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Release that Witch Chapter 1149

A glowing sun sank slowly behind the mountains and laid orangish-red stripes over the vast land below.

Unlike the Red Mist, this particular shade of red was pure and untainted.

Ursrook liked to ascend the peak of the mountain and bask in a slanting beam of sunshine while admiring the sky above him.

He could have flown higher, but he did not want his magic power to break the momentary silence under the canopy of the dusky sky.

He felt the sky, flooded with sheets of red and purple lights and interspersed with gilded clouds, was now almost within his reach.

It was a very rare experience.

Most of the time, he was enveloped by the Red Mist hovering over his head. Although he liked the Red Mist, it created a barrier between him and the sky.

He was probably one of the few of his kind who did not like staying at the Birth Tower.

Yet Ursrook did not regard himself as an outlander.

He simply had a greater desire for magic power than anyone else.

Yes, magic power came from the sky.

Human beings called it the Bloody Moon, which was somewhat correct.

It was rumored that his race would have an ultimate upgrade after they inherited God's power, upon which they would be elevated from the earth to Heaven.

Without a shadow of a doubt, a broader expanse of land was awaiting them.

Perhaps, that was where God lived.

By then, they would receive immense magic power, which would further lead them to immortality.

Ursrook did not completely believe in this theory.

He had once tried to leap high into the air.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of the Red Mist, when he had reached a certain altitude, he had experienced a series of physical dysfunctions such as a rapid drop in his body temperature, frosted armor, slow blood circulation, and difficulty in breathing. If he had used his magic power to fix these problems, he would have quickly run out of his power.

He had once attempted to go as far as he could and almost died during that audacious flight.

Nevertheless, his desire for the sky grew even stronger.

Because in the midst of the dark purple sky, he had seen something beyond description.

It was like a flicker of gleaming scales.

Which meant that the theory was not completely groundless.

Also, he had heard someone call upon him from far away.

It was hardly above a whisper, a long echo of a murmur in his mind, so to speak.

Ursrook knew that the Realm of Mind was approaching him.

He had been so close to the higher realm.

Only the one who could open the gate separating the two realms could be promoted to lord.

Ursrook closed his eyes to let the wind carry the warmth of the setting sun to his back, when he heard the patterings of footsteps coming from behind him.

"Sir Ursrook, everything is ready."

As he had expected, it was his junior guard.

"Very good," Ursrook said without turning around. "Keep monitoring them."

"Yes, sir," the guard replied, who did not leave immediately but instead asked, "Are those low lives really going to do what we want them to? They should have had a glimpse of your real power now... We sacrificed a lot to set up this trap. If the Sky Lord knows..."

"Right, I understand your concern, but I believe it's worth it," Ursrook opened his eyes and looked toward the south. He could now see a black winding track stretch across the continent. Over the past six months, numerous demons had been killed in the human territories. The track continued to inch forward with incredible obstinacy. It was as if nothing could stop it.

This was the first time that human beings had been at an advantage during a battle without erecting city walls.

Ursrook knew he could have easily slaughtered the human beings in various ways if they had built the track in an area dominated by the Red Mist, however, it was extremely difficult to wipe them out on the Fertile Plains. First of all, the number of troops at his command was pretty limited. Even if the lord sent him reinforcements, the victory would cost him dear considering that the humans would have already fully established themselves on the plains.

So he must exterminate this new human army in its infancy.

"How do you feel about the war recently? Do you feel thwarted?"

The guard answered after a moment of silence, "That's because we've burned our bridge behind us."

"No, it's because our enemy dragged us into the arena to face a battle to death," Ursrook corrected him. "We've established outposts and also tried to expand the Red Mist. However, these two methods didn't work as well as 400 years ago, because human beings now possess weapons with large shooting ranges. Whether you view them as low lives or not, it's a fact. Our every single movement is currently under the scrutinies of the witches, which is why there has been hardly any progress lately."

Ursrook broke off his speech, his right hand outstretched in the direction of the black track, and gradually balled the hand into a fist. "Nothing will change if we don't erect the Birth Tower. Therefore, I have to blind their eyes and chop off their arms before they're awakened so that they can't play their old trick, even though this means that I'll have to sacrifice two outposts!"

As Ursrook spoke, a horrible, contorted smile flutter over his face, and the air around him stirred. He knew that at the encampment at the end of the track, somebody was watching him. Perhaps, the disturbance of the magic power just now had already created a commotion over there.

"I'm at your service, sir!" The guard shouted respectfully as he sensed the immense magic power.

Ursrook did not tell the guard that he was now very close to his next upgrade.

Soon, his power would experience a significant increase.

Perhaps this upcoming battle would help him upgrade.

War was always the fastest way to improve oneself. Even the king would love to participate in a battle.

If he became a lord, the Sky Lord could no longer control him.

As for whether human beings would take the actions in the direction he desired, Ursrook was not worried at all.

He knew perfectly well men's habits

They would always come for the bait.

The sun had now completely sunk below the mountains. Darkness gradually crept over as the last drop of sun rays faded out and left a few faint glimmers of stars strewn over the sky.

Ursrook remembered that one time he had soared into the upper air.

He had reconfirmed his desire that day.

Now, he was working toward his goal.

And human beings were possibly thinking exactly the same thing as he was now.

In this battle that would determine their fates, only the victor was entitled to the unknown realm and the Origin of Magic.

He was waiting for this upcoming final settlement with great anticipation.

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You wasn't close to reaching the realm of magic, you almost died leaving earth's atmosphere dude.😒



He's gonne be jelous seeing Tilly shooting him to death from far high up above him. Poor demon... Roland Musk must advance his projects!



Ursrook wants to enter the Realm of Mind and become a lord while is Roland already manipulating the Realm of Mind for his own benefits and eating KFC at the same time.

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