admired her. It was inconceivable that a witch could make such great changes to a city. Lucia was impressed with Anna's breadth of knowledge, her talent, and her dedication to the work. Nightingale was the person she trusted most, and Anna was the witch she wanted to become.

And now, Lucia found an opportunity.

After His Majesty built a brand new laboratory on the southern bank of Redwater River, she had her own workplace. According to His Majesty, her project could possibly change the fate of the entire human race. If the project was successful, she would become the most crucial person in the Battle of Divine Will.

Lucia couldn't help but skipped her way to the laboratory as she thought of her career prospect that would potentially lead her to fulfill her ambition.

She crossed the Redriver bridge and paved down toward the south for another several hundred meters until she reached a lofty wall. Unlike those busy plants located between the industrial zone and farmlands, this laboratory was quiet. The trees next to the pavement cast shades on the ground. It was already fall, but the canopy of leaves above her was still verdant green. Occasionally, the tweets of birds, with which silence teemed, pass through the foliage, highlighting the serendipity of the laboratory.

Overall, it looked more like a residential area than a laboratory.

However, the fully equipped sentries who stood beside the gate indicated that this was not an ordinary residence.

When Lucia came into the front yard, the soldiers saluted and opened the door.

This was only the first security checkpoint.

The building was more heavily guarded as Lucia passed through different section of the yards that was being separated by walls. Everyone had to show their identification before entering the building under the escort of guards. There were few exceptions.

Lucia was one of the exceptions.

She smiled at the soldiers, passed through numerous security checkpoints, and finally stopped before a white brick edifice.

The building was very similar to an ordinary residential building, its external walls smothered in creepers. There was a golden plate hung next to the door, which read —

"Research Institute of High Energy Physics of Neverwinter".


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