Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1490 - Fighting God

Chapter 1490: Fighting God

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The vast universe became the battlefield of this skirmish of minds.

Countless stars exploded, releasing white fiery glows that resembled that of a newborn star, spewing out material that extended for hundreds of light years, like the inchoate scribbles of a child.

The armadas very quickly turned to ashes under God’s strikes, and the weapons that appeared next only grew in force.

Back when he was fighting Zero, the most common method used was to establish a defense before delivering a barrage of attacks. Now, it wasn’t too different. However, the explosives had gone from gunpowder to something else.

For example, matter-antimatter annihilation.

When masses at the level of galaxies were converted into energy, even the universe would tremble. The dull drumming sound that resonated the universe was filled with light and heat, as they spread outwards at the speed of light.

In this intense battle, carbon lifeforms were weaker than paper. Roland first created a reinforced body for himself before later changing into a pure body of energy. He engaged in battle by creating items with his mind based on his extraordinary Cradle-connected mind.

Unlike the previous Battle of Souls, he didn’t need to think hard to the point of mental enervation. The knowledge vault had countless means for him to employ. His rapidly whirring thoughts made him feel an indescribable sense of joy that even in death, he would be vaporized by energy blasts instantly and not experience any pain.

In the beginning, the battle was on equal ground, but once magic power entered the mix, Roland entered a state of passiveness.

And there was no way to recover from this position of weakness.

This was the first time he acutely sensed the potency of magic power.

Be it witches or demons, the methods they used were to convert the existing energy of the universe. But in the hands of the Custodian, it could completely shirk away the bindings of the rules. Most means and their effects could no longer be made up with greater equivalents.

Almost a thousand deaths made Roland’s mind begin to dull. If not for the Cradle’s help, he probably wouldn’t have lasted this long.

When he was revived again, he no longer had the strength to prop up his body.

The background around him returned to the pure white world from before.

Roland staggered before slumping to the ground. It was only then did he realize that his back was cold with sweat.

“With this, there shouldn’t be any regrets for you, right?” the other party quietly asked. Clearly, such a battle had not burdened it in any way. In the territory of the mind, it was indeed no different from God.

“How can it be possible…” Roland took two deep breaths. “Do you think that I came here to be beaten up by you to vent your anger?”

“Your methods stem from ignorance and arrogance. That is one of the inherent traits of life. Besides, with the situation having developed this far, the venting of anger doesn’t help a thing.” It paused. “But you still wish to continue a battle like the one we just had? In the face of an absolute gap, perseverance is meaningless. I originally thought that you would be smarter—”

“Are you referring to the Battle of Souls? No… I never believed that victory can be decided so easily.” Roland slowly stood up by imbuing his strength into his wobbly legs. “What happened just now was to experience the feeling of who calls the fleet… To be honest, it felt pretty good…”

“Enough!” God’s voice sounded perturbed for the very first time. “Millions of years of progress destroyed at once; yet, you treat it as an unimportant game?”

“I didn’t say so.” Roland forced a smile. “However, before the final moment comes, I wish to ask you a question—why… do you do this?”

“Provide assistance to Cradle? I’ve mentioned it before. Life possesses the power of choice, and every creature born in the Cradle is my child. I respect your choices and will—”

“No, I’m not asking that.” Roland shook his head. “I’m asking you, why did you make those… Lans?”

God suddenly fell silent.

Moments later, it took off its mask and revealed the face hidden beneath.

It was Lan’s face.

“Have you met her?” It stared at Roland for a moment before speaking. “So that’s the reason. However, you are mistaken on something. This body is only an image to convenience my interaction with humans. You did meet me, but I’m not her.”

That Epsilon really wasn’t wrong.

Roland curled the corner of his lips.

Just as the astrolabe bloomed and white light engulfed his entire vision, she had said her final words. Even though he had failed to read her lips clearly, Epsilon’s words had imprinted it on his consciousness.

That was the answer to his second question.

“I sensed God Almighty’s aura from the betraying Oracle, and I wish to ask it. Is that the outcome it wants?”

In the beginning, Roland was unable to put the dots together with the information, but now, he fully understand what God truly was.

“Indeed, you are not her, but only when the two of you fuse together would you be a complete Omniscient Custodian,” Roland enunciated his words slowly.

It’s not only Lan… Pure magic monsters, Oracles, as well as the Bottomless Land’s Guardian might have been a part of it.

Therefore, Epsilon had mentioned that as long as God wasn’t destroyed, she would exist forever.

What is the Omniscient Custodian?

Calling it a system, a machine, a program, Gaia, or a comprehensive data sentient being wasn’t important. The original reason for its creation was to supervise Project Gateway, as well as to aid the Creator in fulfilling the real goal after the “door” was opened.

But in the long period of time where hope couldn’t be found, it began experiencing divergences.

This divergences could have been one or two passing thoughts in the beginning, but with the passage of time, the thoughts fused into a self-cognitive being.

They were born within the Custodian, and there wasn’t only one. Lan was just one of them.

They were sick of the endless nurturing and observation. They didn’t wish to be bound to the dead universe. Of course, there might have been more contrasting differences, such as resources.

As long as there was a body in reality, there was definitely expenditure. In the flourishing era of the civilization, the Custodian naturally didn’t need to worry about protecting them. But now, with all sentient lifeform in the universe dead, everything came under the aegis of the Custodian. Yet, the Cradle needed to take a large portion of the resources, and with time, it would exceed a certain critical point, making the possibility of the entire system entering an irreversible state of collapse.

In Lan’s words, “regardless of the outcome, anything is better than being imprisoned here forever. At least, the future is filled with infinite possibilities.”

“They will quickly vanish with the restructuring, along with you.” God’s tone remained calm.

Roland wasn’t surprised when faced with this reaction. Without a doubt, if the betraying Oracles could resist the main Custodian, there was no need for them to seek him.

Perhaps what it controlled was the basic rule of the Cradle.

“But Lan’s appearance isn’t an anomaly. In millions of years, perhaps a similar scene will happen again.”

“Then, everything will return to its original state. I have to complete my agreement with the Creator. This is an iron law which has no room for change,” it said, unmoved. “Now, I will begin the world’s restructuring—”

“Is that so?” Roland chuckled. “That wouldn’t be a wise thing to do, because… you have already completed the agreement.”

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