Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1083

Danny leaped out of the bed when he heard the first blast.

In the next moment, something splattered against the roof before crumbs and chipped stones started to rain down from the ceiling. The whole house began to wobble violently.

"W-what happened?"

"Is it an earthquake?"

His companions were all startled. The pitch-black room soon sank into chaos.

"No, it's a raid!" The soldier closest to the door yelped as he snatched up his rifle. He was about to rush out when Danny pinned him down to the floor. "What are you doing?" the soldier barked.

"Don't move. They're still attacking us!" Danny growled.

As Danny had expected, soon a few more blasts reached their ears, and something hailed down at the roof again.

"D-Damn it, that is..."

In a cloud of dust, someone lit a candle. After the dark was dispersed by the dim candlelight, everybody sucked in their breath in horror.

Thousands of sharp black needles had pierced the ceiling. In the flickering light, they looked like human hairs hanging upside down.

"That was a Spider Demon..." The soldier on the ground swallowed hard. Most members of the sniper unit had participated in the first expedition, so they knew the Spider Demons pretty well. The soldier on the floor immediately realized what would have happened to him had he rushed out of the house.

"If I survive this battle, I'll buy two lamb legs and thank Miss Lotus in person," another soldier promised as he patted his chest.

The soldiers normally lived in a tent during a battle; but this time, the witches built a few concrete houses for them. Although they were not sure whether it was a decision made by the management team or not, the concrete dwellings had definitely saved them on this particular occasion. If they had lived in a tent, they would have been long dead by now.

"Don't be so pessimistic. I'm still looking forward to my wedding."

"You just want to fawn over Miss Lotus, don't you?"

"Nonsense. If he intends to fawn over someone, it has to be Miss Angel, Nana."

It was a narrow escape, but none of them looked very concerned about this raid. They quickly armed themselves with weapons and ammunition while jabbering.

Because they all knew one thing.

Death was unavoidable and inevitable. Rather than worrying about their unforeseeable future, it would be more practical to kill the enemy.

As the campsite became gradually alive with noises, Danny pushed open the door and dashed out of the room while ducking his head.

The few sentinels outside the barrack were long dead. The whole encampment was raucous: people were yelling; demons were howling; there were also gunshots and explosions everywhere. Nobody knew the number and whereabouts of the enemy. The watchtower was enveloped in an impenetrable darkness with no lights on to point them direction, as though these demons all had come out of nowhere.

Danny clambered straight up to the roof and sprinted in the direction where he heard the least gunshots, totally ignoring his desperate companions shouting behind him.

"I thought you would look for the place where most people are."

He heard Malt chuckle in his head.

This was the reason he liked fighting.

His partner would only appear when he threw himself into a battle.

"If there are many people, it means our guys are in an advantageous position. My presence would just help them finish off their enemy faster," Danny replied. "However, on-and-off gunshots indicate someone is having a bitter fight. They tell me that my bullet is in need."

"I'd told you before that it wasn't your fault— you can't save everyone on a battlefield."

"But at least I can save the ones I see," Danny said with a smile. "Don't worry. I feel good. I can see you better now."

Danny looked around. As he had expected, he saw his old partner float out of the darkness, running next to him.

Danny soon found a high point of the battleground as he proceeded. After he climbed up a tottering pile of iron cases, he immediately spied some Longsong Cannons standing in an open field in his vicinity. A few demons were using bunkers to have physical altercations with some artilleries. Apparently, the artilleries, not equipped with heavy weapons, were having a difficult time subduing the demons. They could not easily recover their encampment while the latter was spearing.

Many people were lying sprawled in pools of blood, penetrated by bone spears on the road leading to the artillery field.

"How did they get here?"

"I have no idea, but I'm now going to finish them," Danny said as he raised his long gun and aimed it at a demon who sneaked up behind a barrack. If this demon succeeded in his attempt, the artillerymen would suffer an onslaught. However, the demon was now too focused on its own undertaking to realize that a sniper was right behind it.

Danny pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation. As a cloud of Red Mist erupted from the back of its head, the demon fell off the roof and plummeted to the ground.

Danny could literally hit anyone within 100 meters in the moonlight.

"Good job. Watch out for your left-hand side. Someone's coming."

Danny then saw five or six soldiers crouch at a corner, inching toward the edge of the wall, planning to have a desperate struggle with the demons despite the raining spears.

"Very brave fellows but pretty silly as well. Without a shield, you can't possibly survive the spearing attack," Danny muttered under his breath, his lips curling up into a smile. "How about hanging in there for a bit longer?"

He quickly fired three shots, and the bullets landed right beside the soldiers' feet just when they were about to make their move. Frightened by the whistle of the bullets and resultant dust, they shrank back.

"They would bite your head off if they knew it was you," Malt said apprehensively.

"Hahaha." Danny broke into a laughter. "Let them be." He re-aimed his gun at the Mad Demons and shot in rapid succession. Deterred by the gunshots, the demons stopped attacking the barrack and hid themselves.

Just then, a loud noise cracked through the air above.

"Watch out! Look over there!"

No sooner had Malt finished his warning than several shadows descended from the sky and dived to the encampment.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The earth quavered when the shadows hit the ground.

In the moonlight, Danny found out in his great dismay that they were actually three giant black stone pillars! The stone pillars started to billow clouds of Red Mist after they landed. They sizzled just like the steam engine invented by His Majesty.

But he soon realized they were not machines.

Three thick slabs peeled off the big pillars, producing a ton of "blood". The pillars were then divided into three parts, each of which contained a demon! These demons were enveloped in a fluid-filled sac, just as a baby floated in its mother's womb. After the sac was drained of blood, the demons awoke, revealing their gruesome tusks.

A bullet landed precisely on one of the Mad Demons' head when it walked out of a black stone pillar.


The demon staggered and then slumped against the stone pillar with a thud.

"So this is how you came here," Danny snorted as he reloaded his gun. "Why didn't you just stay in there since you weren't fully awake anyway? Come as you like, but I'll kill every single one of you. Watch me, Malt!"


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