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Release that Witch Chapter 1167


"Is that so? I got it." Roland's heart sank when he received the news from the frontline. It took him a while to reply. "How are you feeling now? How is your injury?"

But what followed was only a suffocating silence.

Few more minutes passed before Roland spoke again. "This wasn't your fault. You couldn't foresee that the things would unfold in this way. Now, since the Magic Slayer has perished, take a long break and have a good rest."

Roland slumped into a chair after he hung up the telephone and let out a deep sigh.

As if she sensed something, Nightingale strolled slowly to Roland's desk and asked, "Was that Leaf?"

"Yes," Roland answered while closing his eyes. "The war is over. The First Army successfully seized Taquila with minimal loss and also discovered a half-completed tower base in the God's Stone mine. The ambush operation failed, but it has been confirmed that the Magic Slayer was killed. The curse was lifted, which is the fortunate part of all the misfortunes. However..." he paused for a second and said, "Ashes and Elena didn't make it."

"That... fool?" Nightingale said, aghast, and then turned away.

"Lightning told me that Ashes became Transcendent near the end of the fight and sacrificed herself to kill the demon. Nothing was left behind from the battle except for the melted remains of Ashes' sword," Roland continued slowly.

Roland had predicted the failure of the ambush when he had seen the siege through the phantom instrument. Judging from the formation of the demons, it appeared they had been purposely waiting for the witches to take action. Unfortunately, he could only have a glimpse of the battlefield through the screen. After the Special Unit had retreated to the west, he had lost track of the witches and thus been pacing up and down in his room with burning anxiety.

Roland had anticipated the worst scenario at that moment.

The actual outcome of the battle was much better than he had thought.

Nevertheless, the casualties still gave him a leaden feeling in his stomach.

After all, he was the one who had approved this plan.

"Ashes was arrogant and very full of herself, but she never made any reckless decisions..." Nightingale remarked as she placed her hand gently on Roland's back. "The same goes for Elena. I believe that they knew this would eventually happen, so, you don't have to pin all the blame on yourself. I'm throwing the words you said to Leaf right back to you."

Roland nodded slowly a few times. He still did not understand how the demons had predicted their plan and why they had taken eliminating the witches precedence of over control of the Holy City of Taquila. Yet it had happened. As the leader of Graycastle and the united front, he should never show any signs of despondency to the public no matter how disheartening and painful the situation was.

How was he supposed to support someone more downcast than him if he were to let his emotions consume him?

For example, Tilly.

He did not know how to face her.

From what Leaf had told him, Tilly and Ashes had been much closer than he thought. Although Tilly was not completely devastated by the news and immediately came to help the wounded, the sparkles in her eyes had faded instantly when she had heard about Ashes' death. According to Lightning's words, the radiance around Tilly had disappeared. Lightning had also forwarded Roland Ashes' last words, probably hoping that Roland could assuage Tilly's grief.

But comforting people was never one of his expertise.

He decided to take things slow.

On the same afternoon, the Seagull arrived at Neverwinter.

All the witches who sustained minor injuries returned from the battle, whereas those in critical condition were still remaining at the front, awaiting Nana's treatment.

Roland and the other Witch Union members greeted them at the airport.

Anna, Agatha, Molly, and Phyllis climbed down the jet bridge and hugged Scroll, Nightingale and Sharon, as well as the clerks of the Witch Union, including Ring, Grayrabbit and Pearl. At this moment, the war made everyone equal. There was no difference between combat and non-combat witches, new and Taquila witches, or witches and the common people.

Tilly was the last to get off the plane.

Roland walked up to her and stammered, "That..."

"Can I have a word with you in private, brother?" Tilly asked as she looked up at him.


He thus led Tilly to his office and closed the door behind them after Nightingale left the room on his orders.

"Alright, if you want to say something..." Roland broke off. As he turned around, he felt his chest suddenly constrict, and Tilly threw herself at him.

"Please, just stay there," Tilly choked while holding Roland tight, her voice quavered. "Let me hold you like this for a while, just a while..."

Her voice trailed off into a sob, her fingers sinking into Roland's back deeply.

So that was why.

Like him, she was a leader; a leader of Sleeping Spell. Tilly did not have the liberty to show her emotions. It was indeed not an easy task to hold back her tears while inside, she was tormented by misery and agony of her loss.

Roland patted Tilly on the back and said, "You don't need to hold back anymore. Cry if you want. Nobody will hear..."

Tilly's tears then came flooding out her eyes.

The sobbing soon grew louder and louder and turned into a heartbreaking wail that Roland had never heard before. He had never seen Tilly so sad, not even when she had been bullied by her own brother when she had been little. It was an outpour of forlorn and despair from a person who had just lost that which was what the dearest to them.

Roland didn't know what to say, because no words could comfort her at the moment.

So he just stood there and waited.


Meanwhile at the frontline.

The tent flap was pulled back, and Shavi came in with a bowl of medicine in her hand.

"Do I have to drink that again?" Andrea mumbled. Her legs were completely bandaged and her face covered with medicinal cream. Although neither of these really helped heal her wounds, Andrea liked the soothing sensation on her skin. "I won't drink it without candies."

"How about... I ask for some from the field medics?" Shavi said tentatively.

"Since when did the field medics have candies? This isn't Neverwinter. Whatever, help me up."

Andrea sat up, took the bowl, and emptied it down her throat.

"Aargh, is Nana still busy? How long do I have to wait before receiving treatment?"

"I asked her. She told me you need to wait for another three or four days. She said that some God's Punishment Witches were in worse conditions than you, and..."

"And what?"

Shavi muttered, "She said that your legs looked pretty bad but the injuries weren't fatal, so medication should help."

Andrea rolled her eyes and said, "I'm not that muscular monster. How can I heal myself up?"

Those words almost brought Shavi to tears.

"Sorry," Andrea mumbled, quickly turning her tactless comment into a cough. "Forget about it."

"No..." Shavi said while shaking her head. "You just reminded me of Ashes, so I couldn't help..."

"I look like her? What the — " Andrea broke off, frowning, as she realized that she had almost forgotten about her status as a noble. "Well... I feel a bit tired now. You go take a rest. Please tell Lightning and Maggie to bring some honey back next time they go on a patrol. At least that will make my life a lot easier."

"Okay, got it."


Andrea, however, was still not able to restore her composure after Shavi departed.

"You wanted to save everyone? You even ended up becoming a Transcendent. Did you think that you were a Queen of Starfall City of old?" 

"Now you killed the Magic Slayer and met a heroic end, but..." 

Andrea laid back down and buried her face in her hands.

"... Damn it, have you never thought about..."

"How I'm supposed to surpass you when you're now gone forever?"

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