Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 1049

"Rise," Tilly said placidly. "I know that you must be puzzled at this moment. Why does the military recruit unofficial residents? Why are the screening conditions so weird? And... why do I explain these to you? In fact, these issues are hard to explain, but you'll find them easy after you experience them in person. Therefore, I won't elaborate here. I'll simply mention a few points."

"First of all, you're joining neither the First Army nor the Second Army. It's a new army that my brother intends to establish. It's different from any other army, so the screening will also be more special."

Her words caused a stir among the crowd. Undoubtedly, the new army offered a wider promotion route and it was less likely for them to be marginalized. For those who had no background at all, it was obviously the best choice to develop in a brand-new army.

Even a fool could realize it.

"But you can only be counted as reserve members now," the princess continued. "It's so different that I don't have any reference. This means that everything must be started from scratch, and the difficulties will definitely be beyond imagination. Compared with it, what you encountered earlier is nothing. There are 16 people here, but, I'm afraid that only one or two, or none of you can become the Aerial Knight."

Good could not help gasping at her words.

What surprised him was not how difficult it was, but the first half of her words.

It was indeed a knight!

Although he did not know the difference between the "Aerial Knight" and the traditional knight, it was inconceivable that ordinary people from poor families could get this opportunity.

As for its difficulty?

That is only natural!

He felt his heart started to burn.

He was even more shocked at what she said next—

"In addition, in this city... no, in the world, only my brother and I truly understand what the new army is, but the king is too busy to put too much energy in it. Therefore, I'll be responsible for teaching you in the future."

Her words struck Good like a thunder.

Her Royal Highness would personally teach them?

In other words, they would have the opportunity to become the knights conferred by the Graycastle Princess?

Even if they would not be conferred with domain and noble title, it was still a great honor, especially for new migrants like him who had nothing.

Others also could not calm down.

If it was not for fear of being rude to the princess, they would have surely cheered long ago.

The best evidence was the rapid breathing around him.

"All qualified trainees will be trained together in the Shallow Beach New District. You'll get new residences and official identities, and become a member of the new king's city from then on." Tilly stretched out her hand and pressed down, "Remember, though you're just trainees, you're also a member of the army. Your actions will be restricted. If you quit halfway, it'll be regarded as defection. Any violation of military orders will result in severe punishment. Do you understand?"

"Yes... Your Highness!" Although they were shocked by the princess' solemn warning and their answers were not loud, no one showed their regret.

"Very good. Finally, take an oath to the King of Graycastle." Tilly turned to the tall man at the table, "Vader."

The latter nodded his head while pressing his chest and then took out a sheet of white paper from his pocket, "Now repeat every word I say."

The content of the oath was very easy to understand.

Even too straightforward.

For example, "I will never be disloyal to King Roland and I have no hostility to the witches."

Who dares !

Thinking that Her Highness was also said to be a witch, Good unconsciously raised his voice to the maximum as if that could show his loyalty.

After the oath was completed, the guards stepped forward and distributed packages to their hands.

"From this moment on, you are a member of the army." Tilly smiled, "The first round of recruitment is expected to last for a week or so, and then the training will officially begin. The things in the package are my personal reward and also what you must master."


When Good returned to the Central Square, it was already dark, and most of the people who had come to the recruitment had long left. Uncle Bucky and Sanko also disappeared.

This was not unexpected. No one had thought that the assessment would take such a long time. They had to take care of their family, so they could not stay on the square for a long time.

At the moment, he couldn't care much. He held the package tightly in his arms and rushed toward the temporary residential area.

He was filled with joy and felt that he was full of power. He did not feel any coldness even in the cold wind. The snow under his feet cracked and the road trodden by the passersby was like a dark-brown beacon. It might be covered by white snow tomorrow, but for now, it guided him back home.

He walked into the low but warm mud hut and found that Rachel was cooking oatmeal.

"Sorry... I came back late, today—"

"I know," the girl interrupted lively. "Uncle Bucky next door had already told me. You found a good job, right?"

Without waiting for him to answer, she extended her right hand to him.

"Where is the tasty food?"

"Er... What?"

"Hey, you promised that you would bring me a chicken pancake!" Rachel curled her mouth in dissatisfaction.

Hell, he actually forgot the whole thing. He quickly promised her, "Next time, you can eat one pancake every week! No, two!"

"Two?" Rachel asked doubtfully, "Really?"

"Of course, it's not an ordinary job. I have seen Her Highness!" Good took off his wet shoes, rolled up half of the trouser legs, sat down by the fire before he carefully took the package out from his pocket. "Look. This is what she gave to me."

"What's inside?" The girl's curiosity overwhelmed her dissatisfaction.

"I don't know, either. Let's open it, " said Good, unfolding the package. He was a little shocked and said, "This is..."

"A book?" Rachel said.

He took all the things out and found that it was a pile of books. Each cover was printed with different pictures and it looked very delicate. Unfortunately, he could not understand a single word.

"Can me read it?" At this time, he could only ask for Rachel's help.

The girl smiled proudly, "I can't guarantee that I'll recognize all of them. Em, this is Reading and... Writing Skills, and that one is Common ... Quick ... Vocab, and the third is..."

Were these things what Sanko learned? The picture on the cover turned out to be a summary of the content. For example, a quill was printed on Reading and Writing Skills , and stereoscopic letters of all sizes on Quick Vocab ...

Somehow, Good was slightly disappointed.

He had thought that it would be a reward from Her Highness to the qualified person. It did not have to be valuable. Even a scroll or a document would at least be a symbol of honor.

If it were known by other people, they would definitely begin to laugh at him for daydreaming. How could Her Highness put the primary education textbooks which could be seen everywhere into his hands as a reward?

However, Good soon recovered.

That was right. Since he wanted to be a knight, naturally he could not be illiterate.

He indeed had many things to learn.

Just then, the cover of a book attracted Good.

He had never seen the thing in the picture before, which was like a huge kite and a large bird flying high. It had two pairs of wings many times larger than a man, and the woman sitting on it was like the Princess. The sea sparkled under her feet and the continent, which was supposed to be vast, became a small slice.

This perspective was exactly what he had seen in the first round of assessments!

He could not help holding his breath.

"Rachel... What's written in this book?"

"Oh, let me see," Rachel approached and said, "Flight... and Operation... Uh, that's right!" She clapped her hands and read it again, "It's called Flight Principle and Operation Manual. "


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