Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1102

"Based on the current information, the General Staff concludes..." Edith broke off as she tapped the desk. "The fire is very likely a diversion."

"A diversion?" Iron Axe echoed thoughtfully. "Are you saying that the enemy wasn't intending to sabotage our supply?"

"They wanted to but couldn't." Edith pointed to the map and explained, "The distance between the Taquila ruins and the north of the terminus station is over 500 miles, which is even longer than the railway on the plain. How much Red Mist do you think they would have to carry if they planned to walk to the forest, set the fire and set up an ambush? I think the Taquila witches should know that answer better than anyone else."

"They can't have such a long expedition without a continuous supply of Red Mist or outposts," Phyllis, the representative of the Taquila witches, replied. "Based on my past experience, 500 is their maximum."

"The terminus station is also a well-equipped fortress, a small stronghold, so to speak," Edith continued. "His Majesty foresaw this kind of situation a long time ago. If the demons set the forest aflame, Miss Leaf would create a fire belt to stop the fire from spreading to the station. This fire belt forms a perfect gun range, with a clear view. It would be almost suicidal if the demons attempt to pass the fortress against crossfire."

"Even if they do manage to send their army to the Misty Forest, the fire would expose their tracks," Morning Light put in. "It would be better for them to launch an attack at midnight when they can better hide their traces in the forest uncontrolled by Ms. Leaf."

"Fair enough..." Iron Axe said, nodding. "But for Sylvie, Lightning and Maggie, none of them found signs of the demons. If they have decided to attack Tower Station No. 1 again, it would probably be too late to take actions now."

"That's another mystery we're yet to solve. Perhaps, the demons have developed a new strategy or a new weapon we've never seen to counter our scouts," Edith said flatly. "Having said that, there isn't just Tower Station No. 1. They can totally attack somewhere else as a diversion."

"Do you mean... they'll attack Tower Station No.0?"

"We're currently focused solely on the front end of the railway, so that's a possibility."

"But Station No. 0 is very far from the front. I don't think the demons have enough forces to go that far."

"Exactly," Edith affirmed.

"I see." The commander-in-chief delivered his order after a moment of contemplation. "Once the queen comes back safe and sound, the 'Blackwater River I" will travel to Tower Station No. 0, whereas the 'Blackwater River II" shall patrol the area between the Station No. 0 and the forest. The other units stay put while raising the state of alert to Alert Level 1 until the alarm is disabled. Although we reckon the demons aren't likely to attack the northern forest, it would be better to extinguish the fire as soon as possible." He then turned to Agatha and said, "Can I entrust this task to you?"

"No problem. We'll do our best," the Ice Witch replied.

"Very well. Keep patrolling the front and watching out for the Taquila front. Miss Sylvie..."

"I'll take care of it," Sylvie said with a nod.

Iron Axe clapped his hands and said, "Based on how fast the fire is currently spreading, it will reach the edge of the forest around nightfall. If the demons didn't know that Miss Leaf could actually block the fire, they should be launching an attack at sunset. We have an hour or so to remedy the situation. Let's do it!"


A chilly breeze played around Sylvie's cheek as she stood on the top of the watchtower at the campsite.

A swollen red sun hung low against the western mountains, diffusing a perpetual splendor. The vast meadow below was basking in a slanting beam of sunshine, gold at the far end, red interspersed with green in the middle, which actually looked like a dusky purple color under the sky, and a deep navy, the color of night, at the near end.

This was probably a scene that she could only see on the boundless Barbarian Land.

It was also a final countdown to the war.

The demons were approaching them at this very moment as the sun gradually sank behind the forest.

The beautiful scene thus appeared to be a little bleak and desolate.

Sylvie turned around and gazed upon the southwestern sky. Although she could not see the Misty Forest from here with her Eye of Magic, she still, from time to time, cast a glance in that direction. Dimly, she apprehended that something would happen there.

The General Staff's decision and Iron Axe's order were at least carefully contemplated if not impeccable. The demons could not stretch too thin without a constant supply of Red Mist. If they did aim at the terminus station near the forest and Tower Station No. 0, the garrison there would have enough time before the reinforcements arrived. Beyond a doubt, the demons would still send most of their forces to the railway.

However, why was she still worried so much?

Sylvie shook her head, trying to put these thoughts out of her mind. She was about to take another look at the frontline when suddenly, a speck of light came into her sight.


"How come..."

Eyes widened, she looked in the direction of the light — it was a cluster of bright red flames streaking toward the south.

Sylvie wondered if this was her illusion.

As far as she knew, the Eye of Magic could not see things so far away.

Sylvie took another look, and her theory was confirmed by a black vision field. The Eye of Magic would fail to see through solid matters if the object was beyond its vision scope. As the lighting was poor, she could hardly discern the edge of the forest. All she saw was a pitch-dark blackness, against which gleamed the flashy fleck.

Sylvie wondered what that thing was.

Suddenly, she sensed a chill running down her spine and shuddered uncontrollably.

She knew what she had been worried about now.

It was something everybody had overlooked.

She saw magic power!

And it was enormous!

The Magic Eye could not see things very far away. However, when it encountered a powerful magic source, it would sense external vibrations and thus "saw" what it could not normally see, just as people sensed sunlight through closed eyelids.

How incredible that magic power must be if she could sense it from here!

The Cursing Demon.

This was the name that flashed across Sylvie's mind.

It was the manlike demon in Taquila, the commander of the demons. Usually, a commander of an army rarely participated in a battle himself, as his main duty was supervision.

Nevertheless, this commander was also a powerful Senior Demon with an extraordinary fighting capacity.

Now, the red dot was accelerating, almost as fast as Maggie in the form of a Devilbeast.

Their target had been Leaf from the beginning!

"Run... now..." Sylvie could not help yelling. "Run, Leaf!"


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