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An ominous sense of foreboding flooded over Roland. Somebody was obviously watching him in this Dream World.

Roland looked up and scanned the faces of everyone across the hall.

Who was doing this?

A waiter? An enterpreneur? Or an Awakened?

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at this party. He was the only person being paranoid here.

Roland took a deep breath to calm himself down.

The messenger must be the same person who had left the note in the book.

"Rose Café, No. 302."

Without a doubt, this person wanted to meet him.

This was something beyond the Force of Nature. Unlike witches who possessed various supernatural abilities, martialists were physically faster, sharper, and more powerful than common people. They could, to some extent, release their energy to create some sort of magic, but, overall, they were more combatants than wizards.

Plus, Roland did not sense any fluctuations in the Force of Nature.

In other words, those words were more likely a result of some other unknown, more superior power.

Which was probably what made the Dream World transform.

"Hmm... some non-player character is apparently keeping an eye on me," Roland said under his breath. The time in the Dream World was frozen when Roland was awake, so Roland believed, other than the visiting witches and those defeated by Zero, everybody else was fictitious. No matter how "real" they seemed to be, they were controlled and manipulated by the creator of this world. Now, that creator seemed to have noticed Roland's presence and sent him a message.

"When did this start?" Roland wondered.

Was it from the moment he had borrowed the book from Garcia, or the moment he had found the person in the Reflection Church, who had been dead for over 800 years, look exactly the same as Lan in the Dream World?

Or had it started even earlier when he and Zero had fought the Battle of Souls.

Roland had absolutely no idea.

He did not want to dwell on this matter either.

The more important thing was what that creator was trying to convey.

"Roland?" Dawnen's voice pulled Roland back to the present. "Are you OK?"

"Yes... I'm fine," Roland said, a little flustered. While shaking his head, he said smilingly, "I'm coming."

After making sure that the wine glass was back to normal, Roland put it down on the table closest to him and followed the witches.

"You should try this. It's so tender, but you have to wait for a while..."

Saint Miran handed Roland some barbequed French foie gras that smelled amazing.

Roland felt very embarrassed when he saw the three witches dominate the tables and take all the food the chef had just served.

Some ladies in the hall started to complain.

Their voices were carried back to Roland —

"Who brought them here?" "They're pretty cute, but they look as though they haven't eaten for ages." "Look at what they're wearing. I hope they aren't some little tramps." "Poor things. It's like they've been starving for hundreds of years."

Roland gave those gossiping women a cool stare. He did not even bother asking them to stop.

"Sorry, but yes, they literally haven't eaten for hundreds of years."

"We ought to bring some of these to our friends."


Roland lapsed into thought again as he chewed the barbequed French fois gras distractedly.

Since the creator had enormous power, why did he not talk to him in person? Why did he make everything so difficult?

Did he fear that he would frighten Roland, or he did not have such an opportunity?

Roland did not think that the creator really cared about his poor nerves. The message in his wine had indeed scared the hell out of him.

He thought of the note in the book again.

"We'll meet when we receive divine revelation." Roland ran these words through his head several times and gasped out. "Does it refer to..."

The arrival of the Bloody Moon?

The appearance of the Bloody Moon marked the beginning of the Battle of Divine Will.

So, he could only talk to the messenger at that time?

But how come a person in the Dream World would know things in the other? Time remained frozen in this world if Roland chose not to come here.

Even if they were supposed to meet when the Bloody Moon appeared, Roland still had no idea where they were going to meet up.

God only knew where the hell the Rose Café was.

Why not just meet in the apartment or some other well-known building?

While Roland was complaining internally, two middle-aged businessmen walked past him.

"I heard that you're going to build a new golf course?"

"It has been just approved. I put tons of money into it. Do you play golf, Mr. Gao?"

"Sometimes. I'm not big on sports, but I'm more interested in the master you recently hired. Someone told me that you just gave three million away."

"I had to. It's all about luck. You know how important luck is for us. I can always earn more money, and I've heard that the names given by that master always bring huge profits."

"So what is it called?"

"Green Meadow. It's right across from the Clover Group's green project."

"Haha, such a pleasant coincidence."

Roland stood still. He did not hear a single word of their subsequent conversation.

"That's right! You can always give it a name yourself!"

For the past few weeks, he had been asking the witches to look for the Rose Café, but he had forgotten one thing — he could totally open a coffeeshop and name it Rose Café.

If that person really wanted to talk to him, he should not have picked a place Roland had never heard of.

If that person had the power to write in his wine, he would certainly know about Roland's new café.

Roland had already taken over the second floor of the warehouse. He simply needed to rent another two venues next door to open his coffeeshop.

He could even combine these venues into a huge room, add necessary amenities such as tables, chairs and a bar counter, and set the room number as 302!

The Taquila witches could be both waitresses and customers.

Roland quickly made up his mind after he did a rough calculation of his current funds.


Fei Yuhan picked up Roland's wine glass after the latter left the party.

She had seen that this new licensed hunters wrench the glass away in great shock, but catch it just in time. It was as though it was not a glass of champagne, but a piece of red hot coal. For a split second, she had even seen Roland freak out.

What would make a licensed hunter so unnerved?

Fei Yuhan could not think of anything.

Even death would not frighten him so much.

And this was just a glass of wine.

Fei Yuhan was not sure if this was just her imagination.

But she did see cracks in the globet stem, which indicated that Roland had lost control of himself. Only newly awakened martialists would make such errors.

She thus judged that what ever Roland had seen was definitely something extraordinary.

Fei Yuhan sniffed the rim of the glass but did not perceive any noticeable odor. Roland had not touched the champagne, which meant what had shocked him had nothing to do with the wine itself.

She slowly gulped down the wine and confirmed her theory.

This was just ordinary wine.

She was more curious about Roland's reaction at that very moment than his ridiculous conversation with the three girls, which includes words like "the king of the two worlds" and my ministers", because at that moment, Roland was real.

Something must have happened at that time.

Fei Yuhan put down the glass and looked at the entrance of the hall. Her gaze was burning with curiosity.

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Ohhh is Roland going for loli maid cafe? Garcia is gonna kill him herself now



The dream world is getting really close to Lovecraftian dreamworlds now. It doesn't seem like these people are just fragments, but more like they are actually "alive" in this world. Is the red moon just Nyarlathotep messing with everyone again?



when the Dream World offer more interesting story than the curent new world.. I mean.. some how its refreshing..

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