Release that Witch


Release that Witch Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Witch called Anna (Part I)


For the subsequent periode he locked himself in his room, carefully recalling the memories of this new world, so that dinner had to be sent directly by servants.

Under his strong will to live on, Roland supressed his fear for an unfamiliar environment. His mind was very clear, as soon as possible he had to get more information, so he could reduce the risk of exposure.

I have to say, the fourth prince had apart from fooling around with other sons of nobility no additional stuff in his brain, over and over again Roland couldn’t remember any valuable information – such as knowledge of the aristocracy, the political situation within his own country or the diplomatic situation with neighbors. As for some basic common sense, such as city names or years of big events, were completely different than the history of Europe he knew.

It seemed that with his knowledge he had absolutely no chance to get the throne, perhaps the king of Greycastle also were aware of this, and because of that the prince was thrown into this place of hell – even if he made any mess, it wouldn’t produce much damage.

Those brothers and sisters …… Were the next memories Roland recalled, he didn’t knew whether to laugh or cry.

His eldest brother had an above average military power, the second brother was awfully treacherous, third sister was fearful to die and his younger sister was extremely intelligent, this were the former fourth prince impression of his siblings. What should he say? With more than ten years to get along, the final impression was summed up in a few words. What forces they had developed, who were the competent men under their control, in what were they experts, what were their plans and so on… he knew nothing at all.

It was only three months ago that the forth prince came to this frontier town, but already now the nobility did no longer hide their contempt, it was visible that the fourth prince really wasn’t a leader of men. Fortunately, when the King left the city, Wimbledon III also send two other people to provide assistance, or else it would really be a discredit to the population.

The next morning, Tyre the maid repeatedly reminded Roland that the Assistant Minister wanted to see him. It seemed there was no way to delay it any longer, according to his memory he touched the maid’s ass and told her to go and notify Barov, who was waiting in the reception room.

Seeing that the flushing Tyre went out of the room, Roland suddenly remembered, since it was a reincarnation, would it not come with a system or something like that? At least in many tales these has been claimed, but the arrival of a systems never happened.

Sure enough, the novels were all lies.


In the living room, Barov was already restless from waiting, the moment Roland appeared he asked, “Your Highness, why didn’t you order the hangman yesterday?”

“One day earlier, one day later what is the difference?” Roland clapped his hands, telling the attendants to bring the breakfast, “sit down.”

The impression he got from the former memory’s and also in his own opinion, he thought, that the chief knight likes to question problems directly from face to face even in presence of other people, while the Assistant Minister liked to discuss question in private. In any case, the loyalty and reliability of the two – were likely to be with the King.

“A day later may lead to other witches appearing, my royal prince! This is not the same as before with those little mishaps, not during this time of chaos! ”

“How can you even say that?” Roland asked while frowning, “I thought you were capable of distinguishing between rumor and fact.”

Barov looked bewildered, “What rumors?”

“That a witch is evil and the devil’s messenger,” Roland did not mind the question. “Isn’t that the church’s decree? They will not intervene here; I think it is even the opposite. They propagate that witches are evil, but we have chosen not to witch hunt, but all the people in this territory believe this shameless rumors spread by the Church. ”

Barov was shocked, “can… can a witch really be …… ……”

“Indeed evil?” Roland asked, “Like what?”

The assistant minister was silent for a moment, trying to decide if the prince was deliberately making fun of him, “Your Highness, this problem can be discussed later, I knew you do not like the church, but the way of this conflict is counterproductive.”

Roland curled his lips, it seems reversing this stereotype opinion wasn’t something he could do overnight, but for now he didn’t continue to care about.

Then the breakfast came, a dish of fried slices of bread, a fried egg and a can with milk. He began filling a cup for the assistant minister and himself, these he pushed in front of each other.

“You didn’t eat until now, right?” asked Roland while he ate.” Press the maid had told him that Barov arrived outside the palace at dawn and had directly asked to see him, so he should not have eaten. Although he had decided to imitate the way of living from the former prince, but he would also begin to change a bit. The Assistant Minister was a good first target, he thought “if you can make your men feel valued, then they are more motivated to work for you.”

Initiative has always been the most efficient way, wasn’t it?

Barov took the cup but didn’t drink, he anxiously said, “Your Highness, we have a problem. The guards reported that three days ago a suspected witch  camp was found in the west forest. They had left in a hurry, and didn’t cleaned up all traces. Thanks to that a guard found this in the camp.”

He took out a coin from his pocket and put it in front of Roland. This was not the common currency, at least in the memory of Roland, he had not seen such a coin – it wasn’t even like theirs a product out of metal.

Feeling it with his hands, he was surprised to find out the coin was warm, the assistant minister was definitely not the source of this sweltering heat of at least forty degrees or more, which reminded him of the moment of taking a bath.

“What is this?”

“I thought it was just an evil product a witch made, but things are getting more serious than I would like,” Barov had to wipe his forehead, “…… the printed pattern is the Devil Eye of the Holy Mountain, this is the common insignia of the Witch helper. ”

Roland rubbed the coins’ uneven surface, I guess it’s probably fired ceramics. Indeed, the center of the coin depicted a “mountain” shaped pattern – three triangles juxtaposed, in the central triangle was one eye. the pattern contour line was very rough; it should be polished by hand.

He recalled the two terms ” Devil Eye of the Holy Mountain ” and “Witch Helper”, but did not find any relevant information. It seems that the fourth prince had no interest in occultism.

Roland did not expect that Barov knew more, but he continued, “Your Highness, you have not seen the real witches, so its normal to not accept their ability as real. Indeed, they can be injured, they will even bleed and are not more difficult to kill than the rest of us, but that’s a witch who can’t resist. The receiving of the devil’s power can short the life span of a witch, but they can also get a terrible power, normal people simply cannot match them. Once the witch grows to adulthood, even an army will have to pay a heavy price. Their desire is almost impossible to suppress, ultimately degenerating into the devil’s minions. ”

“The Church therefore set up a military trial, if a woman is found to have a chance to be a witch, they are to be arrested and killed. The King also approved of this matter, in fact, these measure are highly effective, the incidents where witches wreak havoc have already greatly declined in comparison to hundred years ago. Holy Mountain, or to say the doorway to hell, that is only a rumor,  illustrated in an ancient book  from that era. ”

Roland while gnawing on his bread, had to sneer again and again when hearing this. Although the background of this world and the world he knew were very different, still the historical trajectory was surprisingly similar. No matter if it was the church in this world or the church he knew, he knew that religion was the devil’s minions, the true source of evil. You can find signs of death? To use the name of god to declare a law, to arrest, sent someone to trial, sentence him to death, which in itself is kind of a fall.

“Recorded in ancient books was that witches only get real peace at the Holy Mountain. There is no magic which can bite them back, so they will not suffer from soaring desires. There is no doubt that the so called Holy Book is certainly the birthplace of evil, an entrance to hell on earth. I think only hell will not punish those who fall. ”

“That “Witch Helper” who is it? What is the relationship between them and the Holy Mountain?”

Barov explained with a bitter face, “Before Ye Hao arrived the witch had fled, Ye Hao lives in seclusion, operating alone. But in recent years, the Witch Helper appeared and made a difference, they want to gather all the witches and find the Holy Mountain. For this purpose, the Witch Helper will even take the initiative to lure others to become a witch. In the last year many babies disappeared in Port of Clear Water and the rumor was that it was there doing.


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